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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 April 2002
Cradle of filth are not like many things you would of heard before. The streaming fast black metal guitar riffs and drumming meet with melodic piano and organ tunes and creates an evil yet easy-listening album. The black metal vocal is quite crisp but still understanding lyrics may prove a problem without the leaflet. Unlike most black metal, the lyrics are more about love than religious hatred. Dani Filth's lyric writing is more like Shakespeare's poetry but suites the mood perfectly.
The melodic instrumental "at the gates of Midian" that opens the album is an amazing intro to Filths' greatest hit ever "Cthulu dawn" which is fast, furius yet easy-listening. Every song is different and has momemts that you will be whistling everywhere. Other songs that stand out with their excellence on the album are "Saffron's curse", "Lord Abortion" and "Her Ghost in the fog". Just don't be put off by the names nor the band's scary image.
This album, like any other black metal isn't a first-listen-love and takes a few listening to start loving it but I guarantee that soon you'll become adicted to COF's outstanding music. I truly recommend this album and if there was a higher rating than 5 stars I would give it!
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on 27 February 2002
If you havent bought any Cradle of Filth CDs yet then I suggest this to be your first buy.
It is full of atmosphere and the lyrics are mature and I've said it before meaningful. The keyboards are of a very high standard and add to the "otherside" feeling, and Cradle of Filth have really mingled the drums in amazingly increasing the emotion and atmosphere.
Each track leads into the next quite well and will really get you hooked to CoF.
Providing choir sounds when appropriate really does higher the quality.
Saffrons curse and Lord Abortion are two brilliant tracks on this album with some really heavy guitar sounds,excellent lyrics and aura-providing keayboards.
Her Ghost In The Fog being the first song I heard from Cradle of Filth will really please and get you caught up in the tune and lyrics.(Especially with Dani's bewildering, outstanding and gifted voice).
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on 7 March 2005
This is by far the best album cradle have ever released and the sad thing is i doubt if they will ever match it. Sure damnation was a great epic of an album but not in the same league as Midian. On Nymphetamine Cradle haven't sold out they have just slowed it down a little but the brutal music and lyrics are still there. Selling out would mean crossing over to the mainstream and i dont think this happened on Nymp. As for the black metal thing, cradle definatley are. Even more so than a band such as Dimmu Borgir.
Song by Song
At the gates of midian: 5/5 nice piece of music, what've you've come to expect from cradle.
Cthulu Dawn: 5/5 without doubt the best song on the album. Opens heavy and continues throughout.
Saffrons curse: 5/5 another great track. At the two minute mark Dani slows it down and starts singing in ballad mode. Genius.
Death magick for adepts: 4/5 ok track. nothing really special or memorable about it.
Lord Abortion: 5/5 brilliant track. For the start if nothing else.

Amor e morte: 4/5 just like death magick, nothing special.
Creatures that kissed in cold mirrors: 5/5 the best instrumental cradle have ever done. Remnents of saffrons curse.
Her ghost in the fog: 5/5 second best on the album. The female vocal really adds to this track. exceptional
Satanic mantra: 2/5 dont see the point
Tearing the veil from grace: 4/5 ok track. gets you ready for the next track. nothing special.
Tortured soul asylum: 5/5 brilliant way to finish of the album. third favourite on the album with an ending to die for.
Check out the epic that is Damnation and a Day
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on 28 March 2002
After becoming bored with newer traditional metal over the last few months such as Nickleback and the nu-metal tripe about i decided to take a gamble by purchasing this deliteful slice of black metal after hearing 'Her Ghost..' on Kerrang TV. Now i'm fully converted and have the urge to wear black robes and spend my evenings holding black masses instead of holding prayer groups. Wow this album blew me away! The best way to describe Cradle is a horror film where there is no film. Its dark erie and suprisingly refreshing. It starts with 'Gates of Midian' which is a great intrumental in that it builded brilliantly to 'Cthulhu Dawn' which is an aggressive opener to the album. 'Saffrons Curse' and 'Black Magic' go passed acknowledged but not outstanding. The best track next up 'Lord Abortion' mindblowing, 'Amore Morte' continues where Lord leaves off with 2 great solos halfway (thanks Gian). Next an instrumental to let you get of the floor after you've nearly passed out until 'Ghost' which is the most commercial of tracks but not bad at all, skip the next one to the second best track 'Tearing the Veil..' this is an epic which never seems long enough. The final track eases up but has an amazing ending to it so its worth waiting. In summery i was amazed, Dani's vocals are impossible to repeat (my chords are permenatly damaged) they sure know how to play instruments and Adrian is the most amazing drummer God (or Satan) has produced. The touch is never lost (i've listened to it 5 times in a row before) and ive got to stock up on more of the same. Cradle rocks and beats the s**t out of anything you're watching on MTV like Linkin Park or Andrew WK, this is real alternative music and i'm proud to own it. At times id even describe it as beautiful, thumping beats, haunting vocals, and excentric guitars which all come together into one huge supernova of an album leaving you breathless. Its like being on a ghost train at 200mph, and i never want to get off.
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on 31 October 2012
This is still easily one of Cradle of Filth's best, darkest, sickest and most evil works and it truly deserves its classic status. It contains two of my favourite songs in any genre. "Saffron's Curse" is a beautiful, emotional, twisted & haunting romantic song. Meanwhile, "Lord Abortion" features a necrophilic subject matter, which plays out across an incredibly varied composition (in speed, tone & vocals). It also featured in the "Cradle of Fear" movie. Both songs are guaranteed to have you singing along every time you hear them. The lyrics here are among Dani's best and most ingeniously poetic. I dare anyone to pen better lines than the likes of Lord Abortion's: "I kissed her viciously, maliciously, religiously; but when has one been able two best separate the three. I know I'm sick as Dahmer did, but this is what I do. Ahh, ahh, ahh, I'll Jimmy Saville you until I'm through" (Sorry - I may have changed a few words, but I sense a topic for COF's next concept album!)

I've focused on my own favourite tracks to highlight the strengths of the album as a whole. Rest assured that from the intro to the final song, there is no dud track and others will have their own favourites. This album is very evil and varied, but it is consistently good and hangs together really well. This is because, although it is not a concept album, the songs are all based around the titular dark city of monsters (Midian), from Clive Barker's movie "Nightbreed" (which is definitely worth watching if you haven't seen it).
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on 22 December 2001
This is the re-release/limited edition version of Cradle of Filth's stunning album Midian. Based on Clive Barker's novel this epic musical journey starts with 'At the Gates of Midian' a calm but haunting instrumental track leading into the almighty 'Cthulu Dawn'. This proceeds to rip you heart out and you feel as if you havent taken a single breath through the entire song due to its ultimate heaviness and stunning pace.
From the crunching guitars and lightning fast double bass drumming on Lord Abortion (most notably provided by the 'Nordic God of Thunder' Adrian Erlandsson) to the beautiful and epic 'Her Ghost In The Fog' this album is truly a masterpiece and an essential purchase for any Cradle fan or anyone interested in the darker, heavier side of real, British, heavy metal.
I have been listening to the original version of this since its release (31st October 200) and am still totally enthralled by it.
This re-release (by Cradle's old record company, Music For Nations - they have now signed to Epic/Sony) also includes the bonus track 'For Those who Died' A Sabbat cover,which although straying slightly from the bands normal sound is exceptional in its own right. Also included is the promo video for 'Her Ghost In The Fog'.
Alongside this,it comes in a beautiful leather 'book-style' case with silver inscription and additional artwork inside the booklet.
A must for anyone who doesn't already own it or for any Cradle fan who just has to have everything they release (like me).
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on 17 February 2013
This album is directed at a spooky horror ghost scene with metal like riffs and deep voicing its a typical goth scene here its pretty cool its taking me some time to get used to the bands vocals and stuff this is my first COF cd I bought and its pretty sweet the album cover is awesome and the song titles have great names to buy it for the black metal experince
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on 4 May 2005
Cradle Of Filth's fifth installment, christened 'Midian', is undoubtedly the greatest musical release in metal history. This is C.O.F.'s greatest album ever, transcending even 'Cruelty And The Beast' by a long shot. The introduction, 'At The Gates Of Midian', is beautifully rendered, both haunting and mesmerising. 'Cthulhu Dawn' explodes like an anvil in your face, with Adrian's powerhouse drumming, Robin's blast furnace bass, Paul and Gian's unstoppable guitar work, Martin's exceedingly creepy organs, and Dani Filth's relentless serpent tongue thrashing your eardrums like a wraithe on an archangel's corpse. 'Lord Abortion' is wonderful, a testament to pure C.O.F. mentality. 'Death Magick For Adepts' is quite fun, and introduces at it's end the blood-curdling voice of Doug Bradley (who plays Pinhead from the Hellraiser series). 'Her Ghost In The Fog' contains a beautiful storyline, and the drumming is perfect. 'Tearing The Veil From Grace' is another testament to C.O.F. mentality (and, I think, the mentality of most Luciferian's as well....). And finally, 'Tortured Soul Asylum' brings it all to an explosive close, with intricate melodies and drumming. Dani's final words:
"Exhuming the moon
Through the bars in my room
The sonner the bitter pills swallowed are through
But no Genotypes, Aphrodites
No Cenobites rise
To claim me for you
No! No! No!
Don't leave me here in this storm-weathered cell
No! No! No!
With prophets and losses
And dead men from crosses
My fate is a preview of derelict Hell...."
:Left me near tears, they were so beautiful. All in all, this album is a must for any C.O.F. fanatic. It is the best. Now go
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on 21 March 2004
I have only heard all of cradles albums from Dusk And Her Embrace onwards.. and i have to say this album is the heaviest of them all. However its full of great tracks, but might be a little hard to listen through for some people, its quite heavy.
Her Ghost In The Fog was the single from this album, and because of that, a lot of people choose it as their favourite song.. however take it from me, someone who bought the album knowing nothing about it other than it was from my favourite band.. and never hearing any of the songs, that Her Ghost.. is not standout in this album. My favourite 2 songs are "Death Magick For Adepts" and "Amor E Morte" both are excellent songs. Both quite catchy. I also love Lord Abortion.. i never used to like it but now i love it especially for the Cello introduction to the "You Fucking Whore!" section! brilliant.. however if you are a fan of "Dusk and her Embrace".. this isnt anything like that. It replaces the atmosphere with heaviness.. but stick with it and its a good album.
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on 20 March 2015
I love this album. It is one of the classic Cradle albums and one of the first I was introduced to when I first heard of the band. I had to re buy the album because my 1st copy was worn out lol It includes the classic signature song 'Her Ghost in the Fog' but has some more of the interesting, "sexy" and unique lyrics the filth miester has produced. The intro's are perfect for the atmosphere of it feeling like your in a city full of monsters and mutants and its clear it was produced much better than any of their releases before hand.

Almost every track is perfect and some of my favourites and includes the king of the monsters of hell, Pinhead speaking over in a few of the tracks, which obviously gives it that horror feel. I love it!
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