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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 March 2009
I have been "studying" the Law of Attraction for some time now (long before 'The Secret' came on the scene) , but my skills at manisfesting were a lot to be desired. I had read "Ask and it is Given" about 4 years ago, but just didn't connect with it; it all felt a little too "woo-woo" for me. However, more and more people have been speaking about the impact Abraham/Hicks has had on their lives, so I decided to give it another shot with this book. What can I say? It changed my life in days. I could literally feel the energy in my body changing as I was reading the book. My husband has even commented on the difference in me (and I still haven't finished the book!) What made all the difference this time around for me was the CD that accompanies the book. Everything just clicked into place as I listened, and listened.....and listened. The CD is taken at one of their seminars and really helps you understand the concepts.

The book is great because each chapter is broken down into little sub-chapters,so you can take little bites and digest it slowly. I think this will be the last LoA book I buy, because for me it says everything. I will definitely buy a copy of the audio-book though to help me to continually absorb the concepts, which now all seem so logical!

The most important question for some would be have I actually attracted more abundance into my life since reading this book. My answer is a resounding YES!!!
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on 5 August 2009
I have long been an appreciator of how our attitude and expectation and the "vibe" we give out, impacts on our life. Through reading a number of Esther and Jerry's books, I have really "gotten" it. The more you read their materials, the more you "get it" more pennies drop. Check her out on Youtube- the first time that I tried to read Ask and It is Given, I overloaded myself, but after watching her, and hearing her, I was able to tackle the book more easily, and ...its not a a question of trying to undertake all of the processes every day, as I was doing initially!

This book is great, I listen to the free cd, included in the back cover of this book on the way into and out, of work. Saturate yourself in it and when it is dripping from you, give it a rest for a bit and go back to it again and again.

It REALLY does bring so much good into your life! It means being aware, not talking cr*p, avoiding whats going on in Katie Price land and the salacious who-cares stories on msn and aol homepages, etc being discerning in thought and experience. You attract what you think and live, so...If you want happy , meaningful relationships, hang around with couples who mirror your values, avoid those who have a negative attitude toward all men/all women as sub species! Want a job you love, appreciate all that your current post has, and it shall amplify all that is good, and a better job comes along, it really does.

People, this is the truth of life, and the best 5 quid you will spend, IF you heed the ideas and give it a whirl!

Good Luck to you all : ) x x x
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on 14 May 2012
I adore Esther and Jerry Hicks. They are beautiful and wonderful people - also Abraham with whom I would love to speak. They have taught me more in the last couple of years than my parents and any teacher either in school or collage could ever touch upon. The world is a beautiful and safe place and there truly is an abundance for everyone - it just depends on what you believe it to be. I haven't got a negative bone in my body and it sure annoys a lot of people who wish to engage in negative conversation. I haven't read a newspaper in years and I certainly do not listen to the news - the 'bad' news. There is never anything positive included in this trash. I also annoy doctors with my beliefs. They cannot understand how I can be so positive in my belief that I will always come out top of any situation. All I can say, is a huge THANK YOU to Esther, Jerry and Abraham for making my life wonderful. I wish everyone realised how safe this universe is. I know and believe that I will never ever get mugged, burgled, raped or killed and that I can walk safely in any environment or neighbourhood. These negative things just do not exist in my world. Esther, Jerry and Abraham's material should be available in schools from infants upwards - but the government would never encourage such free thinking as they could never have a hold on the majority of the population. You have to discover this material on your own or be lead to it as I believe I was, spiritually. Another thing - I have never felt governed by anyone and I never will. Not one person on this planet has any hold or power over me - although some might think they have.
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on 15 October 2008
"Law of Attraction", much written about, much maligned. Maybe because of heavily marketed, slightly crass books such as "The Secret". However there are books that are more rigorous in their treatment of the subject. Having read four or five of Abraham's books, I would say they do & if you're interested in this subject, you will find them enormously helpful.

The idea is "that which is like unto itself is drawn" & is ancient, it appears in the philosophies that are now called Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) which are man's oldest. In brief - it is said that you get the essence of what you predominantly think & feel about.

"Law of Attraction & Money" is precisely what is says on the tin. A book about manifesting finances more in line with what you think you want. Even if you have read Abraham's books before I would still say buy this one because it deals exclusively with a very important issue, an issue around which many of us have, shall we say less than beneficial beliefs & feelings. It's good to have everything Abraham says about this subject under one cover, that does mean of course that there is some repetition from previous books & because it is stand alone, the idea itself has to be explained again for newcomers.

For me the law of attraction has been a fascination for the past 5 or so years although I first heard the idea a decade before that. Over this period I've gone through the same trials & doubts as I guess, most people who've given it a go have. It can be frustrating, worrying, confusing & at times you question your sanity, but then you think there just might be something in it.

Criticisms seem to be: it's nothing new, it's not provable, life doesn't work that way, etc. It is nothing new and we've heard it before, maybe there's a clue there. It's not provable - nothing is, science works on falsification, so as such we only ever have a model that works, it does not mean that model is the way it is. Life doesn't work that way - you need good qualifications & a strong work ethic, etc. Okay that is one way but haven't we all seen it another way, perhaps someone you know who doesn't have either & is doing very nicely. I've worked for myself for six years, worked 18 hours a day & have good qualifications so I've tried it that way & now I'm trying it another.

I guess the big question is - Does it work? Well, there is always an alternative explanation or interpretation you can place on any occurrence so to claim it works or not is false. That said, through this book & CD I finally came to understand something I didn't before, and strangely enough as the book said the next day things changed, an opportunity, in fact an exception opportunity came my way.
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on 15 September 2008
I have read previous books of Esther and Jerry Hicks with Abraham and gleaned some good information, though personally I found the previous books a bit heavy going

This book is just much more accessible and easier to read,I had revelations on many pages and I really understood in much greater detail the information being imparted to me

I was so amazed I actually purchased 3 copies to give to friends and I never do that!
The combination of just reading the book on the bus to work has given me a wonderful basis to help me change my life for the better and it's already working
I wake up happier and more grateful every day now and have attracted another wonderful book called Having It All by John Assaraf as well which has gone into more detail about writing a vision and being specific about goals
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on 11 November 2008
I had previously read 'Ask and it is given' and 'the astonishing power of emotions, but 'money and the law of attraction' is simply the best. I resonated with the previous books and I felt like a recoving amnaesiac - almost like little triggers of past memories kept appearing in my conscious mind. I fully understood the concepts, but I didn't integrate them into my everyday life. However, with 'money and the law of attraction' it was like the 'lights suddenly came on' - not only did I feel like I knew the concepts, I had the overwhelming desire to intergrate the concepts into my everyday life. My emotional guidance system suddenly switched on and I am aware in every moment of the day what I am in the process of attracting to me. I do what the book suggests in that I begin and end every day with 'good feeling' thoughts. I have suffered with depression at various times in my life and I now feel more emotionally balanced than ever before. I look forward to each day now and little things that irritated me before now no longer matter. This book is about so much more than attracting more money and I can't recommend it highly enough. It's only 4 wks since I read the book so I haven't noticed earth shattering changes yet. However, when I think how many years I had previously experienced negative thought patterns, I wasn't expecting overnight results. I am enjoying this new journey immensely though and I hope that you too will enjoy your own positive experiences. A definate must read.
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on 7 February 2009
I believe that you are attracted to the material necessary to your development at the right time. After years of reading books and 'trying' to practice the law of attraction then I finally get to know about the Hicks - I recommend you to get their daily emails too as it helps to stay focused. More money than ever is coming into my life and I can tell you that for me this is a miracle!
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on 20 August 2009
Like other reviewers, I have read other books from the Hicks but this one simply stands out in the simplicity of its message that no one could fail to understand.

It is all about thinking, seeing and talking about our life, the way we want it to be, rather then rehashing the way it currently is, which only perpetuates the 'is' element with which we are not happy.

The way to change is subtle at first but very powerful as we understand the process. We become more aware of the running commentaries in our heads and about the words we choose to express this commentary. It takes a little bit of effort to monitor our thoughts and spoken words but it is very easy to do once we understand the importance of it. And the difference is that we will live life the way we truly want it to be rather than carry on with the same old c**p that we do not want anymore. Well worth investing a little effort into it.

After only 2 weeks, I have already seen many positive results in my life.

Do not hesitate to buy, apply the principles and share with others. We are all in this same boat called life and we all deserve to row our boat on a much more beautiful river. Blessings to you all on your way to your new life!!
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on 24 October 2008
This is a great book. I love all their books anyway, but this latest one just hits the mark with me. Yes, it's about abundance and I know we can all be happy without abundance in our lives but doesn't it make things so much easier? And Abraham take pains to point out that abundance doesn't necessarily mean having great pots of money. Their no-nonsense approach to the subject takes things one step further than 'The Secret' and helps you to realise that whatever you desire really is within your reach. "As ye reap, so shall ye sow." So I'm 'sowing' my seeds of thoughts of abundance, not only for me but for everyone. I'll let you know...
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on 29 August 2008
I was awaiting this book coming out as I have read 4 of their other major books and their (or Abraham's) perspective has just totally changed everything. I wasnt searching for answers/solutions or anything else really but just came accross their book "Ask and it's given". If you're open minded to things then after reading their books it would be hard to turn back to how life was before (for the better may I add!) This book is another sure success and it is, as with all their books, easy to read and covers the law of attraction regarding money but also all other areas. I enjoyed The Secret and have read a lot of books on this subject but I do keep coming back to Esther and Jerry Hicks, for me so far they are the bench mark in this area and provide much information and knowledge but in an understable way for many. There is nothing to lose only much to gain by reading this or any of their books.
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