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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars

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on 26 September 1998
Who hasn't puzzled over the actions of either someone else or some of their own behavior. The conscious mind finds it quite easy to slough off these puzzling moments, although sometimes a person finds themselves with a nagging sense about actions, dreams or saying something other than what was consciously intended.
This deeper side of the human mind has been observed by people for centuries, often being mentioned in the works of writers and even in the writings of many faiths.
What this points up is a fundamental postulate of psychoanalysis. Namely, that consciousness is a secondary property of the human mind. Beneath, or deeper, is the most powerful and fundamental realm of the mind.
In this breakthrough book, Dr. Hodges shows, in a fascinating manner, how the new understandings of the deeper mind throw light on the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.
In a careful way, Dr. Hodges looks at many pieces of material, explaining the "story within and behind the (conscious) story."
In the tradition of a good scientist, Dr. Hodges also brings in the contributions of others who have expertise in criminal cases and points to where there are elements of agreement. He also points out where the new psycholinguistics adds information that other approaches "don't see."
This is a compelling book that ends with a prediction of what may take place in the lives of the parents of JonBenet.
While those unfamiliar with the way the deeper mind works may struggle a bit early on, completion of the book will present a much more "believable" appreciation for what Dr. Hodges has discovered.
It is quite possible that people who have to negate the existence of the deeper mind, to preserve their own adjustment, will take exception to some of what is translated from the most fundamental realm of the mind. However, if the reader approaches this in the spirit of someone entering the realm of the Wizard of Oz, they will find the contents equally enchanting.
Harold S. Schaus, Jr., M.S. Immediate Past President International Society For Communicative Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
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on 25 February 1999
No doubt, Dr. Hodges IS overrreaching. And even the most non-militant feminists are going to have more trouble with some of his "psychobabble" than they do with Freud's theory of penis envy. But the simple fact of the matter is that if you stick with the Dr.'s "decoding", you discover that his theory of exactly how and why Jon Benet was murdered MAKES SENSE.
About any specific details, he may be right. He may be wrong. Those who dislike the book state simply that Hodges is wrong. Jameson for example favours an intruder theory which she flehses out on her website - Jameson's timeline. There is also another website which is an incredible parody of Jameson's timeline.
Read Jameson's intruder theory off her website or the intruder theory as posited by Smit from one of the numerous other sources where it is available. Then read Hodges A Mother Gone Bad. If you are only half as nauseated by the strong feeling that Hodges' horrifying and sordid theory of how Jon Benet died is correct as I was, you best not eat ahead of time.
Hodges may be wrong here and there; every stitch may not be perfectly sewn but overall I fear he is right on with the fabric of the quilt and guilt in Jon Benet's case. Read and compare. Hear Hodges out - listen to the inner story he hears in the ransom note. Make up your own mind.
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on 25 April 1999
I'm hesitant to even express my opinion for fear Dr. Hodges (or one of his colleagues) will try to convince the reading public that I am a crazed lunatic who was starved for mother and father love and blah blah blah. How frightening this book is. I wonder what we would learn about Dr. Hodges if another psychiatrist educated in linguistic interpretation deciphered Dr. Hodges' book??
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on 17 March 1999
I have read all the books so far on the JonBenet Ramsey case. I don't think that there has been a murder that has taken so long to come to some kind of conlusion except for The Black Dalia Case, and that to this day is a mystery.
When I began this book by Hodges I found it to be a bit far out. I thought how could every little sentence mean some kind of perversion or evil. How could a mind come up with all these so called facts about the Ramsey family. Well,the reason I felt this way is because I am not a psychiatrist. How can I say he is out of his mind,when he is so respected and educated with situations and crimes like this that has happen. When I figured that out I just kept reading and found it to be excellent reading and still quite a mind blower. What ever the truth is, and I hope it is sovled soon, this is a book that should be taken seriously. It actually does make sense.
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on 3 November 1998
Author of this outrageous nonsense, Andrew G. Hodges, MD chastises other profilers and forensic experts for their lack of insight and then proceeds to present the most ludicrous analysis of a homicide I have seen to date.
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on 13 November 1998
Hodges reveals the killer's motives convincingly, and shows how they fit Patsy Ramsey. Like Colombo, Hodges isn't flashy, yet the perp is ultimately exposed. Law enforcement would do well to utilize his insights. The author relates a plausible scenario and applies a new method in psychiatry to unveil how the deeper mind works. I was motivated to write this as I noticed that out of 9 responses - 7 were Five star ratings. The other two were only one star and had little or no substance, choosing instead to attack the author. This book is a winner. Readers will learn about the Jon Benet Ramsey murder, and will discover that we all have a deeper intelligence which persists in leading us toward the truth.
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on 28 July 1998
This book is fascinating for the general reader, for forensic experts and for psychologists like me. Dr. Hodges has demonstrated the wisdom that Freud found in his "Psychopathology of Everyday Life", that we cannot keep secrets, our unconscious mind speaks volumes. This finds a new application in the work that Dr. Hodges has produced.
Importantly, this work will eventually be subject to a real world test. When the killer(s) of JonBenet Ramsey is(are)finally brought to justice, Dr. Hodges conclusions will be tested. The result will benefit both forensic investigation and psychoanalysis.
Stay tuned for the final chapter.
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on 26 March 1999
Dear Mr (oh, I mean DOCTOR) Hodges, First of all, if you are going to write a book on an "amazing new breakthrough in psychiatry that takes psycholinguistics to an entirely different level" (I agree, it has reached a new low!) then it would be nice if you would atleast explain what this "breakthrough" is! Second, you clearly need to go back to college and relearn about a little thing called a Bibliography! As a hindsight you might also consider citing notes from work done by your colleague(s) in this exciting breakthrough field of psychoanalysis. People, please listen close! Dr. Hodges provides you with a purely subjective and highly suspect analysis that is paramount to libel. He provides not one shred of proof to back up his claims, and worse he begins his "scientific" examination with a preformed conclusion (based on the reports of criminologists, and other suppositions from various sources) that Patsy Ramsey is the murderer. From that conclusion he begins his so-called psycholinguistic analysis. The really sad thing is that should Patsy Ramsey actually be the killer then Dr. Hodges will be touting his own horn for his brilliant "Columbo" crimesolving perception, when in fact that has been the most prevalent opinion for some time now. However, I must agree that Dr. Hodges' methodology does have something in common with Lt. Columbo, they are both fiction! This book, Doctor, is irresponsible conjecture at best and at worst it's criminal negligence that should probably land you in a libel suit! It is an insult to your colleagues, and more, it is an insult to the scientific study of Psycholinguistics! Good Day, Bruce Monson
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on 14 July 1998
This compelling argument that presumes to expose JonBenet Ramsey's killer(s)is fascinating and hard to refute. The theory and psychological exposition of a woman in distress is illuminating. Psychoanalytic decoding aspects are interesting to professionals and non-professionals alike. I highly recommend it.
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on 6 November 2013
A whole book based on interpretation of the 'ransome note'? Interesting but a little difficult to plough through. Such a sad story of a pageant entrant pushed by her mother and grandmother.
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