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on 24 December 2012
After I heard about the 305 HC back in May 2012, I couldn't find enough info or user reviews for Mio Cyclo sat navs. Most reviews back then were negative so I waited until the price went down. (£220 at Christmas!) There are now free updates you can download to v.2 of the software and maps that fixes many problems since its launch. [...]

When I first connected to Mio Share on my PC, it said there were updates, so started updating - my internet connection failed after 30mins, and then I had an 'blue-screen' error when starting up the unit. "Mio Dodge v2.0 - Application error, please restart." It was resolved by reformatting the drive and re-installing (took 5 hours to download all the software updates).

The packaging is very classy. The unit quality feels good and robust. You can download the full manual from their website.

Creating a route yourself is simple via the Mio Share desktop application. You can also download others routes in your chosen location.

You can add other riders routes (.gpx files) to your unit manually. [...]

Installing cadence kit too about 20 mins. My stem was too short (80mm) so I had it mounted on the right side of the top of the drop bars.
Heart rate monitor is comfortable, wet the pads before attaching to your chest.

The Mio Cyclo 305HC detected the cadence and H.R.M. no problem. The speed seems accurate as I had my Cateye wireless micro speedo next to it for comparison.

Anti-glare, back light is good, it is showerproof (tried and tested), the mount is sturdy over big bumps. Battery life is very good - lots of juice left after 3 hours ride. Display is fully customisable.

Recording your route is easy as pressing the record icon. You can pause it when you have a lunch break. The track name can be edited and shared once you you connect it via MioShare.

Beware of not recording where you live or test rides or meaningless rides, as once shared others can see your route and can clutter up the public sharing map. Luckily, you can delete your track from public view, however it will also delete from your unit as well.

If you are after an affordable, easy to use, customisable GPS to keep track of your cycling stats and to guide you to your favorite destinations, either by car or by bike, then this is for you.
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on 20 August 2013
I found the Mio 305HR easy to install and use.
The device came with:-
the monitor
fixing for one bike
Heart Rate Monitor(strap around the chest)
Cadence and speed sensor(not used yet, but the speed is also measured by the GPS position)
Mains charger
USB to mini USB cable

I have since bought the following to accompany the device:-
Carrying case(useful when off the bike)
Second bike attachment
Anti Glare Screen Protector

I have used the device for two weeks and created routes on my PC and transferred them to the Mio. I used the Heart Rate Monitor and transferred the results to the PC where you get a chart the results. The chart shows the route on a map, together with the speed, HR and altitude against either time or distance.
I have used the surprise me and it provides a route with the approximate distance you have entered e.g. 30 miles.

I left the device on and the next time I came to use it the battery had run down.
Website could be better
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on 31 October 2012
This is the first Cycling GPS that I have ever bought, after years of being unable to get on with the usual Magnet and Sensor type cycle computers. I wanted a unit to tell me all statistics about my cycle rides, to be able to show where I was if I ever get lost, and to give me directions in wet weather. This Mio Cyclo seemed to give me the best combination of features versus price compared to several more widely known brands.

In The Box:
The main Unit which is about the same size as a normal "smart mobile phone".
A chest strap with the sensor inside for measuring your heart rate whilst you are cycling.
Two magnets, the first to connect to your pedal crank, the other to screw onto your rear wheel spokes.
Two sensors to connect to the rear frame of your bike, one end senses the pedal crank magnet, the other senses the wheel magnet, there is a small transmitter that sends the signal to the main unit which lives on the handlebars.
The rubber grips, brackets, and cable ties that are used to secure the parts into place on your bike.
The charger together with two snap-on interchangable adapters for a UK plug, and a European plug.
Some quick-start instructions and the assembly instructions.

Initial rides:
So far I have had the Mio for about 1 week, and have been riding around Mid wales where I live - in rain and mist. So far the unit seems totally waterproof and easy to use.
Once you have been through the initial start-up procedure of telling the machine what the date and time is, and keying in the map unlocking startup key (printed on the outside of the box the unit comes in), you are ready to go. There are options when you start the Dashboard mode, or Navigation mode to start recording, once it has started recording your ride, the unit does not seem to stop recording until you tell it too, so if you get held up at busy road junctions - it will not effect the recording apart from noticing that you have stopped - and it will wait for you to resume again.
Once you have finished your ride there is a pause command and a stop command to use. You can then bring up graphs of your speed, height, heart rate etc,etc for various times through your ride. The unit also saves each ride that you complete, so you can compare statistics for multiple tries of the same ride, and also the machine can guide you itself next time if you wish.
I've only had the machine 1 week, so no chance yet to see what else the software can do. But so far it has no difficulty in following and showing my progress on single track lanes, Canal-side paths, or in steep sided river valleys and gorges. This model does not show any contours on the electronic map, but it will show you how much you have ascended and descended on your ride. If you end up riding on a road or path that is not part of the inbuilt map (shared cycle & pedestrian routes ) it continues as normal but of course does not show the route as a road.

The maps for the UK and Europe are already built in so no need to spend more money or download anything extra.

I think I have a GPS here at least as good as most on the market, but have paid at least 30-40% less than I would have for a big named brand with the same features. Thank you Mio and thank you Amazon.
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on 24 March 2015
I think it has the makings of being good at what it does, but, like another reviewer, I found the supplied software lamentable. It has had three goes so far at downloading the map updates - they're big downloads and I'm on slow broadband. Each time, it has failed. I shall next try formatting the device as suggested as a last resort, but honestly, it's not cheap - it should work out of the box.

I will add further comments. I have used this GPS on a 2000 km trip through France, Switzerland and Germany. I am still disappointed in it because:
It crashes
It freezes
The battery is not up to the job for a day's ride
The screen is invisible in bright sunshine, or if it's raining

However, the maps are pretty good, although routing can be muddled going through towns - or indeed anywhere. I have lost count of the times I was following its suggested track when it would suddenly tell you you were going the wrong way, and quite often, after you'd turned round, that you were still going the wrong way.

If you are routing over long distances, as I was - aiming at 120 km per day - it is best not to use the 'avoid main roads if at all possible' option, as you might find your route is a LOT longer than it needed to be - nearly 100% in some cases.

Finally, on the one occasion I did contact customer 'service', they came back to me over two weeks later suggesting that I reformat it and reinstall everything. This seems to be the answer to all support queries. For technical people, the base software is Windows CE, which is positively archaic now, and appears to be very unreliable.

I would not have bought this had I known how unreliable it would be. I am happy to answer anyone's queries.
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on 13 March 2015
Got this as a present. Connected to the Mio's website for software updates and the unit lost it's maps and could not get a GPS signal. Tried to reformat it as described on Mio's website without success so I emailed Mio. After a week they replied telling me to reformat it. I returned it to Amazon for a refund without being able to use it. As usual Amazon's service was excellent.
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on 15 January 2013
This GPS is perfect from amateur cyclist to the people who are a bit more serious about there training. Heart Rate and Cadence Monitor make this the perfect device for training over winter so you are ready to go out as soon as the weather feels good enough for you. Comes with maps of 22 countries in Europe (free! unlike Garmin) and the software makes it so easy to plan your routes before you head out.

oh and to top it all of there is the handy suprise me feature! Years of fun rides will follow!
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on 9 February 2014
This device is one of the best gadgets I have purchased and it has been liked so much by my friends they have purchased a Mio themselves
The Mio has an extraordinary wide range of maps built in and provides a completely tailored to the mode of transport you are using. I like the idea of sub dividing the different bicycles:
Road; City; Mountain; etc.
There is still the option of walking, driving, etc.
One of the things I use regularly is the "Surprise Me" feature that calculates ride for me based on:
Circuit; A to B; time; distance, & etc.
Also the ability to upload my journeys to Facebook and then have the journey be interactive on Facebook is very helpful

I would definitely recommend this to anyone
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on 26 July 2015
A poorly developed product that is not fit for purpose. Unit required a master reset upon purchase, OSM maps were missing meaning that it wouldn't allow me to follow routes on roads, frustratingly it meant I couldn't use it to follow a route I had planned. Updates require huge amounts of patience to complete as the unit constantly rejects them- the latest CycloAgent still won't install. Data uploaded to Strava is inaccurate- apparently I cycled 23 miles in 7 minutes at a speed of 2mph! The battery life is short, much less than Mio are claiming. The units do not like MacBooks, I have had to resort to using my work laptop. Customer care are not helpful; it took them 24 hours to send a generic email.
To top it all off I was out cycling today and during a descent on tarmac at no more than 20mph the unit snapped clean off the mounting bracket (see photo) sending it skidding down the road, causing considerable damage to the unit. I am currently seeking a full refund from Mio.
In conclusion, this is a terrible unit, do not waste your money. Dig a bit deeper and buy a Garmin instead!
review image
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on 21 August 2013
This is an awesome Cycling computer. Easy to follow the instructions on the screen while biking, the surprise me option is sublime! All though when giving in the ammount of km's you want the ride to be he does tend to go a bit lower or higher. But you can just keep letting him calculate new routes untill you've find one you like. The installation of the sensors is really easy and takes about 10mins. However to get them connected I had to do a software update then they connected without issues before that I couldn't get them to connect. This GPS feels like you've strapped a TomTom on your handle bars.
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on 20 August 2013
For the price its spot on, found the heart rate monitor really comfortable and setting up the computer took only a few minutes. Haven't tried the 'surprise me' function yet but does look to pull up a few good routes.

Yes the unit is a bit bigger than a Garmin but doesnt have the price tag of a Garmin and it does the same job as an 800 Edge,
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