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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 19 April 2011
When I first recieved this huge box from Amazon I was suprised by the sheer size and weight of this "Cookery Bible".
It has to be the most interesting cookery related book I have ever read, (and I own over 800 cookery books) Michel Bras essential cuisine was my all time favourite but hey this has just blown that away. The depth and interesting facts are amazing.
As scientific as it is gastronomic, it is virtually an encyclopedia of cooking, a visual roller coaster through the world of food and cooking tools, as well as a compendium of 1,500 recipes.
Ultimately, it is a manifesto declaring that the new form of laboratory-inspired cooking -- led by Grant Achatz in the United States; Heston Blumenthal in England; and Ferran Adrian & agrave;, the father of this cuisine, in Spain -- is a cultural and artistic movement every bit as definitive as Impressionism in 19th-century France or Bauhaus in early 20th-century Germany. It proclaims a revolution "in techniques, aesthetics and intellectual underpinnings of gastronomy."
This edition is printed in ENGLISH and using METRIC measurements.....Please be aware that the "Black edition" is printed in GERMAN....
As I read further into this publication there are a few mistakes with measurements but this is not the be all end all as after a couple of trials you will see they are very minor. And the Physics can be a little "out of sink" but hey this is a cook book not a book for physics graduate studying for their bachelors degree.
This is not recommended for the home cook (But would look amazing on your coffee table). If it is super reinforced..
This is serious reading cookbook but you will become a very knowledgeable chef after digesting all this mammoth collection of books has to offer!!
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on 8 October 2011
Not only was this 23.5 kilogram, plexiglass-wrapped cookbook almost impossible to carry, it is also the most extravagant book I have ever laid my hands on. Honestly, I even wash my hands each time I open one of its 5 main volumes.

If you decide to order this book, it is relevant to understand in advance that this book is basically a reference guide on contemporary (call it 'modernist') techniques. Don't expect to learn how to make your traditional sauce Béarnaise but you will learn a whole lot of techniques that make even the great classics better, easier or more consistently than ever before. All techniques are extremely well explained, documented and illustrated by recepies and the photography is outstanding.

To me (I am an amateur chef) this book is both a revelation and a source of inspiration. Some techniques may be difficult at home (like cooking with liquid Nitrogen), but hey ... you only get the impossible done by reaching for the ridiculous.
I won't need to buy any other books on new techniques for a loooong long time. These 2450 pages will keep me busy and excited for a quite a while.
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on 13 April 2016
Great content but unfortunately had to return them under warranty as the largest volume (2) had a manufacturers defect.
Pages are bonded into booklets. There are many booklets and each is bonded at the spine to form a volume.
On Volume 2, these booklets weren't bonded properly. They had started to break away from the spine.
A shame that such a comprehensive collection was spoiled by sub standard workmanship.
Received a full refund.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 18 November 2014
I'm not going to write a detailed review, simply because other users have done it very well so no need to try doing it better..

Here is my bit:

This in not a cookbook, it is the best encyclopedia ever written about food & cuisine. It just happens to have 1500 recipes in it which are there so you put into practice the different techniques described.

Don't get me wrong, you will surely impress people with them but if you're looking for a book that gives you ideas for meals this is not the one. But if you're looking for a book that has the answer to all your questions, if you want to improve your cooking skills, want to master them or are just keen to learn new ones, then unless you're Heston Blumenthal's twin this book is what you're looking for.

It costs a lot, but the knowledge it contains is priceless.
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on 26 January 2012
Photography is really amazing, and the book is full of useful information even for amateur cooks. However, I definitely recommend thinking twice and reading for example modernistcuisine.com (homepage of the book) before buying, except if you are professional cook with really high-end kitchen.

For amateur cook, I would recommend buying this book, if

1) it feels like good idea to buy and read over two thousand pages of information, and almost zero useful recipes - majority of recipes in the book are rather complicated, and requires exotic cookware, chemistry lab hardware and/or exotic ingredients.
2) you can and want to use long periods of time for making single (albeit really good) dinner.
3) you are interested in making food in more "scientific way" - measuring all ingredients precisely , using more exact temperatures and so on - instead of traditional way "just add everything until it feels good". Of course, buying and reading this book series doesn't exclude traditional cooking, but for that, it doesn't add really much anything.
4) You are willing to read hundreds of pages of text about cooking.

Still, I'm happy to give 5/5 for the book. It's hard to beat this good information package - I think majority of the information is available out there in the Internet, but it's just impossible to find it and filter out completely wrong ones.
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on 20 March 2016
After just i few usages the binding fo the books started to break down. After many emails and delays i finally got the answer that they did not to accept is as manufacturing error and not to follow european consumer law

A book for this kind of money should hold for a single read through

I will start a legal case in Sweden now. To bad
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on 12 May 2013
A facinating book, from a proffessional chefs point of view this changes the ball game completly, the new bible of the cuisine together with Ali Bab, le guide culinaire & Gastronomic.
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on 31 December 2012
Being the cook/chef in the house, getting a gift like this was like entering an entire new world. I am self taught and feel that I can pretty much take any recipe and put it together. I am always focusing on taste and presentation regardless of whether its a simple breakfast or a more formal dinner. The Modernist Cuisine is fantastic in all respects; from the history/fundamentals of cooking to the scientific explanations surrounding cooking and the various ingredients. I feel that if I read this amazing piece of gastronomic masterpiece and attempted to master the various techniques I would almost be complete. The only thing missing would be my own 'touch and taste' to create uniqueness.

I appreciate this book can be targeted at a more qualified audience than myself, but I feel confident that anybody who has an interests in cooking and modern techniques will find this book second to none. My only issue now is how I can manage to afford a Pacojet!
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on 6 October 2016
Its cheaper than a food course at a college, and probably more informative on theory of food science. This along with Harold McGee's books, and the Oxford Companion to Food will act as the library for any food professional who needs 'go to'.
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on 8 May 2011
Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking
This huge sized collection is a must. Great inspirational recipes and tricks and tips for the advanced cook. If you have a passion for food & techniques this is the book/s for you. Don't be put off by the price - its worth every penny.
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