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on 28 November 2013
For a game that wants you to play online, it makes it very difficult to get involved. The game is constantly freezing on load up. There is a work around - sign in to PSN whilst IN the game, but gamers really shouldnt have to face such a fuss to avoid a complete freeze - i.e. you cant quit the game, you have to restart the whole PS3. Whilst in the game, it relies on gamers staying online for some time to avoid host migration, which happens quite frequently and at the most inopportune moments. I can only forsee this getting worse as the game becomes less popular, i.e. as the game gets older. If you want to play, buy it now.

The game itself is a bit half-arsed. The recycling of old Burnout/NFS maps is getting a bit tiresome now, and the map you do play on is small and contains no urban settings. Good for prolonged pursuits, but not so good for clever 'hide and seek' pursuits. Everything from the Missions to the jumps and everything in between is a bit underwhelming, to be honest. Given that it glitches quite a bit (you WILL fall through the map) suggests this is a PS4 game cut for the PS3, which is quite bizarre as it has all the appearances of a 'half-game' which, like RE:Revelations for instance, may make you wonder if it is worth full price.

However, with perseverance and tolerance, there is fun to be had. The cars are reassuringly quick and generally do what you want them to do. The cop/racer factions work quite well, and the fact you lose all your SP if you dont hideout before getting busted may be intimidating at first, but is actually quite an imaginative game mechanic. But it is a game that takes a while to get going and you may get fed up with it before the good stuff kicks in.

An Update (4.12.2013)
Ive played the game a bit more and its good and bad news.
The freezing is less prevalent now, but the host migration and lag persists.
The Cop faction is unchallenging, yet good fun.
The racer faction - well, I would say its 'challenging' but I'm sensing that the game's design isnt helping here. Pursuits will start and resume apparently for no real reason. I say 'apparently' as the mini map is no help - a pursuit may resume with no cops on the mini-map whatsoever. Also given the maps lack of shortcuts and cops just appearing from nowhere - pursuiting seems a bit random now. You cant hide, because you cant see what you are hiding from. Some will be over in a minute, others will take 15 minutes and you wont be entirely sure why. Its pretty brainless stuff - just drive as fast as you can in one direction. This happens on any heat level, so the heat level is a bit meaningless. In short, when playing the racer faction, you'll hit some good game sessions and some frustrating ones; and Im not totally convinced that the difference is related to skill.

On both factions, the host migration persists and will continue to persist. If your challenge is to get X amount of points, its not so much about getting X amount of points before you get busted/damaged, but X amounts of points before the host migrates. Your point tally within a challenge resets every time the session migrates.
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on 22 August 2014
I've been a fan since the first game of the series, and although the past couple of games of the franchise were quite a disappointment for me personally, NFS Rivals makes up to it.

If you're a fan of racers vs police, this one totally nails it. 60 levels to be earned on both sides, great graphics and gameplay, highly addictive due to the ability of playing the career in online mode, where you get to meet real players (cops or racers). It's great fun overall.

Would totally recommend as long as you're not looking for a race simulator. This is fun, fast-paced action.
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on 26 December 2013
I bought this for myself to play over christmas. After setting up my ps3 in another room with my steering wheel and bedroom tv to get the most comfortable driving position I discover there is no steering wheel support. None. This is the only driving game I own that doesn't support steering wheels.Thank you EA for wasting my time and my money.

The next major problem is this game is unpauseable. If for any reason you need to put the controller down you will end up driving into the nearest wall.

This is essentially an online game rather than a solo racer. You are automatically loaded onto a server which can drop out at anytime requiring you to sit and wait while it finds you a new server.

The price plummeted pretty quickly for this and now I know why. Total waste of money as im now playing Grid 2 rather than this after only ten minutes!
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on 2 November 2014
Very good price and fast delivery time however the game itself is more for kids than adults and in my opinion is the worse NFS yet. It kicks you off the online game whenever the host is leaving game. Unlike other nfs this time you loosing whole your present game progress, bonuses and points if you haven't saved it in the mean time. Very annoying. Not recommended unless you want to play only with yours friends.
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on 30 September 2014
Can't stop playing this game even though I own a PS4! Great graphics and awesome sounds!!! Don't compare this game to the likes of GT5/6 or Forza, this isn't a simulator but you'll definitely have more fun playing this than other racing games. Car list is great - only the best cars in the world, including Porsche. Even though I own the PS3 version I'm gonna get a PS4 version as well.
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on 26 November 2013
I must warn, this is NOT a racing sim.
It's a good bit of fun, and if you enjoyed NFS Hot Pursuit, this will be in your ball park. There are a lot of features taken from NFS Most Wanted, but in the main it is more of a successor to Hot Pursuit. The cars look great, the scenery and changing weather is a nice touch, and even crashes look nice.
There are a couple of features with the online portion that niggle (migrating host issues), but aside from that, its all a bit of fun, and great when you play with friends.
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on 9 November 2014
I thought it would have been better than need for speed world. But I personally think it the game features are a waste of time
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on 10 February 2014
I didn't purchase this game at full price, I paid £20 in the PSN Jan sales, and to be frank even at £20 it isn't worth it, had EA stuffed three £5 notes in with it then i might have thought it reasonable value.

Suffice to say this game is just typical of the absolute garbage that EA pushes out as finished games, it crashes randomly, it almost constantly (ie: at least 7 out of every 10 tries) quits a "challenge" mid way through and just restarts the task make it almost impossible to play.

In short, if you get given the game for free then it might be worth your time and effort to give it a go, but be warned, this game is broken and can at times be infuriatingly unplayable, to make things even worse Electronic Arts just do not seem to care, they dont even bother replying to half of the questions/queries regarding peoples difficulties posted on their "help" pages.

Avoid, you'll probably only regret buying this game.
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on 7 August 2014
Good graphics, everything else is dreadful. Not even good for a racing sim. Stick with older nfs games
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on 12 January 2014
Great game, the best in the need for speed family, I can recommend this game for everyone that love car games and Playstation.
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