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on 11 April 2017
A Great coffee machine. This is a replacement for a 2 year Dualit which was producing tepid and sometimes no coffee. This was after regular descaling and using filter papers.
This Morphy Richards produces great HOT !! Coffee. A Tip...... Like all home machines, warm the cup first and fill the cup with coffee before using the steamer for the milk. It does tell you in the short but well written manual, that the steamer makes the water too hot to brew the coffee and will make it taste burnt,
All machines only have a limited life but at this price, this is a no brainier purchase.
Now had this machine 6 weeks and can really recommend. Superb!! Great Value!!
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on 2 August 2017
This was my first foray into a coffee machine at home.

Initially for the first 20 cups (cappuccinos) it was a great success, the espresso shot came out piping hot, at a good pressure and with a nice thick crema. Then the machine started to dispense the coffee in a slow pathetic dribble with no crema at all. At first I thought I was doing something wrong but with a little investigation I realised that the machine was not working correctly.

I can understand a fault with the machine (it happens) however upon receiving a replacement the exact same thing happened!!! Only this time within the first 5 cups. Not to mention, the first 2 cups I tried to make the replacement the machine made a noisy racket for a good 30-40 seconds before any coffee was dispensed.

Oh and don't bother phoning the Morphy Richards troubleshooting helpline that is provided, utterly useless.

Will be staying well clear of Morphy Richards machines and just got a refund the second time.
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on 2 January 2018
My first proper espresso foray and it's been reasonably successful. The machine comes with a single double spout arm which takes a single, double or pod holder. The tank is a decent size ~ 1L and more than enough to do a few coffees (usually just one or two though myself). I've generally found it quite consistent for espresso's - once you've got your technique consistent. I weigh the coffee then grind using a zassenhaus santiago weighing the holder also, would recommend a weighing scale in 0.1 increments, then time the shot 30-40 seconds depending on the coffee i've used. Plus take care to not over tamp the coffee (the supplied tamp is useless by the way, you definitely need a better one)
I find the machine heats up pretty quick and i do a rinse of the head and the basket before use, then prewarm the glass. I think after that the "budget" aspect of the machine begins to show through as the longer the machine runs the hotter the water gets and if you do multiple runs without time to cool of it is mostly steam being pushed through the head, which will impact on the shot - not for the better. This is also a problem if you want to steam milk so i would always recommend doing the milk after you've done the shot. Overall i don't find it a huge issue as i always run some water through the head before i pull a shot and its then that you can see the temps not right, just have to leave for a little bit or turn off for a minute or two etc.
The milk frother seems to work okay and you can get nice hot milk with a not too bad foam on it - certainly not a super smooth microfoam, but fine for my needs. Then once i'm done a wipe all and a final purge of the head, clean the baskets and the frother if used, then you can finally enjoy the coffee.
I've been impressed with the machine and had no real problems (bar the poor tamp) and the temperature issues, but i think those are more inherent limitations with a basic machine. I honestly believe that i've had some nicer coffees out of this than in shops using machines in the 1000's of pounds - possibly the baristas are a major limiting factor?! Definitely been a good introduction and i fear a slippery slope in the quest for coffee perfection will ensue.
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on 25 July 2017
Good Value for money, when making simple espresso type and flat white or cappuccino coffee, vast improvement on my usual cafeteria coffee maker. I found it very easy to use as a total novice to using this type of device. Easy to keep clean.
Be aware large tall mugs may not fit, even if you remove slops tray. But that really isn't a problem. (Treat your self to low wide cappuccino coffee cups, or espresso cups).
I now use this machine all the time, would not be with out it. I would hate to go back to using my old cafeteria coffee maker. The coffee really does tastes much better than filter, percolated or cafeteria coffee makers that I previously used. A good cheap way of stepping up to a real nice coffee experience.
Quite a large water container.
I come from a super hard water area and so to prevent it furring up quickly, I use very soft water in the machine, I buy the cheapest soft water in a 5 litre container from a supermarket.
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on 7 June 2018
Very happy with this as it is so simple to use. I thought the lack of auto shut off when pouring the coffee might be a problem but it comes through quick enough that the few seconds it takes is OK. I can just stand there and decide when to stop it. It makes a nice crema for those that think that important, maybe a little frothy for some but it also depends on the grounds used. My only two annoyances and I can live with them are the lack of a 4 shot filter and the distance between the drip tray and the coffee dispenser. By removing the drip tray, which is magnetic and easy to remove and replace, I can get mug in place but it sort of spoils the concept of the drip tray. If the manufacturer made the space just a little bigger s mug would fit and that would be perfect. I warm my milk in the microwave and being able to add two shots direct to the mug would be great. However I am really happy with this one so far after about six months.
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on 6 December 2017
I love the design of this machine, and after reading all the reviews, I decided this was the one for me. Also, the colours match my other kitchen appliances very well. I have had this machine only 1 week and have used it once a day. Whilst I was waiting for it to arrive I watched videos on how to texture and froth the milk I have yet to master latte art but I am only a beginner. Always purge the steam wand to get rid of any condensation water before steaming and again straight after use to get rid of any excess milk. Using the measure and tamper provided, one 7g level scoopful per cup, tamper the coffee just enough so when you turn the filter upside down the coffee stays put. This will give you a nice even flow when the coffee is dispensing. If the coffee is too tightly packed, the water only drips through so the coffee cools down a bit by the time the cup is full (learnt from my experience). I always steam/froth the milk first so I can be "working the froth" whilst I dispense the coffee. When all done I get to sit back, relax and enjoy a lovely hot cup of latte with a luxury biscuit or cake. I recommended this machine to my Mum and Dad, so much so that I have now ordered one for them too. All in all, I am really pleased with this machine and look forward to practising my barista skills each day
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on 17 March 2017
Bought this as a house-warming present. Daughter is still very pleased with it. It's not bulky, looks smart and gets used every day.
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on 18 February 2016
Bought this to do a coffee shop coffee at home and i am not disappointed. brilliant little machine. My only gripe is that the milk frother keeps coming lose at the bottom and takes some of the pressure off the steamer. other than that tiny little gripe it is brilliant
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on 16 August 2017
My children clubbed for me on my birthday. This is brilliant. It's sat nicely into a corner not taking up much room.
Quicker than boiling a kettle to make coffee. Easy peasy hole in top for stationary filling. Quick and simple to empty and clean old coffee grounds. Used frequently. The milk frother is good.
There is a measuring spoon with a tamper on the other end.
Most of all no bloomin expensive pods that are putting plastic into landfill. We replaced one of those machines with this. This is way quicker and easier to use and clean. The coffee is much nicer too.
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on 9 August 2017
This is a sleek compact machine which delivers an excellent brew of coffee. We all have our preferences as to how we like our coffee and my husband likes to use the frothing arm for a cappuccino whereas I just like a latte,and I don't use the frother,
So I heat half a cup of milk in microwave till really hot then remove any skin before putting it under the machine to add the coffee, I use the large insert in the arm and I get a lovely cup of coffee with just a bit crème on top , not too much froth, ideal .

Being 15 bar pressure there is a good pressure and the coffee is not bitter but full bodied and full of flavour,
I have tried various coffees over the years but consistently the best for us is Lavazza red and silver packs, they are the best !
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