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on 2 July 2014
With so much mystery, myth, and confusion surrounding Michael Jackson, this book is a refreshing look at what Michael Jackson was really saying in his interviews. It is short, and will only take you a couple of evenings to finish the book, but it is well worth the read, whether you are a "moonwalker," or whether you have a casual interest in body language. I have learned a lot about this silent language despite the book only being 178 pages long.

I have to wonder why this book hasn't made a bigger dent in the accusations against Michael Jackson. Perhaps people think body language is unreliable and easily manipulated; perhaps people decided long ago that he was guilty, and nothing will persuade them. Certainly, people seem to turn away, scoff, and make some offensive remark when the topic of Michael Jackson comes up. They close their minds and their hearts, and this is a shame. In a world full of ignorance, we need more people willing to look at the evidence without prejudice and without judgement. We need people like Craig James Baxter.

If you're worried that Craig James Baxter might be biased, a closet "moonwalker" who will bend the truth to suit his needs, don't. There are moments in the book where Michael is perceived to be lying, which may upset some fans. However, where the child abuse allegations are concerned, Michael is perceived to be 100% honest - his body language hints at no deception. The 1994 statement, 1996 police interview, and 2003 Living with Michael Jackson interview are covered in detail. I do not get the impression that Craig James Baxter bent the truth or swept any red flags under the carpet; there is one moment where Michael displays certain body language that could be perceived as deceitful, but just when your heart begins to pound, the author explains why this gesture can also be used to subconsciously convey frustration - an emotion we see from Michael a lot in this book. Unsurprisingly!

If you believe Michael Jackson was innocent, read this book. If you believe Michael Jackson was guilty, read this book. If you believe Michael Jackson was weird, freaky, eccentric - read this book. As a fan, I'm grateful that Craig James Baxter has attempted to shine a light on the darkness surrounding Michael Jackson, and I am now officially a fan of his work. This book didn't upset me at all; it made me even more determined to defend Michael, and made me love him more.

Michael Jackson was kind, child-like, generous, and innocent. And totally normal.

Which is what he'd been saying... all along.
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on 13 November 2012
Having long followed Craig on his Facebook page - 'Understanding Body Language, Liars, Cheats & Happy Feet - & the brief synopsis' he had done on various videos of Michael on there. I was keen to read this, his first book. It does not disappoint.I have, personally, always found body language fascinating & it is so interesting the way Craig analyses Michael's. The 5 main vids he had covered are well known to the fan community, that along with the fact that he plainly states in the preface to the book that he is not a Michael Jackson fan but has liked his music in the past, makes him fairly impartial. I would like to add here it is probably useful if the reader has got those vids downloaded on their hard drive (or even pull them up on Youtube), to have them up and running as he tackles each one. Although he does clearly & methodically analyse each particular interview, to have the vid up and running as you are reading is useful as well - this is where having 'Kindle' on your PC comes in useful.

I cannot begin to say how wonderful it is to see yet another positive publication, which through sheer logic tears through yet again all the Media hype & crap about Michael.
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on 14 November 2012
I purchased this book having met the author, and since developing an interest in body language. I can honestly say that it answered many questions and I really enjoyed the book. It is interesting to learn that no matter what your social background, your body language is universal, and that Michael Jackson's non-verbal cues and body language were no different to yours or mine today. The author expertly dissects 5 key interviews where Michael Jackson's body language was on public display. The book offers an expert opinion, backed up by many quotes from other leading experts in body language. It is also interesting to see behaviours, emotions and non verbal cues that Michael Jackson used to be ever present in everyday life with colleagues, friends and yourself. Well written and structured, the author, Craig James Baxter has a great style that will keep you reading.

A great purchase that I cannot recommend enough.
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on 4 April 2013
This book does not claim to be a definitive guide to all things body language or all things Michael Jackson. It is an analysis of several interviews conducted with Michael, by an experienced body language expert, offering his opinion on the non-verbal comunication shown by Michael during the conversations. The opinions expressed are subjective and sometimes contradictory, but the author himself acknowledges that interpretation of non-verbal communication is not always an exact science.

The book is a series of observations by one person, based on research conducted by several other people, viewing the behaviour of another person thrown into settings that would not be considered natural. However this is not a scientific text, nor does it profess to be.

Bearing all of that in mind, the book is an accessible and entertaining read that serves as a good demonstration of the practical application of body language observation. It is light enough to be an easy read and detailed enough to arouse the curiousity of anyone with knowledge of body language. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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on 14 September 2013
absolutely loved reading the book. so insightful. definitely recommended to anyone who is interested about body language and knowing when someone is telling the truth or lies.
I enjoyed it thoroughly and I wish people would have all read the book rather than judge Michael!
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on 19 September 2013
Always thought there was more behind the press bias though not a fan of the late Mr Jackson I was simply driven by a curiosity for psychology. Loved the book and was rather sad when it finished. Did make me want to do something about the press though so be warned the book may raise passions you didn't know you had!
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on 7 April 2013
will you post I had my reservations before reading this. I was a big fan on Michael Jackson and didn't want to read anything bad (hee hee) about him. Thankfully this book shows you what kind of man Michael really was. I always thought that `body language' was like a pseudoscience, but it's quite amazing what gestures and expressions really mean. I really enjoyed this; I hope the author does another book like this. Lance Armstrong would be an interesting read. on the UK listing of MJ
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on 23 April 2013
This book provides another perspective on Michael Jackson and much of the controversy around him in his lifetime. With interesting theory on body language, you find yourself learning new things every page you read, showing what a worthwhile read it is! It is easy to read and is perfect if you just want to relax with a book, whether you're a massive Michael Jackson fan or whether you're just interested in the theory behind human body language (such as myself!). Definitely worth a read, thanks CJB for such a fascinating book! I look forward to further additions to my book collection!
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on 17 January 2014
Being already very familiar with CJB Baxters YouTube body language analysis videos in relation to Michael Jackson interviews, I knew I was in for a treat with this book.

However,it was far more than just a treat,it was both an emotional and exhilarating read from start to finish and I had it finished in 2 hours,I genuinely could not put it down.

What he does is he invites you to understand not just Michael Jacksons body language but the poor interview skills displayed by Oprah Winfrey and Martin Bashir, which then brings about new understanding of why Michael responded to the media the way he did over the years, and how his rapport with the interviewer inevitably dictated his responses. Its clear Michael was in a reactionary position alot of the time, which says to me that he was almost interrogated and not interviewed

I found it an extremely emotional read also because neither of these two main interviews of Michael Jacksons career delved into his genius,his talent,his history making,his changing of the music industry,his revolutionary short films,his art,his creativity,his song writing,his energy....what made him tic,what inspired him,what were his creative processes...they chose to bombard him with irrelevant tabloid fodder and missed completely the point of his existence on this planet, this really hit home from reading this book.

Its easy to say that this is a must have for Michael Jackson fans because in fact this book is a must have really for the doubters, the haters, the people that just throw out there that he was a monster with no other contribution to our lives.

Nicely written, simole to grasp,both devastating and exhileraring,i love and i have been completely inspired by it.
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on 3 January 2013
Don't get me wrong: I am absolutely pro-MJ. I'm as pro as they come. But to claim this book is impartial is simply dishonest.
It reads very much like a university course paper on the basics of non-verbal communication, and indeed, what credentials does the author have? We don't know. The arguments and references are hand-picked to support the author's opinions, and anything that conflicts with this is swept under the rug. Any time that Michael Jackson displays non-verbal signals of deception or conflict, for instance, this is explained away somehow (as an exception to the rule) or simply ignored.
This is not to suggest that MJ was a particularly deceptive person or that he routinely lied, but I can guarantee that when being interviewed, knowing he was being watched by millions, he was not as truthful and open as this book indicates. No-one would; you wouldn't, I wouldn't.
Sure, the text may be exactly what a fan might want to hear, but if it's not objective, what's the point?
This is not a sound scientific text and I can see why it was independently published. I am astonished that the book has so many rave reviews.
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