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on 11 November 2015
I previously used an original Maglite Mini with a third-party LED retrofitted (before "hacking" was popular...). That lasted around 15 years until I dropped it and the LED module broke. When looking for a replacement I found that Maglite has caught up and now makes these LED versions of the Mini. Overall I would recommend getting one of these over the original style Maglite Mini.

- Very high brightness - startling contrast even to my previous Maglite with retrofitted LED. On the high power mode you can easily see the way ahead in pitch black - tested up a hill on a night walk the other day. I find the reduced power mode is plenty just for going out for an early morning run where there are no streetlamps.
- Flexible - various power modes, including flashing (might be useful as a bike light maybe?) and SOS (?!) Next time I'm stranded on a dessert Island I'll be sure to use that one. In all seriousness it's probably useful if you're into mountaineering or something.
- Battery life - I have used it on reduced power for probably~ 2-3 hours in total and about 1 hour on full power so far, and no sign of the batteries flagging.

- I found that it can switch itself between modes all by itself. My guess is, because the switching is done by turning power off and on again quickly, that a slightly loose contact might be enough to trigger the switch (e.g. if the batteries rattle in the compartment). I found that ensuring you turn the lens much further than needed - an extra half turn or so - is enough to prevent this. Just enough of a nuisance to drop a star for me.
- As with other Maglites, the claim is that rotating the lens focuses the beam. Since LEDs are already very directional, this doesn't really achieve anything. It's not a drawback, as there's nothing wrong with the focus in my view, but it's not an advantage as stated either.

I would recommend this torch and am only dropping the one star as Maglite makes exceptional quality torches and so this has just a little bit of room for improvement in the switching - otherwise it's perfect.
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on 5 March 2015
I have to say this light has let me down. After a few days it started to flicker (very common according to comments), this annoyed me a great deal as this is quite an expensive little torch. Eventually, after getting quite annoyed with this, I searched online for some tutorials on how to repair this. I work out that inside the torch, there is a metal sort of arm, that when the top of the torch is unscrewed slightly, creates the circuit that makes the bulb come on. I noticed, that over time, this arm starts to not open as far as it should, causing the connection to start to drop. After working this out, I bent the arm out slightly and the torch worked fine. Every now and again, this starts to happen again, so I take the torch apart and repeat. This is far from ideal, but I like the torch and this makes it work.
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on 9 May 2015
This is the 3 watt LED version of the Mini Maglite which takes two AA size batteries. The light output is 77 lumens, which is bright enough for general use (note that they do a Pro version which is rated at 245 lumens, and costs a bit more).

This is a very solid a robust torch, and is unlikely to break if dropped. It should last a lifetime if looked after.

The head part can be unscrewed by hand to reveal the LED, so that it can be used as a candle-like lamp. The tail end slots into the head, so that it will stand upright on a flat surface.

Maglites are generally considered to be the best torches, and are used by the police and military.
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on 16 March 2013
I had one of the old style mini maglites for about 20 years when mine finally gave up the ghost. The old style (non-LED) Maglites struggle against the competition these days, but this torch is excellent. I was sceptical of just how bright it would be but for it's size the light output is excellent. When using it in candle mode, it is so bright you can barely look at it! The different features are used by twisting the head of the torch a set number of times. I would have prefferred a button at the back instead, which is very common on Lenser or Surefire torches. Nevertheless, I would still recommend this one!
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on 26 April 2011
I've always found the build quality of Maglite products to be excellent, this LED edition of the mini maglite is no exception. The LED bulb is considerably brighter than similar-sized torches using conventional bulbs, and should also allow the batteries to last longer. The product documentation says the LED maglite is not compatible with rechargeable batteries, which seemed like nonsense to me, and of course it did work as normal with Sanyo Eneloop and Duracell ActiveCharge AA NiMH batteries.

The full, low power and flashing (SOS) modes work by twisting the torch on and off within a few seconds, to cycle through the available modes. I wonder whether some of the other reviewers criticising this product have accidentally switched it to one of the other modes and then assumed it had broken?
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on 29 August 2015
This is a replacement for one wrecked by leaking batteries, but it's a first-rate piece of kit - much brighter than the old bulb version, and even more so with the low power setting, which is still more than adequate for reading. The torch itself is tough - I've had an AAA Maglite for over 20 years, and it's good as new apart from scratched paint, and this one's made the same way- and the belt loop/case is simple and effective too. You won't be disappointed.
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on 31 January 2012
I ordered this item having had one previously. That was originally a bulb version which I converted to LED with a direct push on/off switch in the end cap. That torch gave long and faithful service but unfortunately a battery leaked in it.
The new torch is longer and requires the front section to be twisted, as did the original until the conversion. The twist action is a two handed task, compared with the previous on/off switch which was easily operated with one hand. This is a retrograde step. However the torch does as advertised and gives an excellent light, plus various light emitting options. Whether these get used remains to be seen.
It was advertised as coming with a belt holster, but it didn't, it came in a good, sturdy plastic box. I have not made an issue of this as I would not have used the belt holster! However because of this I have not given full marks.
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on 10 April 2013
Well in adition to my £D LED Maglite I felt I had to try the smaller and more portable model, this is so bright an last for so long. Where I live power cuts are common and this torch is indispensable for performing normal tasks, and with it's small size is useful if your hands are full. I recommend it, the white LED light is far superior to the light from an incandescent bulb, I won't go back to traditional bulbs ever again.
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on 1 April 2011
A good torch, I'm glad I bought it.

The light output is very good; the beam pattern excellent when going out walking, and also good for general purpose use. It is well made: and the battery life is far better, than on my older 3W LED torches, even though it has similar light output.

The multi-mode switch did take a bit of getting used to, but I now have no problems with it. I found that I had to learn 2 tricks. Firstly, when turning it on, turn it till the light comes on, then continue to rotate the head that bit further, to ensure the switch has made a good contact, otherwise, it can jump between modes, when you do not want it to. Secondly, you have to get used to the timing needed, to use the multi-mode switch reliably; but after a few days of use, I have found this no problem.

I may buy another to leave in my car.
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on 23 December 2011
Why would you replace your trusty old icandescent Maglite with this one? Simple: vastly improved battery life plus a much cleaner, much much brighter beam that extends considerably further than the old-style torches capabilities. You lose the ability to focus or widen the beam, but gain three modes of operation: normal beam, flashing beam and SOS mode.
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