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on 15 April 2014
Firstly - beware, there are lots of fakes about. I was sent the Professional version by 2 different Marketplace sellers, both £110, one with a note explaining how lucky I was to be upgraded (despite the fact that Professional is only a single PC licence and it was a counterfeit copy anyway)! Amazon refunded both purchases - all credit to them - and I sent both counterfeits to Microsoft in Dublin who sent me a real copy of Office 2010 Professional, so in a way I was lucky.

Office 2007 itself is not great and I don't like it, having grown up with all the earlier versions of Office from Word 1, Excel 3 onwards. It's very annoying in its attempts to second-guess what you are trying to do, and the ribbon interface is poorly designed for modern widescreen displays - you are left with very little document space on a 1366x768 screen. Much of the suite is bloatware. 2010 is better, cleaner interface, faster and less annoying, but I'll stick with Office XP thanks - it's even cleaner and much faster, less bloated.
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on 14 January 2016
I purchased this Home and Student Office software almost 10 years ago for my Windows XP computer. I've since installed it on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and more recently on my Windows 10 computers and laptops. It works faultlessly on all of these platforms.

I use it mostly for Word and Excel. It's just as effective as the latest releases of these Office products from Microsoft.

(Incidentally, I'm also using the last release of Microsoft Money (2004) on my Windows 10 computers without any problems, apart from the fact that it can't synchronize with bank statements.)
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on 31 July 2014
Purchased this some time ago for my partner's Vista (Yuk) Dell Laptop because she was used to using Office 2003/XP in the work place. The only major downside with this and later versions for us was the introduction of the Ribbon interface in place of the menu lists. After working on earlier version of Office for many years, the Ribbon takes some getting used to and we consider it to be a retrograde step by Microsoft to not provide an option to remove the Ribbon and have the old menu lists as an option. Otherwise, it's a very good product with lot's of feature way beyond what most people will ever require.

If you are reading this review in 2014 or later, note that Office 2010 is a similar but slightly more up-to-date version and certainly the version of choice if you have been using older versions of Office on XP/Vista and are now using Windows 7. If you were on Office 2003/XP and using Outlook, then you may want to source Outlook 2010 as a companion product.
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VINE VOICETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 31 December 2009
At just over £60 this item works out at around £20 per user for what are probably the three most used Microsoft applications by most students and home users (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) in their latest 2007 versions. Not a bad deal overall when compared with Apple's comparable i-Work suite of programmes and ultimately your choice will be driven by what is your computer and operating system of choice. I have always found the Home and Student editions from Microsoft great value across the years and this one is no exception in giving cheap access to these three much used and well tested Office programmes.

Most of the other adverse comments by reviewers have been around One Note instead of Outlook being offered in this suite. While accepting there is no comparison between thsee two alternatives, this does not prevent you unleashing overall value by using One Note as you see fit and instead simply replace the lack of Outlook's email and calendar with a wholly free alternative, if having a Personal Information Manager (PIM) software tool is that important to you!

That alternative (as covered in a recent issue (January 2010) of "What Laptop" magazine) is to install the Mozilla Thunderbird free email on your computer and set this up to synchronise with your preferred email accounts. Then because Thunderbird has no calendar or organiser installed as standard, download and install the Sunbird Calendar via "Lightning" into Thunderbird for the creating and sharing of calendar events. That is followed by installing "GooSync" which allows synchronisation of the Thunderbird installed calendar with Google Calendar and other chosen external devices. The overall end result is to create a free PIM alternative if required to work alongside your Microsoft 2007 Home and Student Edition and overcome its absence of offering Outlook.
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on 27 March 2015
This is Microsoft Office, so you'll know what's on it (it contains Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and One Note), if you've ever worked in an office, or studied in a university (and turned in work) in the last 20 years, you're going to be used to how it works. It's got all the things you're used to.

My one grumble would be that if you're used to Office 2003 (and earlier), they've laid out the screen (and the various buttons at the top) differently, so you'll have to spend some time looking for stuff when you first start using it. This said, it seems pretty intuitive to use.
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on 5 February 2010
So far I've enjoyed using the tools, been a long time and expert user of Office since early 90's. But ended up stuck with Office 2k for nearly 10years. Only reason to move was it was harder and harder to run 2k on the newer Windows versions, especially Outlook, that said the Home version of 2007 excludes Outlook, which is a real shame as it the one tool I used the most (still do in tandem with 2007). So what's changed, well, as far as I can see so far, not a lot! But the interface has me searching high an low for the features I know are there, slowly though I have tracked down the things I've looked for and I'm now beginning to like the Ribbons, still like the old menu system though - I knew where things were. So if all these changes are, in my opinion, not that great why a 4? Well actually I love the layout, especially the Excel interface, and some of the other new features I've stumbled on (change tracking is a huge improvement). It's like a breath of fresh air and apart from getting frustrated when I can't find what I know is there, it's like being a child in a sweet shop and I'm on a new voyage of discovery. I still think Office is by far the best package around, just wish the home version included Outlook and Access, but can't have it all for just £70, and even at £200+ it's not really such a bad deal every 10 years or so....

If like me you still need Access and Outlook, I'm successfully running MS Office 2007 Home & Student Edition alongside Outlook 2k and Access 2k on Windows 7 (64 bit). And it's all working exceptionally well...
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on 24 September 2010
I have long been a lover of the microsoft word and other packages, I used them constantly for years on my old computer, however when i bought a new computer I didn't want to go to the additional expense of buying the word package and looked around for something cheaper. Never again, the other packages and downloads i tried were annoying, basic and had a nasty habit of 'freezing' and then resetting, losing work and costing me time and wasted effort. The new microsoft office and home is excellent and intuitive, showing exactly what each function does without you having to waste time clicking yes on word art, font, size etc and then re doing it to see what another style is like ( my presentations are much faster, easier and I'm much happier too) in short, forgive me microsoft, lets never part again!
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on 14 October 2009
I personally think it's a good cheap package for anyone that want a legal and efficient office suit. I have tried Open Office before and although the package works fine I could never install any printers. And in regards to other users mentioning slow loading times, well I don't have that problem it load fast here but this will depend how fast your PC is. Other bugs previously mentioned that I can confirm are to do with proofing tools, if you do a default setup of this office package it will install proofing for english, french and spanish making the default dictionary in outlook express in french without the ability to change it.
A way around it is to do a custom install of office and only install the english proofing tool. But, if you really do need all those proofing tools installed with office then google for an english dictionary/proofing tool for outlook express only and install that separately later.
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on 12 October 2009
On the whole a good product, with much better templates etc. A bit annoying that everything is accessed through the menu sections at the top, as accessing everything takes longer (select, click, slect, click... as opposed to just 'click'), it seems more kid friendly - but that's not much help if all you want to do is finish what you're writing as quickly as possible. Unless you hide them they also take up a good two inches of the top of the screen, and if you do hide them it's yet another click to do what you want. These menus take a bit of getting used to after the older versions and to be honest, if I wasn't getting .dox files I couldn't open I probably wouldn't have bothered. You can stick bits that you use at the top of the screen perminantly, but then I've got so many now it may as well be the older version of Word. Whereas Word particularly was an inovative and fantastic product, this feels a bit forced on you and, if there was any alternative, as a writer you'd probably choose something else (I certainly find Final Draft has easier and better specific functions now).
The other thing that's annoyoing about the student edition is the three PC rule, as everyone has at least two computers these days and, if you're trying to earn your living writing then possibly more (Office, Laptop, notebook etc...) but that's just me being too poor to upgrade, having spent all my money on computers I guess.
So, on the whole good, but not much more use than the version it superceeds unless you like to spend more time fiddling about with buttons than you do actually doing the work you're supposed to be doing.
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on 17 June 2009
This is "what it says on the tin". However, if you are very used to previous versions of these Microsoft programs, there are some significant changes to layout and, in some cases, functionality.

The RRP for this suite is quite outrageous (-1 Star), for which I would expect Outlook to be included. Or perhaps even Access. However, if you hunt around in places like Amazon here, or are able to order it through a business process, then bargains can be had.

Users of older machines almost certainly *will* notice an impact in performance. I don't believe that the increases in functionality are proportionate to the increase in system resources used. -1 Star.

Summary: Reasonable suite, whose primary components are Microsoft Word, Excell and Powerpoint.
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