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on 31 January 2016
Absolutely AMAZING. Has to be the best App on the market. I've won lots of items with this. There have been numerous occasions when I've been at work or even sleeping etc, times when I could not be home to place a bid. Even the people that have developed this App offer the most excellent customer service which I even more incredible, as I did not even pay for it, they are amazing. I've had App for years now and it has, not even once, failed to place my bid for me a mere 5 seconds before the bidding finishes. You will, of course, need to put in your maximum bid. Beware that if your bid loses it's because somebody, naturally, outbid you. If after a while you discover, as I did, that my bid was not placed, it is very likely, as with me, your own fault. You see, if you change your eBay password then you must also change it with the App as well. But seriously, if you do eBay, you can not afford to be without this amazing App, sooooooo highly recommended. Don't think twice, download it now, you will never ever be disappointed :)
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Before I get into the minor issues with this app, let me get to the meat of it: this app works, and works very well.

I had a lot of difficulty getting successful bids on eBay (my interest is in Photographic equipment), always been pipped at the final post. I generally only won if I set a high maximum bid close to the 'Buy now' price (which is basically saying my bidding technique is awful so I had to throw money at the problem), or getting into expensive bidding contests (which rarely results in a bargain purchase).

Myibidder works by 'sniping', which is looking at the current max bid in the last few seconds of the auction, and beating it by the minimum increment. That way, your fellow bidders get no warning of your final price, have no time to get into a bidding war with you, and can't test nor consider your maximum price until it's too late. Sniping doesn't guarantee a win: if someone else has put in a higher max bid than you, you will still lose (but at least then Myibidder stops you getting into a bidding war: it coldly looks at your max and steps out of the bid, so you don't get carried away and lumbered with a questionable bargain).

The Myibidder app doesn't even need to be on and active when the bid ends: it communicates with a server, and its the server that remotely puts the bid in for you. Sneaky!

Let me give you some figures: in a recent eBay bid, I wanted a lens that retails for 230 on Amazon UK. They tend to go for about 150 on eBay UK. The lot ended at 3am, so I already knew the max bid would be low, and decided to bid. I set a max snipe of 140 and went to bed. In the morning I saw I had won at a price of 114! Someone else HAD actually stayed up to manually bid: they had even tested for max bids well before the final run so were sitting on the winning bid. The usual setup for a bidding war, but there was no late night bidding war here because my one and only bid came in 3 seconds before the end, with no time for the other person to respond, and no standing max bids for me to beat. End result: a saving of 33% on the normal eBay price and half retail price! Perhaps some may quibble that this was not on a fair playing field against the fellow bidder, but certainly not illegal nor technically wrong (the fellow bidder DOES have a beating strategy and DOES win sometimes: they have to set a higher max bid).

With Myibidder, my successful bid rate currently sits at 33%. I win a third of my bids, and at a price I am very happy with. If there is no higher sitting max bid then it is very simple: I win. Myibidder also allows you to link a number of bids for the same product together so 33% can become 100% overall (e.g. I wanted a particular Flashgun, and there were 4 of them, so I set Myibidder so it bid only if I hadn't already won one of the 4 - so that 33% success rate became 100% overall: I got that flashgun). This also makes it easier to win at a low price: set a low bid up if you see an item on 10 auctions so you will get it at your price eventually, and without having to persevere on manual bidding. Meeting a fellow sniper is actually very rare, so not something to worry about.

In fact, my overall buy prices are now so good that I could later resell many of my wins with profit on Amazon (NB: this may be unique to certain photographic equipment though, as decent lenses tend to hold their price and don't depreciate like many other tech items - including cameras - do).

The app has some issues though, and they are all to do with usability. When you look at your bids, you have to manually refresh every time: it isn't clever enough to just do it for you. Worse, the option to refresh isn't a button on screen, but tucked in the Settings dropdown! I really wish the developer would see sense and at least refresh all data on first opening of the app. It almost feels like the developer is being obtuse on purpose: they don't want their server to get too much traffic!

However once you get past that, this app is really good for its purpose, and that's all that really matters in the end. As noted above, if you are an Ebay buyer and an Amazon seller, then you could actually build a small side business around it with some shrewd bidding... and a good nights sleep for the day job thrown into the bargain!
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on 8 July 2016
Works so well. Good to set your maximum bid and leave it to do your bidding for you.
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on 6 September 2016
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on 1 May 2016
After a short period (a couple of weeks) this app stopped working and hasn't worked properly since.
Avoid, not fit for purpose.
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on 17 November 2015
Set the snipe at 5 seconds before the end of the auction and it worked a treat.

I like the one off low cost of this app. There are some other sniping services where the business model requires a monthly subscription or you have to top up credits for each use.
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on 6 January 2016
I've not used this app on this device before but have had it on my phone for a couple of years now ( ish)..... It works fine and had managed to bag me few bargains.
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on 3 May 2015
There are other Snipe apps out there but I've never had any problems with this one. Your bid will be place in the last few seconds of the auction so you will at least get rid of some of the competition!
One feature I particularly like is the ability to bid in multiple auctions for a similar item and as soon as you have won in any of them it will stop bidding for the others.
Highly recommended.
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on 6 February 2016
great tool to make sure you don't miss items you would like to bid on
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on 27 February 2016
very useful and great
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