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on 19 September 2015
These fit perfectly and go on well (although I am very careful about applying screen protectors). It has everything required to de-dust the screen and apply the protector. It's a class looking and feeling set. They are proved very tough - my phone was recently bashed by an edged lump of steel - thanks nearly disowned small child. The protector was bubbled and in places cut right through (a 1 cm long impact mark) - my screen? Mint. Unscratched. Unbelievable. Thanks TUFFskinz. And a bit of Luck no doubt - it was a brutal blow. It's a Motorola too which I have found to be remarkably robust. On a more general note I do carry my phone in my pockets (often bumping around with dog leads, keys and e-cig batteries) and when it comes to more general wear these protectors do perform well and last well - only faint surface scuffs and scratches over many months wear with nothing getting close to the screen itself. I find the matt effect fine to use, I've even got to like it's slightly softened effect actually. My screen is as mint as the day I took it out of the box. I will buy again.
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on 8 August 2014
This is definitely the easiest screen protector I have ever tried to apply. The usual ones -- variations on a theme, a protector sandwiched between peelable protector protectors (!) are difficult to position, the tiny microfibre square they all come with to remove the dust are just so much window dressing, and you can get through several before you get something that's worth leaving in place.

TUFFskinz does it better. They include a microfibre cloth that's a sensible size, a card for (with the cloth around it) squeezing out any air bubbles, and (crucially) two pairs of stickers. One pair act as a temporary hinge so you can line up the protector perfectly before unpeeling the first layer, and the second are for removing the last specks of dust.

There's even a video on Youtube that takes your hand and shows you how to do it.

You still need to be careful to work in a reasonably non-dusty environment -- once you've got dust under the protector it's there for good. But the kit and the video make the process of getting the skin in the right place so simple that you can focus on the dust problem.

The quality of the screen protector is excellent. I like the matte version but if you perfer to use (as I do) a stylus instead of a finger to interact with your phone, you'll find it drags a little, and you'll use your finger more. (The shiny version, however, works well with styli as well as fingers.)

Would I recommend this? I would. Would I buy them again? I would. The quality is excellent, the company has tried to solve (and largely succeeded in solving!) the problems most people have with screen protectors, and done so in a commonsense and straightforward way that I can only approve of heartily.
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on 25 March 2014
I purchased the matte version of this product.

Quick overview:
1) Packaging, instructions, product quality - 5 stars.
2) My only problem - at the beginning of the instructions it clearly states that if you follow the instructions perfectly, take your time and watch the online video (all of which I did), then you will have no air bubbles that can't be worked out with the card - but I have 2 bubbles that won't come out.
3) The matte finish significantly reduces glare, looks stylish and I have noticed no fall in pixel clarity.

Detailed review:
1) The packaging and instructions were at an impressively high standard. This is my first screen protector so I don't know what to compare it to, but I was definitely more than satisfied by these aspects of the product.
2) I am well aware from reading other reviews how easy it is to obtain air bubbles under the film if care and time are not fully taken when applying. Therefore I sat myself down at a clear desk, when I was feeling alert and gave about an hour for the whole process (including reading the instruction manual and watching the online video). The manual states that: "due to the high quality of the product and detailed instructions, we can guarantee you will not have any air bubbles, as often obtained when using cheaper protectors). But, I got 2 air bubbles. They are small, and at the the bottom edge of the screen so they don't affect my viewing or the response of the touch screen. I wouldn't have had any problem with this if the manual hadn't so stubbornly guaranteed that this doesn't happen.
3) The matte finish is very stylish and also significantly reduces the amount of reflection. I have noticed no fall in pixel clarity.

All in all, I am happy with the product and I have already recommended it to a friend who will be purchasing one soon. I will update this review when he applies his and will let you know if he experiences a similar bubble problem.
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on 20 September 2014
Not bad, but very difficult to apply. The supplied "dust removal tape" is a good idea, as it can actually remove dust very effectively from the sticky side of the protector. However I found it very difficult to line up the camera and speaker cutouts, and they stick quite firmly before you've had a chance to properly line it up. Unfortunately if you don't get it right the first time you have to peel it off and start again, and it seems impossible to do this without creasing it in the process, which results in a bubble you can't get rid of. Pretty much ruined the first one, and the second is just barely acceptable (big bubble in the corner and cutouts don't line up properly), so I feel like I've wasted my money. It'll do for now, but I've ordered a pack of 10 in a different brand so I can try again.
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on 25 May 2014
I've had a fair few screen protectors for various devices now and most of them have been pretty good buys in practice. However having got a new phone and realised that both for the old phone and my tablet reflection in bright sun can make it hard to view the screen I decided to try matte protectors. This is a good kit with a microfibre cloth for cleaning as well as some cleaning tape, good instructions, a card to smooth out bubble and two protectors and it went on very easily for me. I am more than happy with the results so far (though I will update this when I've used it for a while). List price looks a bit expensive maybe however half that would make it a good buy and if you get it any cheaper you should be very pleased indeed.
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on 1 August 2015
I don't think it's worth the £9.99 listing but I got it on sale for £2.50 and very pleased with that. The matte effect is a little strange to get used to but does what it says on the tin. The microfiber cloth seemed to lose its fluff all over the screen, but I had another to hand. The first removal stickers were novel and did do the trick, a nice little feature. Laying on the protector itself was pretty easy and made less bubbles than I had on previous occasions. I think it might be a little thicker than ones I've had before; it seems better quality. Overall very pleased, I'd buy this brand again.
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on 3 February 2016
I bought this screen protector for my new Moto G 3rd Generation phone. It arrived promptly and well packed but unfortunately it was too small for my Moto g phone so I had to return it. I have not received a refund yet but I am sure it will come soon.

The item looks good quality and I'm sure it helps protect the screen against scratches and glare but unfortunately it does not work for 3rd Generation Moto G phones. I think it is probably the right fit for 1st generation Moto Gs.
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on 29 August 2014
Got to give this 5 stars. The anti glare is excellent and gives the phone an additional feel of quality. By far the best screen protector I have fitted to a phone. I used the method 2 for mounting the protector on the screen, read the instructions included or watch the video it works good and gives you a perfectly aligned screen protector.

One additional tip is to where a hat while fitting it, on my first attempt dust from my head (you are perched right over it while working on it) caused two bubbles, it was during the head scratching to figure out why this had happened after the thorough cleaning I gave it, that I noticed the source of my problems.

What are you waiting for order a pack and see for yourself!
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on 4 March 2014
I have had this for a few weeks now. It's a typical screen protector stick it on peel off the opposing side kind of thing.

Pros: it's smooth, clear. Simple instructions to put on. I would say it's almost as good as zags invisible shield... That is thicker and more gel like... If you've used one u will know what I mean. This is more like sheet plastic.

Cons... And this is the only con.... Very tricky to fit on the moto g. This protector is nearly edge to edge, and the moto g has a raised edge..... So v easy to misalign it and cause a bubble on the side.

Excellent product, little glare, worth the money. Almost as good as zag which is not a bad thing...
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on 28 March 2014
These screen savers from TUFF skinz are excellent. They are fantastic and extremely easy to put on. They have tape to take away any fluff or dust so you have a clear and clean skin on the screen. The quality is better than others that i have used and would recommend you use these for your phone to protect the screen. Reason being when your bscreen gets scratched it looks dated and scruffy, but with these just change. Used mine now 3 weeks and the skin is very tough and shows no marks even when put in pockets and keys have been there by mistake.
TUFF skinz their stuff and customer service excellent definiately use agin or recommend.
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