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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 15 January 2010
I'm 43 years old. I've never watched an episode of Skins in my life. I'm probably not the intended audience for this series. However, I've always loved certain aspects of superhero/strange powers bequeathed to unexpecting individuals stories and I can say, hand on my heart, that this series seeped into my soul and I found myself loving it.

At first I wasn't sure if I'd hate this little band of troublesome teens but, as time went by and deep characterisation was revealed and an incredibly talented bunch of actors brought them to life, I found that I was endeared to them in the way that I am, say, with the cast of Trainspotting. In other words, I love watching their twisted exploits even if I'd never actually want to meet them in reality.

And the writing is very mature, very intelligent and very complex too. There are some wonderful plays on SF tropes, such as a character being able to shift backwards in time to try and right wrongs (to disastrous effect) and horror conventions, such as a the classic chased-by-maniacal-Zombie-esque figure storyline.

Howard Overman has bought us a series that transcends its seemingly obvious late-teen flavour and allows anyone who has an interest in the genres of horror and science fiction to appreciate and enjoy this very British and very quirky series. It's intense, creepy, scary, sexy, amusing and very unique.

This first series ends on a dark and highly amusing cliff-hanger and I'm so pleased that another one has been commissioned by E4, not surprising seeing the critical acclaim it has garnered from the press.
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VINE VOICEon 15 December 2009
This is a very original British comedy drama with great acting & writing to produce an unbeatable level of entertainment. Definitely on a par with Californication Californication - The First Season [2007] [DVD] for original comedy.

Misfits is about 5 teenagers who are doing community service, who are struck by a supernatural storm and develop superpowers - a cross between Heroes & Skins Skins - Series 1 - Complete [DVD] [2007]. But they are not conventional heroes battling evil, they are more likely to be trying to sort out their own personal issues.

There are just 7 episodes of about 45 minutes with each one focusing on a different charactor, and a finale climax. In each episode they are basically trying to keep out of trouble and cover up the secret that unites them all. I love Episode 4 where we discover why Kelly, Simon, Nathan , Curtis, & Alisha are on community service.

DVD extras include: Behind the scenes interviews with cast and crew, Simon's films, & The making of Misfits.

Pre-order it now, or catch it in 2010 on Channel 4. Either way do not miss out on the hotest comedy drama series in an ordinary town with extraordinary charactors!

Series 2 has been commissioned with 6 episodes of 60 minutes. Let's hope with another BAFTA winning series.
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on 20 July 2010
I'm in my fifties and sat and watched this with my twenty year old son on my thirty year old son's recommendation. Well, I laughed, I squirmed and I felt for the misfortunate characters. This is a very good series, very funny and poignant. Excellent writing, beautifully delivered. Yes, there is swearing and nudity but that's life, get over it or stay away from this.
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on 20 January 2010
I watched this when it first came out on E4 and I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I loved it. The writing is superb and witty, the characters are all intruiging and well developed, and the plots are gripping. This show definately has some of the UK's finest young actors in it, and it's always entertaining. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!!!
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Five random teenagers are thrown together when they all receive community service orders for various minor crimes. A bored group doing boring chores like removing graffiti whose lives all completely change when, during a massive hailstorm, they each receive a power. Kelly is a tough chav with bags of attitude who can suddenly hear other peoples thoughts, good time girl Alisha drives anyone who touches her into a sexual frenzy, former athlete Curtis can reverse time and recluse Simon can become invisible. Meanwhile mouth ache Nathan goes barmy trying to uncover what power, if any, he might have.
Avoiding all the usual 'superhero' cliches this instead walks a thin but steady line between being humorous and deadly serious. The comedy comes, more often than not, from Nathan's character who is constantly irritating everyone with his sarcasm and warped observations which are invariably very funny. The action is kept up throughout as the five find themselves being attacked in one way or another and having to constantly remove themselves from one scrape after another. Relationships blossom and their true characters begin to emerge as each episode passes.
There are no courageous heroes here and they spend a lot of time doing their best to avoid trouble rather than heading off into it in a gung ho style.
As things move forward others with powers appear and events become stranger and stranger.
The five actors here all give it their best and succeed in making their characters believable and manage to avoid stereotypes which would surely have been very easy. This also avoids being patronising to its characters and keeps the viewer off balance by changing what we think we know of both the gang and their situation.
The picture adds to a sense of strangeness and heightens the grim feeling as the colours tend to be washed out and are dominated by greys and browns.
A warning for the sensitive that the language is salty, there are a fair few scenes of a sexual nature and some violence too.
This has been well thought out and although it can seem to be wandering off course, everything eventually ties up, resulting in a satisfying,(if a little short), first season that is very well written, superbly paced, has solid acting from everyone concerned and ends with a very funny cliffhanger.
One of the most enjoyable things is how it explores just what the effect of each power is. You'd think Curtis' ability to rewind time would make the whole idea redundant, after all if anything goes wrong he need only take things back to before it goes wrong and then change what happened right? Only it's not that simple as one episode clearly shows. Alisha's power soon becomes dangerous and Simon, already a bit of a weirdo, begins to turn into someone pretty scary with his power,( the use of various Kraftwerk tracks in the soundtrack when he's getting weird is a great touch),.
Included are a 'behind the scenes', a 'making of' & some of Simons videos that he shot for the gang.
This has been a refreshing change from the usual sci-fi/ teen series' that are on telly at the moment. It's easy to find yourself becoming engrossed by the twisting plot and the group of five begin to grow on you so that you genuinely care what happens to them even though not all are easily likeable.
All in all this has been a great first series that has combined horror, romance, mystery, sci-fi and humour to great effect. Can't wait for series two!
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on 11 December 2009
I was trying to explain to my friend what 'Misfits' is all about in a sentence. The best i could come up with was 'Skins with ASBOS, meets X-Men'. This is a brilliant series that is really on the pulse of the witty Brit tennage dramas on the move on Channel 4 at the moment.

If you are missing Skins, this is definitely the thing to be watching. The actors are all brilliantly talented and can conjure a range of emotions and smart-alec phrases throughout. The only unfortunate thing about this series is that its only six episodes long.

The synopsis in short is about five young offenders who are doing community service for various misdemeanors, only to get caught in a unusually powerful storm. They all get hit by the lightening, which brings about the discovery that they all have a superpower of some sort. Trouble and hillarity follow in great abundance.

Honestly, i'm loving this show. One moment it makes you cry and others laugh so hard. Its a series that deserves a huge following and praise for its originality and awareness of the harsher sides of today's teen culture.

Worth pre-ordering now, and treat yourself to a pre-new years DVD fest. Who will want to move after all of those Christmas chocolates anyway?!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 May 2015
Many of us will already know that drama series and movies surrounding the adventures of troublesome teenagers can be very hit-and-miss affairs, but the BAFTA winning 'Misfits' is instantly engaging, very entertaining, and one of the most original television programmes of it's kind that I've had the pleasure to see. It was recommended to me by a very good friend of whom has excellent tastes, and I'm very grateful to her. Just because the characters in it are teenagers, don't be fooled into believing that this is the only market of people who will enjoy this, it isn't. Anyone who appreciates a good piece of television, outstanding for E4, will be able to enjoy 'Misfits'.

Every central character, portrayed by an incredibly good cast of young talent, is very different to the other, but all of them are likeable in their own ways. There's the shy but very sharp Simon (Iwan Rheon), the hard-as-nails chav Kelly (Lauren Socha), the one-time sporting hero Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), party-loving Alisha (Antonia Thomas), and my favourite, the cocky and sarcastic Nathan (Robert Sheehan). All of these guys are paying the price of their crimes by carrying out community service. After being caught in a freak-storm, they suddenly find themselves with strange superpowers.

Things start of with some wonderful quirky British humour, but isn't long before the series moves into fairly creepy territory. It's all of these different elements of comedy, drama, supernatural, intrigue, suspense, and first-class writing, storytelling and acting that makes 'Misfits' such quality television. There's a lot of sex references and bad language that earns it's 18 certificate, but come on, that's life!

The DVD contains the complete six episodes of season one, broadcast originally on E4 in 2009, as well as a 'making of' featurette, and behind-the-scenes footage, including interviews with the cast and crew members.
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on 29 May 2012
Bought as part of a box set, I suddenly wondered from the type of characters portrayed and their language and attitude whether I could really stick this, but I am so glad I did.

An incredibly insightful series into the youth it represents, and in clever storytelling, direction, music and acting. The characters could not be more polar-opposites.

As a viewer who has just entered the fourth decade, perhaps I am not the intended audience, but I love science fiction, and to me this series is more sci-fi than comedy.

Very original and engaging and I have to say that I prefer this to Heroes for getting on with the story immediately, and playing with "superpowers" in quite a bizarre way.

Not a pleasant series, and plenty of unpleasant themes, but absolutely first rate observation of aspects of human life seldom represented on television.
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on 6 January 2010
I had this suggested to me by a friend who's opinion I value, and with some Christmas money in by hands I bought this without ever seeing a single frame of it. What a fantastic purchase! This has to be one of the best, certainly the most original series I have seen in a long while. The premise has already been well explained (ASBO teenagers, struck by lightening resulting in strange other-worldly powers), but what I really loved about the series are two things.

Firstly, the actors are all completely fabulous; I have never seen any of them elsewhere, but every one is outstanding and to cram them all on to one screen is a major achievement. If I had to choose a favourite, I would say Lauren Socha who plays the chavvy `Kelly', who is understated when it would be all to easy to make this stereotype someone to laugh at. That said, Robert Sheehan has a wonderful creation of `Nathan' to play with and he does so wonderfully.

Secondly, it is a fairly original effort, even if it borrows from other ideas. It starts with humour, goes into fairly creepy territory, is dramatic consistently and wanders into surreal on occasions. A very satisfying mix of styles, and it pulls it off with confidence.

Finally, it finishes so wonderfully, and leads towards a second series with such an emotive edge, I found it fantastic. This was originally shown on E4, is to be shown on Channel 4 soon and will hopefully start the snowball down a hill popularity of the Peep Show. I strongly suggest you buy this, it is a hoot!
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on 21 August 2015
Sets the basis for the series to come. Down to earth, funny, unique. BUT...some people will find the shows have too much: bad language/sex/nudity/violence. (I find this refreshing...censors in the uk in 2015 ruin films and TV)
Watch with an open mind.
brief synopsis: storm gives the locals powers. kind of related to ther personalities.This focuses on the mishaps of 5 of the locals doing community service.
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