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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 July 2016
This is a book that could have been made just for me, I have a sister living in Tenerife, her boyfriend works in time shares, she also used to play Darts, and I love Take That. Which is convenient because in the book Molly Parker is a DWAG - WAG for Darts playing husbands, but has moved to Tenerife after they divorce due to him being caught with his pants down, she is now working in a Timeshare complex, one of her best friends is going out with a former Robbie Williams tribute band performer, and is due to marry her too good to be true Spanish boyfriend Antonio.

Then Molly's ex husband shows up begging for a second chance, and the book becomes a whirlwind of sexual chemistry, Christmas back in Yorkshire, a lot of second guessing herself and I really couldn't predict which of the men Molly would finish with.

Paul Parker is one of an unusual kind being he is a good looking darts player, and the few scenes that involved the professional darts scene felt very realistic and I could really picture it all in my mind. The sections in Tenerife, I could feel the heat of the Canarian sun as I was reading and it was so accurate as to the sorts of bars, entertainment etc... that you get over there, down to the pouring of alcohol not being in measures (one of my favourite things about any tourist resort in Spain!).

Antonio was a reasonably key character but I didn't really get a feel for him. He did though come across as a sexy Spanish bar owner who really did care for Molly, but whether it was true love I'm not so sure.

I loved the contrasts between Tenerife and Yorkshire which are so marked especially in quality of life, and Molly is lucky that her in-laws were a fabulous family of people, even if her ex-husband isn't the best person!

I loved every second of Too Much Trouble in Paradise and its a fabulous book for a lazy summer's afternoon. It was very refreshing having Darts be the sport of choice written about, and I even learned a few new term for when I next watch on TV!
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on 8 April 2018
Enjoyed this book.

Found it felt a little stretched out and boring / repetitive at times in the middle & wanted to skip to the end of the book but I also couldn't put it down once I got reading it.

Loved the fact it made you feel as though you were there and the descriptions of Tenerife were good too.

Would read authors books again and will look out for them on kindle free books like i did this book.
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on 9 November 2013
Molly is a DWAG (Darts Wives And Girlfriends) or a now ex-DWAG after divorcing her sleezeball ex- husband Paul "Bad Boy" Parker after finding out about hs string of affairs. She wants to forget about him, so along with her fellow, divorcee, best friend Fran they both head to the island of Tenerife where she meets and falls in love with Antonio but Paul isn't going to let her go quite so easily.

I don't know quite what to make of this story.. I enjoyed it up to chapter seven and I enjoyed the last couple of chapters but the ones in between just seemed so dry and kind of long winded. The characters seemed quite obtuse, in my opinion, and every other damn paragraph Molly kept mentioning her ex-husband which got old VERY quickly. I can't say the story gripped my attention and made me want to keep reading and I did have moments where I was questioning why I was still reading it. The story was very predictable as you could guess what was going to happen next, I hate books like that it just ruins it all.. The description of Tenerife though made me so wish I could have been transported there, it just sounded so warm and inviting.

I wish I could have rated this more but I just don't think it deserved more than the three stars I gave it.. I'm sure there's somebody out there who adores chick-lit that would just love this story but it just wasn't for me..
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on 15 June 2012
I got this eBook when it was available as a free download from Amazon.

From the outset the descriptions of Tenerife made me feel warm which was perfect seeing as it was a cold, rainy day outside my window.

Molly and Fran moved to Tenerife for a fresh start, they made some lovely new friends and seemed to enjoy their new lives. Molly was even engaged to a gorgeous Spanish man who treated her like a princess but for some reason she couldn't get her cheating ex-husband out of her mind. When he arrived in Tenerife it threatened everything she had built for herself since she left him and I was yelling at my Kindle wanting her to be strong and tell him where to go!

I found myself getting annoyed with Molly when she was going back and forth trying to make her mind up - it irritated me that she would treat Antonio (her Spanish fiancé) in that way because I liked him, he was much more understanding than he should have been. Clearly I disliked Paul (her ex-husband) although there were a few times when he did something that made me warm to him a bit.

Darts is really not my thing but I actually found it all completely fascinating to read about, my husband often watches darts on TV and this gave me a behind the scenes insight which I enjoyed. It was the same with the timeshares - I found myself really intrigued by it all!

This book was like reading a soap, there were so many ups and downs, some that were predictable and some that really weren't. I just had to keep reading to find out what would happen next and which way Molly would decide to go.

If I'm honest I would have preferred a different ending, even though it was quite romantic I had just hoped for something else.

This is a sunny, enjoyable read, perfect for the beach!
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on 21 October 2012
I'm fast becoming a supporter and avid reader of 'Independent' authors' work. And Michelle's offering of 'Too Much Trouble in Paradise' is no exception. I really enjoyed this story. Molly (the main character), is now living in Tenerife, after her divorce from husband, Paul Parker - professional darts player, and bad boy. We are quickly introduced to Molly's new love and fiance, in the form of Antonio, the gorgeous spaniard, who is just perfect in every way; a rare thing I know, and even I had to agree with one of the lines in the book that asks, 'Does a man like this really exist?' Everything is working out just fine and dandy for Molly with her new life, until her bad boy, Paul, turns up on the Island, professing his undying love for her! I chuckled at the funny one-liners, and there are quite a few of them, which suits me down to the ground. A really good rom-com read, and one that I would recommend indeedy!
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on 5 July 2012
Out of all the authors books i have to say this was the one i was least sure about reading, purely because it involved darts (which i thought would be a little boring) but oh, how wrong was i! Michelle Betham scores another bullseye with this one!!!

Its such a lovely, funny story that i couldnt put down. As with all her books, i sit for hours reading them so i can find out what happens then end up bitterly disappointed when i reach the end and its all over, but im pretty sure thats the sign of a great book :)
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on 18 August 2012
Written in a catchy, narrative style, this was fun read. However, the main protagonist, Molly, is such a self centred and thoughtless cow that I really didn't care what she did, as she flitted between Antonio (God knows why he puts up with her) and Paul (an equally unlikeable scroat). The supporting characters of Fran, Simon and others were similarly unbelievable. But it kept me engaged, whiled away a few hours on the beach, just a shame the cast weren't more likeable, because otherwise, I'd be looking out for more from this author.
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on 13 February 2012
I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Michelle Betham has a great writing style that draws you in to her story. Molly Parker could be any one of us, she's down to earth, she's indecisive but she's honest and a good friend. I loved all the characters, I loved the banter between them - the only thing I didn't like was Molly's final choice! I won't spoil things but I was rooting for the other man!
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on 8 June 2014
I enjoyed reading this story. I've never been to Tenerife, but would like to now. The characters were so warm and made you feel like you were part of their cosy family. Molly was pulled in all directions, but got the right man. Now I need to start Michelle's new book.
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on 3 August 2011
Well...all I can say is....make sure you have plenty of time to read this.....cos you won't be putting it down!!! First book was fab, and although this is darts related, it's not all about darts! It has a bit of everything...twists, turns and romance....I personally could picture myself in the role of the lead character!....still unsure? go spend the money and find out for yourself!! It's well worth it ;) x
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