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on 6 April 2014
Now, I have a few very good (or, I think they're good) reason for only rating this book for only rating this book four stars, and here they are (by the way, most contain spoilers!):
1 - They fell in love weirdly quickly. Like, wow, they've only known each other for a couple weeks and they're confessing their undying love to eachother. That strikes me as a little weird.

2 - I just think that the main character, Cassie, was ready to . . . You know again far too quickly. I mean, most women would take years to overcome something as traumatic as that, let alone live with a man, DO IT with a man and fall in love only weeks after she was raped!!!!!! To me, it just seems totally
ridiculous how quickly she got over it.

3 - When Cassie got pregnant, I swear to God they should not have been that happy. I mean, yeah, having a baby is a wonderful thing and all, but Damon, were their reactions weird. And I have reasons for thinking so. Reason One: Because it was likely that the baby was not Jesse's. Reason Two: They'd known each other for what, a couple months? My parents were together for nearly a year before they even said the 'L' word, let alone had a baby! I get that it was an accident, but damn, why we're they so HAPPY? In my opinion, it's totally ridiculous how ecstatic Jesse was. It was like he didn't even CARE that the baby might not be his!!!!!! Okay, bully for him, he was very mature about it, but any other guy, even the sweetest, most caring, loving and considerate guy on the planet would be even a little bit apprehensive, right?????

4 - Are there actually DNA tests for when a baby is still in the womb? I think not. Maybe there are, but how would that work?????? It just doesn't make any sense.

5 - I have mentioned this before, but not the exact words. I think that even though Jesse is a kind, caring guy who really loves Cassie, she is a little . . . Infatuated with him because he saved her life, and that's why she was so quick to do all those things. Make sense??????

And that is all of my complaining. But honestly, it was a good book, I swear. I recommend it to all people who aren't bothered by the little things like what I've just mentioned.
(Oh, and P.S., I'm only eleven years old, so this observation may not be the best. Just saying.)
Xoxo, Benji. ;-p
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on 18 October 2013
I could only bring myself to read about a third of this book before giving up, but I strongly doubt it improves. The book opens with the female lead being kidnapped and brutally raped, but don't worry because she is soon rescued by a super cute 'savior' with amazing dark blue eyes (or are the light blue, the author can't seem to decide). Our amazing hero whisks her off to hospital, where we discover she has miraculously escaped her really very brutal rape with just a few broken ribs; which is lucky because we are now required to be amazed by tough bodyguards and luxurious safe houses. You might also be worried that the heroine would be emotionally traumatised by what she has gone through, but all is well after a nice home cooked meal (who doesn't love a man who cooks?)and a wink from her savior (swoon).
I would recommend you avoid this book if you are averse to the use of rape as a poorly handled plot devise to facilitate a badly plotted romance. Equally avoid it if you are annoyed by poor editing, which the book also provides a fine example of.
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on 14 October 2013
Wow this book was truly beautiful. I really couldn't put it down right from the first few pages. I was completely hooked and thoroughly enjoyed being taken on this books journey.

The story begins straight away and the first chapter is not easy as it focuses on Cassie who is kidnapped and brutally beaten and raped. Although it is somewhat graphic, it is done extremely sensitively. Then we meet Jesse who has been hunting his mothers killers, only to find these are the men who have taken Cassie, so Jesse rescues her. Jesse takes Cassie to a safe house and there their feelings for each other are instant. We then get taken on their journey that shows love can overcome all obstacles.

The love between the characters is beautiful and how Jesse helps Cassie through all her nightmares shows us how great their love is. An absolutely beautiful story with great characters. The second book, together forever focuses on Jesse's sisters story, however we see plenty of Jesse and Cassie as they continue their happy lives together. Highly recommended
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on 21 October 2013
A very very strong raw harsh start to the book. It was well written but not for the faint hearted. A rape scene causes conflicting emotions. The story follows orphan Cassie through her horrific ordeal, rescued from certain death by Jesse. The story follows their love, lives & family. I found the book a little disappointing but I did carry on reading. After such a harsh start, Cassies recovery was almost immediate which just didn't sit right. The story to me became very one dimensional lacking the depth that the horrific rape scenes had started with. There is plenty of hanky panky but it gets a little bit too sickly sweet & "baby" is a word that starts to become irritating. It's a happy ever after but surprises me that it was above Angela Graham in the goodreads listing.
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on 28 April 2014
When I started reading this book I thought it was going to be a book I couldn't put down but to me it was just disappointment after disappointment. Just when you think something good is about to happen its over in a page, then you get a 4 page love scene. Jesse is really corny and calls her baby all the time in every sentence comes across as wimpy hero he just gets too much through out book and you end up thinking is anyone really that sad it was all just a bit too much the story could have gone so many ways but just when you think it will it doesn't such a shame ideas are there but not acted on for long enough.
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on 4 December 2013
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Well I can honestly say I have never read a book like this. Last time I stayed up til 1.30am was quite a while ago (and no it wasn't because of a book, it was a programme I was watching lol).

Vicki Green pulled out all the stops in this book. I will admit the 1st 2 chapters wasn't nice, I managed to get past that and once I got into the story, I LOVED every bit. Jesse and Cassie were amazing characters and the way they came together all because of what had happened to them both. The love story in it made me laugh at times. They both cared for each other, but took nothing for granted. I liked Jesse's sister Allie and his step dad was sometimes obnoxious, but understanding in the end.

I highly recommend Vicki Green's book as long as you can get past the 1st 2 chapters (you can skip to Chapter 3 instead).
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on 19 October 2013
I read a book every couple of days and I usually only leave a comment if the book is particularly good or bad. Oh boy is this bad. After being an innocent girl going through a horrific ordeal she throws herself at her so called rescuer before the bruises have faded seems very farfetched. I can't understand if her so called saviour was following the men who kidnapped her why not call the police when they were in the house instead of letting them hurt her. Whether this is answered later in the book I don't know because I didn't finish it, which for me is a rare occurrence.
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on 14 April 2014
This book is not for everyone. The books starts off being dark but then turns into a lovely love story. I found in parts I was saying REALLY!!! what's going on here..... I still enjoyed reading this & read it in one day:)
How can u not love a rich sexy man & a gorgeous female:)
However saying that I really enjoyed this story & had to message author as soon as I finished to see when the next story was out.

Received from author in return for an honest review.
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on 16 April 2014
Okay, good as this book was, some of strikes me as a little . . . Weird. And, yes, I have reasons for saying so (bear in mind that some contain spoilers), and here they are:

One: To me, it seemed a little crazy that the main character, Cassie, was ready to . . . You know, that quickly. Call me crazy, but I think it'd take a woman a long time to (if they ever do) get over being RAPED and do THAT again. Make sense??????

Two: I
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on 12 May 2014
I knew what was going to happen at the beginning so it wasn't that it shocked me but the fact she then was swooning over her rescuer hours after what she was put through, I thought was extremely unrealistic and really quite insensitive. Then to be sleeping with him days later???? I got 20% into the book and gave up, I couldn't read anymore so it may have gotten better but I can't see that happening. Sorry but I do not recommend this book.
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