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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 21 October 2013
This is the third book in the Mine series, and whilst I read book one, but skipped book 2 (where I think this couple must have met), this was fine to read as a standalone.

The tale pretty much runs to exactly what the blurb says, and it isn't a bad read, but from the very first few pages, I found myself thinking that the tale reminded me a tiny bit of the beginning of the first Crossfire book (just a vague setting-similarity), and of book 1 in this series, where Skye goes to Trent for help. There wasn't much time spent on describing the leads, but that was fine as the tale had a good pace and the leads had met before.

It is fairly fast-paced and it does end with what is totally my kind of HEA, but it wasn't perfect. I've read every JD Robb book and perhaps because of that I sussed out the plot pretty quickly, sussed out the baddie/s, sussed out the red herrings in the tale, thought that Alabama cops and even DC cops must be a bit stupid not to have considered a certain very obvious possibility (come to think of it, Noah, Trent and Drake, kick-bot guys that they're meant to be, didn't even think of it) and that despite being told about a certain governor's actions, no mention was made of the latter's involvement as the tale ended, despite Noah ordering loose ends to be dealt with.

The sex was hot and graphic, as in the Crossfire novels, and in line with book 1, but at the same time it sort of felt mechanical and not very spontaneous. The dialogue was pretty cheesy on Noah's part, and I had to keep reminding myself that this was a tale and that no, real people don't talk like this, and to not be so nit-picky. At times, I felt as if I were reading shades of Gideon Cross in Noah, but that Noah was trying too hard to be Alpha, whereas with Gideon, it felt like the guy was omnipotent and the entire universe willingly did his bidding.

Overall, it was an OK read, more not-very-thrilling/not-really-scary thriller/suspense (I didn't feel any tension, despite the words on the page) than romance novel, with characters that I didn't really get to know very well.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 October 2013
Mine to Hold. Cynthia Eden.

I loved the first two books in this series. I remembered Noah from the last one, but couldn't recall Claire at first. Cynthia explains the connection though. The books are all connected but are each stand alone novels, so you don't need to have read previous ones ( though they are well worth reading). I mostly read contemporary and paranormal romance, though enjoy a foray into romantic suspense every now and then. Having not enjoyed the last two in this genre though I was feeling a bit negative, so it was a real treat to get a novel that does what it should. One with characters who act as reader would expect, who are people I can empathise with, and with a plot that's believable and keeps me guessing. And this novel did all of that and more. Each time I thought I'd worked out what was going to happen Cynthia threw me for a loop, and took the story in a direction I didn't expect.
I loved Noah - dark and dangerous and yet so much in need of love, and Claire - she's been through so much and yet still managed to keep holding on. I really felt for her and understood why she kept herself so closed off from others. She seemed so lonely though - I wanted good things for her. I'm glad Cynthia picked her up from the last book and gave her one :) I do like books which let me feel characters could be real, and that make me want things for them. That's a real mental escape for me, from the real world into one that's full of happy endings. As with the other books there's lots of hot, erotic, sensual sex too, with the attraction between Noah and Claire jumping off the page. Noah makes it clear what he wants very quickly, at their first meeting in the book in fact, but Claire holds him off for a couple of chapters before the attraction and the circumstances make her need of him too great to defy any longer.
Its a hot and steamy read, but with a storyline that takes the reader on a journey that twists and turns, and keeps you riveted to see just what's going to happen next. After the two that frankly bored me I was reminded of just what a treat a well written romantic suspense is. I'll certainly read any other books by Cynthia, she's an author with the talent to write novels that grip the reader.
ARC provided via Netgalley.
Stars: five, cracking read :)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 29 October 2013
Don't think too hard about the plot in this novel as there are some large holes in it. If you read it as a romantic novel with a suspense background you will find that it is an engaging and easy read. I gathered from the novel that it is one in a series but I hadn't read the others and I didn't feel the lack of that knowledge.

Claire is a gutsy heroine who has been traumatised, stalked and impoverished by the actions of others. Her attitude and circumstances at the beginning of the novel are well done and so too are her reactions to the things which happen during the story. I did feel that she jumped into bed with Noah a little early given her particular issues but this is a romantic novel where people feel an instant attraction to each other in a way that I am not so sure happens in real life.

Noah is very rich and actually quite arrogant with it. I didn't always like him when he did the "Do you know who I am ?" thing with the police and others - I am not sure that because you are rich you should somehow be immune to the criminal justice system !

The police officers in this book are actually humanised and made to be real people rather than stereotypes but there are few other characters and so the villain is easy to identify. The author tries a clever twist which failed with me as I had anticipated it but which added another layer to the story.

All in all this book probably merited 3.5 or even 3.75 stars. It is more engaging than the average romantic suspense novel and although it has some flaws it is very readable - I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley.
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on 23 October 2013
So I stand by all my previous comments about Cynthia Eden, romantic suspense can be a tricky genre to tackle, too much of one can over-shadow the other, and sometimes it all just gets lost. Not this time, and not ever in this series, each book is as strong as its predecessor and just as enthralling.

Noah York and Claire Kramer do feature in the previous books, but Mine To Hold is their story, and theirs alone. We found out a little of Claire's past in Mine To Keep, and Noah has been a part of Trace's world for a while so featured in both Mine To Take & Keep.

A lot goes on in this book, (as with the previous), the pace is fast and frenzied, and just when you think you have all your ducks in a row, another one turns up and ruins the whole line up again. I was kept guessing right up until the end, and I loved every moment of it.

So Noah York is a self made man, much like Trace Weston, he has his own personal demons, and lives by the "One Night Only" rule. He is a tiger in the bedroom, a total gent out of it, and has women falling over themselves for the chance of one night, that is until he meets Claire Kramer......

Noah - "I look at you and my whole body burns. I want you naked. I want you screaming. I want to see pleasure make your eyes flash even brigther"

Although polar opposites in some ways Noah and Claire have an awful lot in common. Similar losses, similar pasts and a need to protect those around them. Noah does this by fighting, Claire by running, only she can't seem to run fast enough or hide well enough to evade Noah, and when they unite..... BOOM!

"We touch, we kiss, and we ignite."

I can't gush enough about this series, I have highlighted so much of the book, I could post quotes for an hour. I want more, I hope Drake gets his own book and happy ending too.

ARC supplied by the author through Netgalley, in exchange to the above honest review.
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on 8 December 2013
Wow this was another great read by cynthia eden, I cant get enough of her books.

Claire and noahs relationship takes off early on in the story and is pretty steamy. Someone from claires past is killing and framing her and noah is trying to do everything in his power to keep her safe, safe from her past and the police.

Again the author keeps you guessing as to the identity of the real killer, I really enjoyed this book and hope there will be another in the series.
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on 25 February 2014
YAY! For the first time, I guessed who was the killer on one of Cynthia Eden's romantic suspense novels! :) However, I was still surprised some times during the reading of another wonderful book.

I enjoyed greatly reading Noah and Claire's story. They are both so secretive and dark, the way I like my characters. I can't imagine the suffering Claire has gone through because of Ethan...

Again, this was a very compulsive read, difficult to stop. It was thrilling seeing the deaths (yes, I like when there's deaths!) and everything points to Noah and/or Claire; also seeing how they feel so intenselly for each other.

Now, I'm anxious for Drake's story.
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on 21 October 2013
I think this is book 3 in series but can be read as a stand alone as i have yet to read the others, This is an amazing story of survival its so well written you feel like you are going through everything with the characters, it brought out so many emotions it even had me in tears at one point i totally loved all the characters and they was so many twists going on it kept you guessing, the ending was a total suprise! I can't wait to go back and read the other storys and im hoping that drake will have his own story soon!

I received a free copy from netgallery in exchange for a honest review
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on 26 April 2014
i love everything she writes, i have recently started to get into Cynthia Eden and have now gone back and bought everything she has written. i'm not going to tell you about individual books. rather i;m going to tell you about her writing style,,,, ah let me think ....she's brilliant, her world building is very impressive the imagination she has in each of her books are funny and sweet. rough and violent, but it works, if you want to be taken away to a whole new reality give her a shot it's worth it believe me
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on 30 October 2013
If you are a fan of romantic suspense, intrigue, and alpha males....this book is definitely one for you. The series is really very, very good, with each book better than the last ( or so it seems) Buy and enjoy! I'm about to have a look at Cynthia Edens other books !
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on 30 December 2013
Lots of twists and turns a great read with a hint of love and passion. Noah and Claire had met previously then he offers her heart job. Only he doesn't sleep with his employees, so what is she? Her family were brutally killed and now she is the target.
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