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on 23 July 2014
When I first came across this tablet, I was undecided as to whether I should buy: 'Yes, the features described are fantastic, but for the price shown, there must be a downfall?'

Having analysed other adverts on Amazon and beyond, this did seem to be the best deal so finally, I took a deep breath and pressed the 'buy' button.

What a move! Having made payment sometime during the evening, when I got to work early morning, there was already a dispatch email from Time2Direct waiting for me, and sure enough, the tablet arrived the next day! Express delivery for free - an awesome start!

The tablet was well packaged with an attractive cover box. Upon opening, the smell of a brand new gadget took over my senses as I raced to pick the tablet up. Well when I did eventually get my hands on it, I almost dropped it! Since when were 10" tablets made to feel so light?

I charged the tablet as instructed in the user manual then switched it on. The screen was bright and speakers loud. The touch screen is extremely responsive making game play for my son a treat!

My main reason for buying a 10" tablet was so I have convenient access to my emails, and to watch my own programmes without having to endure World War 3 for the remote control. Well, setting up email was a doddle and through a couple of free downloads from the Google Play store, creating and amending documents is a possibility, and on a 10" screen, very convenient.

To make things slightly easier, a number of entertainment apps were preloaded on the tablet, but Lovefilm, Netflix etc had to be downloaded (for free of course!). Watching movies on a 10" screen in HD is a brilliant experience.

In terms of connectivity, my iPhone does sometimes lose its connection to my wifi. However, in the week I've had the tablet, internet connection has been fine.

All in all, as you've probably figured by now, I am very pleased with both the tablet and the service of Time2Direct. A tablet at bargain price without compromising on quality. I definitely would recommend to others.
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on 13 September 2014
very good value for price .suits the purpose the only problem is that the speakers are on the back of the tablet and when you use the case you cannot hear the sounds and you have to take it out of the case.
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on 16 February 2014
Bought it for my husband who loved it from the word go, does exactly what it says, very easy to use, very quick to fire up! Really happy, probably will buy one for myself as well!
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on 19 June 2014
I recently bought over 30 of these tablets for my staff at work to use offsite. They & myself were really impressed with the performance and ease of use of the tablet that I decided to purchase one for myself. Compared to more expensive tablets of similar spec, i think this product is value for money.
Battery life is excellent and the front and rear camera has been invaluable.
All in all, a great product.

Steve Curran
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on 7 October 2014
The tablet was really good for about 5 days and then it started shutting down and restarting every 30 seconds. I have returned it and asked for a refund.
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on 18 February 2014
I have a lot of experience with various types of tablet computers and thought that I would write my opinion and observation on this one.

The tablet is extremely quiet, the sound quality is very poor. I was completely unable to enjoy anything that involved sound (music and films).

The storage space is what is stated, 8GB, but there is only 4GB of space left, which is normal. I tried four branded SD cards to expand the storage and although they were all recognised by the tablet and Android, I was completely unable to write to the external SD cards. I tried every way I could to write to the external SD cards, but nothing worked in the tablet. The cards were all tested in my other two Android tablets, two Android phones and various computers; there were no issues with any of the SD cards in any of the other devices.

I did contact the seller about the problems and even spoke to them on the phone and phoned another part of their business setup and yet it was never resolved. I think the whole technical issue of supporting these devices was a little beyond them, although they were quite friendly and did appear to try.

I spoke to another company about a different brand of tablet and spoke to Amazon. I finally gave up with this tablet and the tablet was returned and the money was reimbursed.

I have now purchased an alternative replacement and branded tablet from a different site and company, my new tablet is: 32GB, 1.6Ghz dual core A9 processor, 1GB ram, 10.1", HDMI, Bluetooth tablet for only about £19.00 more than this tablet. All the SD cards that had previously been problematic in the tablet that I have returned have all worked correctly in my new tablet.

There is no comparison and I am very happy that I sent this tablet back, perhaps I was unfortunate with this tablet or perhaps nobody else has tried an SD card in this tablet and then moved data to it?
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on 18 July 2014
Got this a couple of weeks ago, opened the package and thought that it looked like it had bubbles where a screen protector hadn't been flattened out properly on it (but it was the actual screen). I almost sent it back - but then I switched it on instead. Pleased I did, because once I'd switched it on, there was nothing noticeable on screen at all.

I really bought this because the spec looked reasonable and I'd never had a tablet, wanted to try one, but didn't want to fork out 4 or 5 times the price of this for an ipad. One of the things I was wondering, before I bought it, was what level of techy knowledge would I need to make it useful? What I found was that if you can download an app onto a smartphone, then you can use this.

Wifi - picks up my in-house wifi very well indeed (haven't tried using wifi on the go anywhere else yet).

Email - I mostly use my hotmail account for email and I found that very easy to set up and use.

Documents - I downloaded a documents type app and that works fine for creating word type documents and basic spreadsheets. The on screen touch keyboard I actually found very responsive, which I was quite surprised about, but I've bought the case with built-in keyboard that you can attach to this tablet (costs about another tenner from Amazon) - the connecting cable sticks out the side which is a bit strange looking but the actual keyboard works really well, so I'm using that now.

Storage - 16 gigs of storage is quite a bit but I have been downloading BBC iplayer things (which are several hundred megs a go) - so I stuck a 32 gig SD card (the sandisk type one of the retailers recommends) in and now I have 48 gigs of storage - which I'm imagining will keep me going for quite some time. The settings bit of the tablet looked a bit scary for adding an SD card, going on about mounting/unmounting it - but actually - you just push the SD card in and that's it.

Fun stuff - I watch a lot of online videos - handy for tutorials and music videos - Youtube works great on this and every video format I've tried on Realplayer Cloud has run smoothly - Realplayer Cloud can even sync my video files between the tablet and my home computer if they're both switched on at the same time which is amazingly handy. My hand held video recorder I used on my New Zealand holiday uses some weird video format no-ones ever heard of and the tablet even copes with that. BBC iplayer works very well indeed - it's easy to download shows to watch later and I'm using that a lot.

Sound - ok, the sound from the speakers isn't great - but I watched Mock the Week and it was acceptable. I could certainly hear everything clearly enough. Frankly, my expectation of portable devices is that the sound on them isn't going to be any good, so this didn't really bother me - I stuck my regular earphones in and then sound-wise everything is fine (didn't try the headphones that came with the tablet - never judge the sound of anything by the bundled earphones!)

Graphics - the video image this tablet produces looks very sharp to me and I'm very happy with the image. You do need to be viewing the tablet at a particular angle to get a good image. I recall reading one review that was a bit scathing about the angle of view - but you know, it's portable - just move it if the angle isn't right? I don't think it's worth paying an extra £300 for something you can view from any angle, but hey, if you've got the money, it's your choice...

Charging - it does take 5 or 6 hours to charge up - to be fair, that's what it advertises - but don't buy this optimistically thinking that's a typo, it does take at least that long. I charge it overnight if I've been using it a lot, so it's really not an issue for me.

In summary - I bought this as a way of putting a toe in the tablet water, so to speak; to see if it was worth buying a more expensive one. I reckoned that for under £80, if it was rubbish, I wouldn't feel too hard done by. You've probably already got the idea of what I think about this tablet, but in case you haven't: it's fantastic. If you want a tablet, buy this one. With the attachable keyboard and document app, this essentially replaces my netbook and the whole thing is just so good that frankly I can't see why anyone would buy anything more expensive? If a tablet comes out that can do my ironing for me, then I'll think about upgrading - otherwise I'm sticking with this! Very pleased with my purchase and would whole-heartedly recommend it.
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on 18 September 2014
Thought this tablet was good for the price so I bought 2, one for each of my grandchildren, wish I hadn't, I'm very disappointed, took them out of the boxes to download some games for the children and no matter what I couldn't get the internet on either, so I'm stuck with two useless tablets that I can't afford to replace!
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on 10 February 2014
I've only had the tablet a week or so and have mainly used it to watch tv on you tube so far.WiFi works well and app store giving all the products I need effortlessly. I'd certainly recommend this
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on 5 March 2014
When ordering I really had no great expectations of this tablet but hoped I could use it to view films on my HD TV. To say I am impressed is an understatement!.........I was told by an "expert" that because of the price it would not have a decent screen;that it wouldn't perform as the ad said and that it would be cheap and cheerful. Wrong on every count. I found the tablet to match my partners Nexus 7 in all areas and to be connective too which the Nexus isn't.
All in all a great buy and I'd recommend it.
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