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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 30 October 2015
THE FILM - [ 3 / 5 ]:

No pennies??? No plot??? No problem!!!

With innovation comes influence - and so it was that, in 1985, another group of backwoods filmmakers from the Lone Star State gave us another legendary Texas-set splatter-shocker: "Nail Gun Massacre."

An icon of the VHS age, sleazier and cheesier than any of its contemporaries- and featuring more power tool plasma-spillage than you can shake a chainsaw at - "Nail Gun Massacre" introduces a motorcycle-helmet wearing psychopath with a range of amusing one-liners. This mysterious marauders get their kicks from tracking down tempestuous teenagers and lowbrow locals so that they can be turned into human pin cushions. The motivation behind this macabre path of plasma-provocation may be linked to a psycho-sexual crime that took place years prior - although the local police force are understandably baffled as each new dead body turns up...
Oh "Nail Gun Massacre," you are not a particularly good film, but you are a fun horror film. The cheese level is high in Terry Lofton's 80's slasher. From the nail gun that makes noise yet you never see it firing to the cop whose badge changes locations on his uniform to the breathing, yet deceased victims. This movie has a lot going for it. There is plenty of eye candy for the guys and the ladies get a few glimpses or male nudity, even frontal. Oh my. This won't be the best horror film you've ever seen, but it's not one you would soon forget, which can't be said of many other horror movies.

AUDIO - [ 4 / 5 ]:

"Nail Gun Massacre" comes with an English DTS-HD Master Audio Mono track. Overall, I thought the sound quality was excellent. There were a couple of instances where it was difficult to understand what a character was saying, but I would expect that to be due to the original recording. The film had a nice balance between the dialogue, sound effects and score and the audio sounded fairly clean. I didn't notice any real issues with the audio such as hissing or pops.

VIDEO - [ 4 / 5 ]:

"Nail Gun Massacre" shoots its way on to Blu-ray thanks to UK distributor 88 Films. The film is presented in 1080p with two options to watch, a 1.33 or 1.78 Aspect Ratio. First off in case anyone plans to ask, I do not own the Blu-ray that Code Red released, so I cannot comment as to which looks better. I am happy with my choice though as the 88 Films release is on a BD-50 as opposed to a BD-25. So, double the space gives the film a lot more room to shine. I think this Blu-ray looks great. I can see some people being disappointed when comparing it to other films from the same era, but this film never looked exceptional. I do think that anyone familiar with the film will be pleasantly surprised and happy with how good the film looks. The film has a somewhat faded look but the colors still look rather good. Skin tones have a pleasant and natural appearance. The grain level looks very good and consistent.

SPECIAL FEATURES - [ 4.5 / 5 ]:

Audio Commentary with Texas Frightmare Weekend creator Loyd Cryer - Mr. Cryer is joined by his wife on this commentary track. First off, one thing I learned is that Loyd Cryer owns the rights to "Nail Gun Massacre." This track does have numerous quiet moments throughout the film. However, I found the track both interesting and entertaining as Mr. Cryer provides a fair amount of behind the scenes tidbits on the film. I learned that the woman running the store was Terry's mother and the funny part is when they point out the script is on the counter for her to look at while filming the scene. Fans of the film should listen to this track.

Audio Commentary with The Hysteria Continues - If you've heard one of their commentaries before, you know what to expect. This was a pretty fun track to listen to with the crew having some fun with the film while watching it. Some of the behind the scenes information shared may also be found in other extras on the Blu-ray. The conversation moves at a steady pace and someone is always ready to share some information or make a comment about what is occurring on screen.

Alamo Drafthouse Screening (7:44) - This features a few words from fans who attended the films screening as well as a short Q & A with a couple of cast members.

Interview with Terry Lofton (16:10) - Mr. Lofton talks about where his idea for "Nail Gun Massacre" originated. He speaks about the films production and how once it they started editing, he realized they needed more footage and shot some new scenes. Terry shares some great stories from film concerning the cast and the production.

Interview with Whitey Thomas (12:10) - Mr. Thomas provided the sound effects and score for the film. He speaks about getting started in the sound effects business, his work on the film and some of the sounds were created.

Locations of Nail Gun Massacre (3:37) - A short but fun then and now comparison offers a look at a few scenes used in the film.

Nail Gun Massacre Q&A (2006) Hosted by Joe Bob Briggs (17:16) - Viewers get another chance to learn some more about the film. The video quality fluctuates and is full of digital artifacts, but I doubt it could be helped due to the source of the recording. Being a Q&A, it's more about what you hear than what you see and the audio is pretty good.

Trailer Reel (21:55)


88 Films has released a great product. The Blu-ray has great audio and video quality and also offers a plethora of special features. If you are a fan of this film and do not own the film on Blu-ray, you owe it to yourself to add this release to your collection. It's hard to say whether those unfamiliar with the film would like it. You can watch a trailer and see if that helps make your decision any easier.

Nail Gun Massacre [Blu-ray]OVERALL - [ 4 / 5 ]
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on 10 November 2015
''Its cheaper than a chainsaw'' goes the happy-go-lucky tagline and that thought process seems to have trickled down to the producers as well for this dopey excuse for a slasher flick finally gets the premium treatment from those kind folks at 88 Films and well, things ain't pretty...

The... erm... er... film (I would like to say ''story'' but for fear of a word from the Trades Description Act) has a dimwitted gang (giving construction workers a bad name everywhere) rape a woman in a small, unnamed town. As the movie opens up with this unsavory act, you kinda get from the get-go what the filmmakers are going for and it ain't high art. From that horrific event, someone clearly wants to take revenge and out of nowhere appears a serial killing vigilante (clad in fetish style biker duds) who wields a nail gun and makes it his personal mission to hunt down the rapists (and to be fair, any other person that pops up in his way) responsible for the heinous crime. Luckily for the audience, this mystery man not only nails men in their privates (he even takes a liking to the ladies as well, for all you equal opportunity fans out there), he also dishes out bad jokes and talks in a drawn out cross between Darth Vader and a Simon Says electronic game from the 80s. Yeah, he's a right winner. The movie looks like it was made by a 12 year old kid who's drank too much Fanta and managed to steal his Dad's video camera (apparently it was ''directed'' by two gentlemen called Bill Leslie and Terry Lofton who may need to have a lie down at some point and rethink their lives) with some of the best/worst acting (take your pick) I've seen in a long time... Yeah, its gory, yeah its violent, yeah its weird - but its also amateur hour and no manner of great make-up effects will save this flick - it truly is a turd. And no matter of 21st century digital remastering, 88 Films cannot polish this one.

Granted, 88 have done a great job and the transfer is fine but unfortunately when the source material is this lame - its hard to make it anything other than what it actually is: Very cheap and badly made. All in all, I wouldn't consider myself a fan but if you are in the mood to take a punt, wait a while for the price to plummet. You will thank yourself in the long run.
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on 29 December 2015
Following the brutal rape of a young woman by a gang of construction workers, a mysterious figure wearing a motorcycle helmet and driving a gold hearse begins hunting the perpetrators down. The masked avenger's weapon of choice is a nail gun, with which he or she takes out the rapists one by one. Just who is this murderous vigilante?

This is another great slasher movie from the golden age of VHS nasty's, its not your average 80' horror, its much more of a lower budget and very cheesy in every way but that's what makes it so great like many 80's slashers it has a simple set up for a story and we try to guess who the killer is as we see the carnage unfold, its a tad predictable at a certain point but great fun none the less, the cast is pretty good, just your usual cheesy actors ready for the slaughter, lots of good looking women and a vast amount of nudity! The effects are all practical and bloody most of the time, don't expect a masterpiece but your certainly in for a major throwback to sleazy cheesy grindhouse style slasher horror 80's style, this is an essential one for the collection.

88-FILMS Blu-ray is great picture quality in full HD 1080p
Great bonus material as usual, commentary, interviews, location featurette, Q&A
reversible sleeve with cool original art, available to watch in 4x3 and 16X9 versions.
REGION FREE, 85-mins, 1985.
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on 17 October 2015
Following the brutal rape of a young woman by a gang of construction workers, a mysterious figure wearing a motorcycle helmet and driving a gold hearse begins hunting the perpetrators down.

The masked avenger's weapon of choice, a nail gun, with which they take out the rapists one by one.

Just who is this murderous vigilante.....,,,and why doesn't the gun shoot out a single nail during the film?..

From the opening credits, its clear that it's not aiming for a classical status, but my gosh,there are some bad films, and then there are Massacres on the senses, and this is one of those movies you wished you'd never bothered with.

A girl gets assaulted, and so the killer goes around with a crazy Darth Vader voice getting revenge, pretending to fire nails out of a gun and then the camera going back to the victims and then having rubber nails sticking out of their hands or mouth.

The film feels like its on forever, but it's only ninety minutes long. The acting is as terrible as expected, but the makers could have at least made some effort into making it as Grindhouse as they could, rather than getting their friends to fill in as victims, and put gratuitous nudity in it for no good reason at all.

Terrible in every sense of the word, but my favourite part was the old woman at the grocery store literally reading her lines from a piece of paper next to her.

Please avoid this.
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on 3 October 2015
88 films here again competing against Arrow with releases catered to the more weathered cine-reject enthusiast. Well they have my money and after what came through my post two days ago, i see my craving for HD trash leaving a burning hole in my pocket for many a moon to come. Hot on the heels of my pre-order of the Italo action classic Blastfighter comes, the godforsaken by many a cinema snob, Nail Gun Massacre. And yes, I owe Brad Jones all the knowledge i knew of this film before investigating this release. Now coming out the other end, it's good to sum it up as better remembered than experienced.

The experience played like an Andy Milligan film, only that it was directed by a normal person. Meaning it is clear that budget and time restrictions and not severe neuroses led to such impoverished production values here. The late writer/director/producer/stuntman/SFX artist/used car salesman Terry Lofton (A parallel universe's Tobe Hooper) was evidently a giver rather than a taker if his solo effort is anything to go by. An evident love of movies, especially the genre he's operating in, flourishes in Nail Gun Massacre, like sunflowers in a drought. Because amidst the awful, awful, awful, awful pacing, the haphazard audio, the baffled acting, and the nothingness that is the death scenes (In a slasher!), there are specs of competence, of which gave me the go ahead to even try and defend what is very much a deserved contender for worst horror movie ever to receive an international release. I say it this way because comparisons with non entities such as Black Devil Doll From Hell, Las Vegas Bloodbath and Axe Em would be just plain childish.

There is enjoyment to be had from Nail Gun Massacre. What Siskel & Ebert thought slasher movies were, this was their worst nightmare manifest, kinda. Whole scenes exist only to show good ol apple pie sex and nudity whilst the narrative remains threadbare. Just a lot of killing and a lot of head scratching from authorities about why the killing is happening. Exposition and Piercings, in just two words i have explained this film. There is not a more unpretentious entry in the entire slasher genre, which was already at the time of release of Lofton's opus one the most unpretentious cannons in genre scholarship.

Thank Christ! If only all torture films were such magnificent (unaided) technical failures such as this. Who knows, i might actually give a crap about horror post 1995. The complete absence of resources found in Nail Gun Massacre leaves only on screen the distilled determination of all involved to get through whilst the production crumbles around them. It's a film about Humanity as much as it is about grinded down (and not rubber) nail stubs glued onto a face. And if a humane horror film is not for you, then so be it. I'm happy how my £8.99 was spent.
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on 10 November 2015
This is a review for the 88 Films blu-ray release of Nail Gun Massacre.

The transfer is brilliant, the sound is great also, this film has never looked so good.

This film is great but only if you enjoy low budget 80s horrors filled with cheesiness, little plot, over the top acting and ridiculous situations. If you are like me and love the above, this one is for you!
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on 12 May 2010
With a name like NAIL GUN MASSACRE you really can't expect too much and that's exactly what you get: a shoddy, hysterically bad, extremely low budget clunker that's strangely watchable in a hokey, 80's time capsule kind of way.

A woman is raped by construction workers so (the killer) puts on a camouflage outfit complete with a black motorcycle helmet and a bright yellow compressed air tank then drives around in a gold hearse killing construction workers and anybody else who happens to walk by.

The director admits in the extras that he only had a 25 page script and that's pretty clear by the fact that people seem to be saying anything that comes to mind. Personal favorite: "I'm hornier than a rooster in a Chinese hen house." What does that mean?!

Watch out for the breathing corpses (the body on the log even has a twitching leg); the song "Foosball" being play back-to-back on the radio; the script laying on the counter in the grocery store scene; a guy being killed by a single nail to the arm and the dead guy who falls on an outdoor grill, but when the grill starts to tip over he reaches out grabs the fence and rights himself! Ah, good times.
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on 26 March 2009
If you're looking for a decent slasher with suspense,shocks and style then stay far away from "Nail Gun Massacre". What we have with this micro budget mid 80's slasher is a truly awful film. But thankfully it's saved by the laughs you're gauaranteed to get by the total ineptness throughout. Yes for large parts this one provides countless hilarious moments from the terrible acting to the ridiculous situations to the bad special effects. There is also quite a high bodycount and lots of sleaze, but you may well be watching in disbelief if you're not used to such low budget nonsense. If you don't have a sense of humor or find enjoyment in the so bad it's good horror then don't bother with this because you will hate it with a passion. But for those who know what to expect then crack open the cans and prepare for some laughs.
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on 12 September 2015
If your into cheap thrills then look no further than this, nicely restored i might add. first time ever released in the uk. i havent laughed so much in along time.
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on 20 October 2015
Had me in stitches. Awesome B movie goodness.
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