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on 1 January 2015
The pics are lovely and yes there are more pics than patterns. You have to be a bit experienced at least. You'll see that patterns don't always fit nicely and you have to be able to improvise. My main problem with this book is the the dolls's clothes are so tight that you have to pull the arms and legs real hard, so they grow longer and longer. Little girls won't be able to put on the clothes by themselves. Besides the accessories that are being used are not always easily to be found, so this also means you have to improvise. There should be better books.
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on 22 April 2014
This was an expensive book, although it does have delightful pictures of the dolls and accessories. The instructions are misleading and in many cases completely wrong. You would have to be reasonably expert at crochet to create your own patterns to match the photos. I have had to do this. This is not the reason I bought the book. If you are a beginner, beware.
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on 18 May 2015
Beautifully laid out with lots of gorgeous pictures of cute dolls but quite confusing. I had to read through the doll pattern several times before I could understand the author's design. The instructions for US and UK terms also adds a little more frustration, especially when you're used to regular crochet patterns with step-by-step instructions. But I think most crocheters would get the jist of it and just create a doll even if it's not an exact replica of the one in the book and it will still be lovely. The author uses aluminium wire in the arms and legs to pose the doll, and I assume she felt there was no need to explain further how to shape the hands and feet. Personally, I prefer not to use wire in dolls as I don't think they're very child friendly and I think wire degrades with frequent washing. The yarn differences are also another blight, but again this should not deter the willing crafter keen to make something they would otherwise run from. I agree the design instructions for the box are very detailed and specific, but again, it's just a box with an inside cover, an outside cover and a lid. If you don't attempt to make this doll and accessories because of all the presumed difficulty, you won't realise a missing potential.
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on 2 April 2016
Unfortunately, I thought the same wool would be used throughout buy it isn't so the sizes are difficult to get right unless you buy the specified yarn which is not particularly cheap! Love the outfits and the book but sad that I can't crochet more of the clothes from the wool in my stash.
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on 24 August 2014
I love looking through this book and have just completed the doll which I am really pleased with. As there aren't hair instructions i looked on Pinterest for ideas and am really pleased with the results. My doll now has a full head of hair. Im finding the clothes a little bit tricky but with perseverance i hope to complete some of the lovely outfits. I took the book and doll to my local knitting and crochet group who all fell in love with 'Ellie Rose' and are ordering their copies of the book soon.
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on 16 June 2017
My order has not arrived yet but I have already purchased another one a few years ago. It's a lovely book with typical gallic panache.
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on 16 September 2014
I have only been crocheting for 6 months but have found this book to be easy to follow, in fact easier than first thought. My friends and family have all been amazed at the cuteness of the little doll. Possibly could have more instructions on how to attach hair and a few other minor details but alot of it is just common sense and practise and you will have a very cute doll and clothes.
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on 10 June 2018
An excellent book,really enjoying it,have completed the doll itself,made a Pjama outfit,am currently making the matching night cap,before I make the slippers and teddy bear.The next project will be the red riding outfit,finding the patterns easy to follow,so thank you to the creator of this book.
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on 25 February 2014
Beautiful book ! I am a novice at crochet , but I found the instructions very easy to follow and have made a doll with clothes in no time at all , this book is a must !
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on 25 March 2014
I have been wanting this book for months and before it was translated in English, I considered ordering it in French and trying to figure out the instructions. Well, good thing I didn't, because the instructions in English are already quite confusing...

First things first - the pictures are absolutely gorgeous and adorable - it is literally the cutest crochet doll you can imagine. You have about 60 pages with the photos, you can see many of them in the "Look inside".

The instructions for the doll itself are okay, but for a total beginner they might be difficult. The details are missing, the instructions of how to attach limbs and hair are non existent, the scalp part got me totally confused (so I skipped that part and created the head as one piece). I say they are "okay", because I ended up having a VERY cute doll at the end, so something must have worked right (check the image gallery). The other instructions are also confusing, the suitcase sounds so complicated, I am not even going to try. As mentioned, no instructions on how to attach the hair, there are some different hairstyles in the pictures, some of them remain a mystery (using felt?). It is also a mystery for me how to shape the ankle and the wrist.

Apart from the missing instructions, a big problem comes from the fact that the yarns used in the book for the doll and her clothes and accessories are different from each other and although I don't expect a gauge in an amigurumi book, I don't like the fact that by using the same type of yarn and hook for the doll and her pants, the pants were huge on her. On the plus side I have now created two dolls of different sizes - the pants should fit on at least one of them :)

If you don't have experience with amigurumi, I would say that this book is not for you or you might get frustrated. The book can benefit by some step by step pictures and pictures showing how the different parts should look before attaching.

All in all, I am very happy that I own the book, but it could definitely be improved when it comes to the patterns.
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