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Whether you adore the funky and brilliant "Weeds" TV Series or not – the BLU RAYS of Season 4 and 5 are afflicted with the same crap that so many titles are nowadays - 'Region Coding'.

As a UK buyer you have two choices in April 2014 - the ‘American’ Lionsgate BLU RAY is REGION A LOCKED - so it won't play on our machines unless they're chipped to be 'all regions' (which few are).

The alternative is a 'Euro' release (I believe it's German) that is REGION B - so it will play on our machines. You simply go the set up menu and choose the English Audio (it will be defaulted to German). It's easily available but very pricey...

So I'm afraid until such time as someone sees fit to release Season 4 or 5 of "Weeds" (or the whole Series for that matter) in the UK at a reasonable price - you're stuck with one BLU RAY that won't play and another that costs too much!
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on 17 October 2009
Great series, although please note that unlike the first 3 seasons of Weeds on Blu-Ray, season 4 is NOT region free. As the first 3 seasons aren't out on Blu-Ray in the UK yet, I doubt we'll get a compatible Blu-Ray release of this anytime soon. Shame.
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on 8 July 2009
Weeds season 4 has an awful fault: it's way too short!! Although it doesn't have distinctive warm-up-episodes, but carries the story from the first episode of the season - it is still too short a season.

Majestic/Agrestic burns, including Nancy's grow house and home - and Nancy and her family are off the Ren Mar, where they crash at the home of Nancy's deceased husband's grandmother, Bubbie. As always the storyline is insane and in some way strangely realistic at the same time.

Nancy starts trafficing weed from Tijuana, but soon gets a job as the manager for Maternity World, a drug front with a tunnel in the back room. Silas finds an older "friend" and the two begin a "sandwichbusiness" out of a cheese store. Shane gets respect at his new school. Andy mellows out - and starts a good-coyote business with Doug. Oh yes, Celia is in the foreground with a drug addiction. And of course Nancy finds love and danger with big doses of dark humour and sarcasm.

I love this series! It's so addictive!

For "Little Boxes"-enthusiasts: unfortunately, the song is out. We're not in suburbia anymore, but fret not. WATCH IT!!

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on 25 August 2016
Us import...beware if it says this, do not order it
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on 26 August 2014
I didn't mean to hit the hd button and could not cancel!
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on 19 August 2014
Ive watched seasons 1-3 over and over on Netflix, so I thought id buy the box set on Amazon and its safe to say, season 4 is where Weeds starts to lose it. Nancy s character makes insane decisions that make no sense. For some reason,absolutely everyone has to fall for her and want this mother of 2 in her forties. In season one she was a desperate mother driven to sell drugs to support her family. In season 4 she is paid an insane amount of money to run a store, yet wants back in the drugs business for the thrill. The reminder of the cast are tacked on around non plots, some of the more interesting cast were left behind for good in season 3 and Celia's character is wasted again, no wonder Elizabeth Perkins would make season 5 her last.. There are no stories here. nothing happens. The core of the series are in seasons 1-3, what happens next is filler. Maybe it will pick up, but weeds out of suburbia has lost its novelty and the writers have started padding it out with nonsense. It just doesn't work here in season 4. Shame. The performances are still great of course, but there are no great scenes or stories to work with. Its boring.
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on 25 September 2009
When I watched the first episode, I thought "Oh no, they're moving to another town, there are new characters that I'm a little dubious about, what if its down hill from now on". But boy was I mistaken! I watched the whole season on a sunny, hot day, but I didn't care about the outside world; it was all about my Weeds! Every episode gripped me and the cliff hanger at the end of the last episode...WOW!! Never saw that coming! All the original characters are still there growing with each season, apart from Doug, who is still as self-interested and unpleasant as he has always been! Nancy looks great and hotter than ever, which I'm sure has been achieved through a few trips to the gym as well as the Botox Doctor! But I love all of them and Celia is a complete riot in this season, one of the funniest characters. This show is and always has been my favourite since it started. I missed this season on Sky (although how I missed it I will never know - unless Sky just don't do enough pre-viewing/advertising of one of their best shows!!) Anyhoo, I was over the moon when it came all the way over from the good old US of A, which I wouldn't have been able to do before I obtained the code to change the region on my dvd player! Now I can order loads of stuff from the US...YAY! Now waiting for Season 2 of "Breaking Bad"....
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on 25 June 2011
At last Season 4 becomes available in the UK on DVD. I hope the next 3 seasons arrive a bit quicker.

So the fire's over. The family moves into the parental in-laws home and Nancy takes a slightly different direction initially under the rule of Guillermo. Nancy falls for Mr Big and still manages to have DEA problems. The boys are definitely growing up. Silas finds a Cougar who teams up with him to continue growing and selling his blend of weed.

Overall this season is much darker than the previous three. I know there are at least 3 more seasons after this one which did make the second last episode slightly weaker than it would otherwise have been. The humour is still there and the way the characters continue develop is still a joy to behold.

This season has 13 episodes. Season 1 had 10, 2 had 12, 3 I can't find to say. I'd like more per season since it's hard to stop watch when this is on DVD how people put up with adverts interrupting this sort of fun is hard to understand.
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on 12 August 2012
Light hearted approach to reality that cuts to the chase in an entertaining way; with characters that are endearing. Sensitive subjects covered in depth without causing offence/ stirring the ire of the narrow minded. Funny, and a pleasure to follow.
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on 8 December 2015
One of the best comedy drama series to come out of the USA for years - pity so few people in the UK have never heard of it, you will love the cast, storyline, action and one liners - highly recommended ! Each series just gets better and better !
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