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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 9 July 2009
Purhcased this game a couple of weeks ago, and would recommend it to anyone new to the nfs franchise. If you are already an nfs fan, I would say play it with an open mind - it's nothing like the usual need for speed, but is a great game in it's own right.
Ok so there are no cops - but there were no cops in the original need for speed underground 1. There is no traffic, and no fmv.
There is a story in the career mode, although its the usual nfs basic one - ie race up through the ranks, improve your car then have a shot at the kingpin racer. There are different racing modes like time attack (4 cars on track, get the fastest lap) drift, grip, drag and sector racing( get fastest speed at various points on the track) Enough for any kean racing fan.
As I said, its nothing like the original nfs's. Its kind of like Codemaster's Grid - not too serious, not too arcadey.
I would say give the game a chance and at the prices it is going for on Amazon, well, what ya waiting for?
Also, if you own both a PS3 and Xbox, I would say the acceleration controls are better on the 360 (compared to the demo I played on a PS3)
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on 2 January 2008
To start off with I feel I should say I didnt go out and specifically buy this game, I purchased my Xbox360 the other day and this came as part of a package deal (along with Halo 3 which is awesome, but thats another story).

I'm not really a fan of driving games (I played a few months worth of Gran Turismo 3 when it first came out on the PS2, but got bored quickly) and havent played any of the Need for Speed series since NFS2 on the PC about a decade ago, so my review includes no comparison to the more recent titles in the series, only a review of this game independently.

To start with the Graphics are excellent as you would expect, the colours, lighting and general effects are superbly done and make a very presentable and realistic picture, no issues here whatsoever.

The gameplay is good, the handling on all the vehicles is realistic, and various modes such as drag races, drift racing and grip races keep the interest up. The career mode works much like it does in the Gran Turismo series, but it is much easier to understand, nice clear menus offer as much or as little as you like in terms of tuning your vehicle(s), for instance if you are so inclined you can tweak the suspension, breaks, gear box settings, spoiler and foil heights for optimum speed and G force, or leave it on the default setting and let the CPU decide whats best.

Unlike a lot of driving games you wont find yourself spinning out at every sharp turn, there is a breaking assistance setting offered to you (I didnt bother with this) to aid getting round the track in one piece, but more handy is a holographic marker set around each track that shows you the best course to follow and when you should be going flat out, or slamming the breaks on to maximise the amount of grip/heat in the tyres, this of course can be switched on or off depending on your skill level or whatever...

I bought my 360 primarily for Halo and the upcoming GTA IV, but I've been addicted to playing this, the Career Mode always drags me back, theres always some extra upgrade to be installed, car to be bought, race to be wonm, test to be performed that keeps me interested, and I'm not normally a fan of driving games. Whether its like the previous episodes in the series I dont know and neither am I interested, what this is, is a highly enjoyable driving game which offers a nice blend of fun, realism and longevity, highly recommended to anyone who has an interest in cars/racing games, and recommended to anyone else who likes games and willing to try something new.
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on 1 June 2008
I hate this game with a passion, which is why I can't understand why my entire household including myself have been addicted to the game for the last month. I've never played a racing game before, but I can tell you this much about it. It only has one italian car (Murceilargo) and one english car (Lotus Elise) but is full of american muscle cars and japanese cars which I have no interest in at all. I was shocked that for a game designed around track day events it lacks the Caterhams, Ariel Atoms and the like- the real track day cars. This is a game based around legal racing and there are plenty of real race day cars out there so why is the 'top dog' a pagani zonda which is cool but when there are no ferrari's to test this car against the Zonda is going to be great. I was shocked that there was no Aston Martins, or the Koenigsegg, or other great cars, and no Mercs to talk of at all. Drag racing is pointless as muscle cars are the only good cars, how can a 4 wheel drive lambo with 1,100+ BHP and 8,000 rpm get beat by a ford mustang with 700 bhp? How, well that's because the cars are pre destined to win by the game's design and there's a lack of tuning control to change this. And what is the point of buying a $300,000 lambo when I beat the show down king with a $40,000 Lotus? The game is designed to get you on the net- I wish they had just given us the money to buy the cars and done away with computer characters to beat, because playing my house mates was all that was fun about this game, and I couldn't even do that properly as we only have one console so only one profile can get loaded at once. its a shame that two people in the same room can't race each other especially since the whole point of buying the nice cars is to brag about how good they are, but its unprovable unless I go to another house buy another console and race him over the internet-utterly pointless! Still Its so satisfying when you finaly have a car that does 1/4 mile in less than 8.0 seconds!
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on 5 November 2008
I brought this game because I have adored the series starting from the first Need For Speed to Need for Speed: Most Wanted. I have played them all, completed them all and replayed them time after time, after time. I love my cars and I believe this is the best series for car lovers. But when I first started playing Need for Speed (NFS): Pro Street, I was severely disappointed. The title had lost the brilliant street races and free roam, and my favourite: THE POLICE CHASES, which had become so entertaining from NFS: Most Wanted and Carbon.

The graphics are just as good as the other titles, but I found it annoying I couldn't change the steering to the D-pad. I prefer controlling the car that way as it can be more precise. All an all, the controls and gameplay are brilliant. This is a prefect title for anyone who hasn't played the other titles in this series.

But, for someone who has played all of them and enjoyed every storyline and moment played, do not buy this game. You will be sorely disappointed.
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on 8 April 2013
This is a really good nfs game different to most other games.
It has a good and long career mode and great graphics. There is a large variety of cars and races and the game gives you freedom in how you want to set your cars as you can change the suspension, engine,brakes,tires etc to your liking, for example you might want a better set of tires for the grip races or a better engine for drag. Also the race days don t force you to do every race or in a set order so you might want to leave the drag alone and focus on the drift or top speed run. The way the cars physical performance can be downgraded by crashing your car was very clever and should be used in more nfs games

Overall although the game lacks some things most nfs games have it makes it up by adding some pretty awesome new features seen in future games such as shift
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on 10 February 2011
I got this game in the post and it has been non stop fun ever since. Don't let the start put you off the game as it is a very good game and i play it whenever i have the chance.
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on 23 November 2007
This game seemed ok on the demo, but once you get inside the full version it is quite dissapointing.

You don't get the same kind of NFS game that has gone before, the cars handling is completely different, they are heavy and hard to turn, no powerslides and arcade handling here that made previous games so much fun.
There is no way to play race categories in groups for instance, like in previous games if you wanted to play point to point or circuit races you could go to that category in Quick race mode and play the game how you wanted, in this there aren't any categories to select race modes, you have to race an event, and the events have one race, several drifts, a drag, a couple of time trials, so the racing is split up and disjointed,and if you don't really care for any of these modes except regular races, known as grip races here, then you will find it annoying to have to keep starting and ending events just to have a quick single race on a certain track for example then have to exit and enter another and go through all the categories and choices again just to play another single race on another track.

The cars handling is unresponsive and heavy, some could say more sim-like and they'd be right, but this means its not very much fun, a few laps round the Mondello race track is enough to bore anyone to death, this isn't NFS's forte, TOCA Race Driver does this sort of thing much better, NFS's strength is fast sportscar racing around circuits in countryside or urban enviroments where arcade handling compliments the track layouts.

The Career mode is identical to the race day events that aren't in the career mode, the only point of the career mode is to get the cars in the game, but because the actual structure of the game is so tedious and unnapealing a lot of players won't feel motivated to wade through this to get a few more cars.

I've been a fan of NFS for a long time and I do wish they'd go back to their roots of centering the game around the worlds most glamourous sports cars, adding videos and data about the cars, including in car dashboard views, and racing in Championships made up of single races, which is what true motorsport is all about, just like in the early games of the 90's. It seems those days are long gone and no doubt, so will be the enthusiasm of many a gamer for this title when they try it themselves.
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on 15 January 2012
Well its good game but with no free roaming and number of races that the previous nsf had. it fells lacking
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on 24 November 2007
This is the weakest NFS title I have played. Hugely disappointing - getting rid of free roam was a mistake, add this to the removal of the police chases, this has killed what was a hugely fun "arcade" racer. EA have clearly tried to compete with the likes of Forza and PGR4 and i'm afraid have failed. They have been caught in no mans land. This is neither as graphically good, nor as realistic as either PGR4 or Forza nor is it as good as previous NFS titles.

If you are a true NFS fan, DON'T BUY THIS, and instead, put Carbon or Most Wanted back in your 360 instead...................unless you want a real racing game in which case buy PGR4 because it is fantastic!

The game ONLY gets 2 stars in view of the still fun and unique customisation options, otherwise - it would be a 1 star game.
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on 3 January 2010
I'm Spanish, and I bought the game through Amazon because I didn't find it in the shops near my house. But after playing some days, my XBOX 360 is stopping with this game, and I don't have this problem with any other games.
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