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on 11 December 2016
I am so disappointed with Epson. The cost of these ink cartridges is more than the cost of my printer.

With my previous (also Epson) printer I used those "compatible" ink cartridges and my much loved printer eventually got a clogged print head. I tried to clear it and just ended up wrecking the printer totally, so I swore off those cheap alternatives.

Well for £13 I can get a "compatible" cartridge set that is twice as many cartridges as this plus two bonus black cartridges, and if after I use them my printer is wrecked...well I will have saved enough money to buy a new one.

The printer is a high quality photo printer with wifi connectivity and a scanner and all sorts of other features. Is it really just as cheap to manufacture as a plastic cartridge with some ink and a chip? Apparently not, based on the ready availability of the "compatible" ink cartridges, even if they do often clog the print head.

The main reason I am so disappointed is that I hate waste. I am disgusted that the most economic course of action involves deliberately wrecking a perfectly good printer with cheap ink cartridges, planning to throw it away and simply buy a new one. If they sold the ink cartridges at half the price it would still be much more expensive than the cheap alternatives, but then I might consider buying the proper ones and extending the life of my printer.
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on 19 October 2014
Good Quality ink cartridges... not sure about VFM, as always, Epson stuff is pricey. As for the supplier, Alldays Office Supplies... I placed my order on 7th Oct, the 'promised' delvery window was between 10th - 14th Oct they actually arrived on the 18th.. 11 days to get fron Derby to West Yorks and 4 days outside their own target.

When they did arrive, the outer packaging was damaged, torn, indented and serously the worse for wear. There was no internal wrapping or packing material, the contents rattled around like a marble in a tin. Fortunatly, the manufactures packaging was more robust and the ink cartridges themselves were undamaged.

I will have to buy Epson ink again, I've yet to find a 'compatable' product that actually works... but I think in future, I will use a different supplier !
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on 16 January 2016
I think this product is deliberately misleading; it gives the impression that ALL cartridges hold as much as the black and they do not, they hold ~6ml which is better than the starter quantity but NOT the same as the 11ml of black.

I might just dump this machine and revert to HP...if the Epson ink continues to be so very expensive and not clear in its product description.
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on 20 August 2015
Installed the black ink this made it print in stripes , so I installed a different ink and this worked.
Yes you can get a faulty ink cartridge anytime but when you are paying Epson price you shouldn't
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on 13 January 2018
This product does not appear to work with my printer. The cloud is poor and not sharp. Mainly because the black ink doesn't work. I have tried trouble shooting but no improvement. The worse thing is I throw away all the packaging so confident was I that everything would be fine. Never again!😣
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on 24 March 2016
I can only ever give manufacturers ink 2 stars as they are so expensive!!!! The quality is much better than many of the rip offs but I cannot understand how they can charge so much for a minimal amount of liquid. Anyway I just want to let folks know that these will fit the XP 422 series of printers even though they are not mentioned on the label. It took me ages to find the answer to this question, I looked on the Epson Website but they are totally unhelpful as they do not show the box clearly as they do on Amazon and 7DayShop, both of which look like the XP422 is not included. So I took the plunge ordered them and they arrived today fitted the Blue cartridge which was low and it all worked. I examined the cartridge I removed and it was exactly the same as the one I replaced it with. Shame on you Epson and Amazon for confusing all XP 422 423 and 425 owners.
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on 15 February 2016
The cartridges as received from the supplier did not contain any ink. The yellow strips that usually cover the ink outlet were on the top and side of the cartridges. After inserting the cartridges and carrying out the "charging" procedure the ink level indicator showed empty on all four cartridges. I contacted the supplier by e-mail and was given the suggestion to wipe the ink outlets with a lightly damp cloth, this I did but to no avail. I again contacted the supplier and am awaiting a reply. I am totally disappointed with this product and trust it will be replaced.
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on 30 October 2016
After using both the true epson and the compatibles on various epson printers, I have to say that the epson ones are better ink, and they do last marginally longer. For my own home use, I will always buy true epson products. Works just as intended.
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on 10 October 2016
i have tried contacting seller regarding each of the inks in this pack every time i have put them in the printer still says empty with each one, thought it couldnt be right so purchased more from another source as needed immediately and they worked so definately faulty but i have heard nothing from seller
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on 9 April 2016
Don't buy these cartridges. I wish I'd read the warning reviews I only saw after my printer stopped working, having been unable to continue recognising the new cartridges halfway through a print job. It turns out, according to the reviews, that these are 'starter' cartridges which should only be used with brand new Epson printers. They therefore only contain a small amount of ink. Why this then causes the printer to fail to recognise them I don't know. However, I and many other buyers have had the same problem and I am now unable to finish a very important print job. I have now followed the detailed advise of other reviewers about websites that sell what you really need -you have to make very sure you're ordering the correct size [T1816 = correct multi-pack. T1806 = bogus ones not suitable for all but brand new printers]. A clear rip off.
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