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on 9 October 2017
The DVD’s really dry, it wasn’t what I thought it would be at all. I imagined it would be almost film-like, with reinactments and stuff. But it was just a guy talking and showing photos. I haven’t even finished watching it, it was so boring!
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on 19 March 2016
the neil young archives are pretty expensive,but worth every cent.It is a must have for any huge Neil young fan like me.i love all the video content,and it's great to watch the journey through the past movie,it's pretty out there.I was impressed hoe quickly it arrived.it arrived a few days early,great service from amazon
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on 15 October 2015
Item was received. There was no problem. Thanks!
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on 16 December 2015
just beautiful
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on 25 May 2015
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on 25 August 2017
Jack the Ripper DVD & Book Set
The DVD, titled "Jack the Ripper Conspiracies" is so bad I felt embarrassed watching it alone. The opening sequence, featuring the sound of heavy breathing (panting really) over a series of images of women who, I suppose, were intended to represent murder victims, and hands playing with organs that clearly weren't human, and probably not even real, didn't inspire confidence in what was to come and I wasn't wrong.
The narrator's "put-on" voice, meant to sound grave and a bit threatening, was laughable. "Ham" is the only description that I can think of. The script sounds like it was written by teenage boys who were trying to scare their little sisters.
An actor, meant to be Jack the Ripper, saunters across various sets from time to time but with ridiculous eye make-up that makes Dusty Springfield's "panda" eye make-up look under-applied by comparison, he looks like a lost trick-or-treater rather than a cunning and vicious killer.
After about an hour I turned this off and will probably just throw it in the bin. I haven't read the book yet but given how small it is and that the author claims that he is the only one who knows who Jack the Ripper was, and everyone else is wrong, I don't think it will be up to much.
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on 20 August 2009
I'm not a Neil Young obsessive but I like him enough to buy this. I bought the blue ray because that seemed to be the best option - at Amazon's discounted price (as I write)it's the same price as the dvd set plus you get the opportunity to enhance it if you have BD live.

The downside is that it is expensive - even at the discounted price. Another reviewer has commented on the fact the set is 10 blu-ray discs but these are essentially audio discs (except for the last disc) most of the footage is of records on turntables or tape machines going round, apart from the hidden stuff. I was tempted to reduce my rating to 4 stars because of the price but.....

Apart from the price I can't think of any other negative factors. The blu-ray comes with the Sugar Mountain cd/dvd set plus a 320kb mp3 version of the 8 cd set (via download). The sound quality is absolutely terrific on the discs and the selection of memorabilia, lyrics, reviews is excellent not to mention the hidden songs, tv & video footage, radio soundbites/adverts.

In a decade or so we will probably consider this a primitive attempt at an archive but for now the blu-ray is clearly the first of its kind and, with the volume of material and the effort involved in putting it togethr has set a high benchmark. Having tried this first set I'm hungry for more and look forward to volume 2 but hey Neil you're a millionaire - I'm not. Keep the price down!

If you can spare the money - go for it!
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on 14 September 2009
never lose your hopes...it's the first feeling I've had when everything was clear about the archives, so long expected...and it's obvious to say that this work represents a must for the Neil Young's hardcore fan...so many demos, alternate takes, tracks never listened to before, a rare delight and so many possibilities to have access to informations about your preferred songs...but anyway I couldn't recommend a masterwork like this to the last minute Young's admirors...they could be overwhelmed by an opera so impressive...anyway the result is astonishing in quality and weight, and tears of joy keep on' falling...
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on 23 February 2010
I laid off buying this until a couple of weeks back when I picked it up in a sale for 100 Euro's [I currently live in Holland...that's why!]
Unlike all those years ago when 'Decade' came out [also held up from its original release date], I really couldn't get all that worked up about this. It's essentially a grandiose compilation album with some interesting bonus material [but rarely more than interesting...though I did really enjoy finally seeing JTTP in pristine quality, and it's not a bad documentary/movie either, despite what you may have read].
However...and as everyone knows by now...all his first 4 solo lps have been virtually reconstructed [with a couple of omissions], plus the misfire of including Filmore and Massey [why DID he release these separately beforehand, yet only make it known to those who occasionally trawl his website?]. You know what I mean folks! This really doesn't deserve 5 stars, unless you don't already own those 4 lp's and 2 concerts. To pretend otherwise is a bit silly really....
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on 6 June 2009
I feel I have spent enough time with this set now to give a good overview of what this is all about. First of there is a lot more to this than we can gather from the official tracklist and takes a big investment in time and effort to explore and discover the treasures within. For example just looking through the first disc while listening to the music took about 2 or 3 hours The Early Years material I found surprisingly listenable when I thought it would be only interesting from a historical perspective and wouldn't stand up to repeat listening, it will definitely get another outing.
Most of the fun is in discovering for yourselves what is here and I feel I would be spoiling the fun to list everything, but there is a lot of extra video content to discover including a live performance from Fillmore of CSNY doing On the Way Home. Are you disappointed there has been no live Springfield audio released?... Fear not there is about 15 mins worth not in the tracklist. Do you see how this is shaping up? This is a totally different way to experience and appreciate an artist's work. It truly is an ego driven labour of love, an audio-visual autobiography of an artist's life's work and years ahead of his time.
Neil has made it plainly clear in an open letter to fans that the blu-ray set is the way to go, it is the highest possible audio quality currently available and the only one which has the updates and downloads of any new material that is discovered, after you have bought your set. There is 1 when you first boot up the set and are free and appear in your timeline when you accept them. You also receive a download of all 128 tracks in 320k digital downloads and the Sugar Mountain CD/DVD set as a free bonus.

Some of my highlights.

Springfield out-takes Sell Out and Slowly Burning
Comrie Smith material, especially Hello Lonely Woman featuring some killer Jaggeresque harmonica playing.
Goldrush era material with CSNY
1969 Sunset Studios Crazy Horse sessions including an alternate Birds and out-take Everybody's Alone.
Royce Hall Heart of Gold.
The alternate versions of released material are significantly different to the well known versions e.g. Everybody Knows This is Nowhere dates from the first album sessions and sounds more Springfield than Crazy Horse. A real surprise was the version of Helpless with harmonica.
Some of the criticisms of the set are valid if some over the top. The well documented inclusion of Massey Hall and Fillmore is less of an issue for the Blu-ray set as they are presented in 24-bit/192 kHz stereo PCM audiophile quality and that goes for every track on the set, none have been released in this resolution. There are omissions that are frustrating though. The Harvest era BBC performance is missing. CSNY studio versions of Sea of Madness and Everybody's Alone are absent as is the acoustic performance of the latter.
We have had 3 tracks from Royce Hall Jan 31st 1971 officially released... Needle and the Damage done on Harvest, Love in Mind on Time Fades Away and Heart of Gold on Archives, why not release the whole show? Also the Springfield material is missing On the Way Home which beggars belief as does the omission of Out on the Weekend from Harvest.

In summary if you have spent a lot of quality time with the 4 official albums from this era there is a lot of interesting material here you will love and treasure as much as those albums. More casual fans who have a few albums or hits collection like Decade there are cheaper ways to discover more about Neil Young. Start with all the 70's albums, plus CSNY déjà vu and 4 Way St plus the 3 Buffalo Springfield albums. This is an expensive set and if you add the cost of a blu-ray player to the mix it's difficult to justify in these recessionary times, but 10 blu-rays at about £17 is not unreasonable value, the value of the material within more than justified the expense for me.
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