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on 16 August 2007
Labradford have a knack of making records that sound insubstantial at first but with repeated listens reveal their subtle beauty; the lovely `Mi Media Naranja', is no exception.

Coming from somewhere between contemplative post-rock and musical minimalism the band craft their own soundcapes, mostly of echoing guitars where every note reverberates against a background of minimal percussion and organ. The effect is relaxing and hypnotic, but there is sufficient variety and quality on `Mi Media Naranja' to keep you interested throughout.

The first two tracks, with their gentle strings and percussion, are reminiscent of Godspeed's quieter moments; as the album progresses stronger organ sounds provide the melodic threads. Spoken word samples appear in the mix and even some whispered vocals which by comparison make Brian McMahan of Slint sound like Steven Tyler!

The final track is truly glorious, its barely-there melody strengthens with repeated listens and gives a nod towards the music you will find on their later CD, `Fixed Context'.

The band's music is quite addictive; it is very easy to press `play' again as soon as the CD has finished. Lovely stuff.
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on 10 November 2001
Words escape me - but each time I listen to this I feel like telling everybody.
This is not "Music" - this is more than that. It is the sound of life; of vast open vistas and claustrophobic enclosures, of warmth and of the chill. Of every waking moment and every sleeping dream. Messrs Brown, Donne and Nelson, on this album, created something so beyond categorization that trying to write a review is damn nearly impossible. Just listen to "V" - the plaintive strings weaving their way through the arching, echoing washes of bass and keys - listen to Mark Nelson's voice. Forget the words - you do not need to know what any of this means to *know* what it means. Then listen as the last track "P" unfurls - like buds emerging from the morning dew and into the sun. Warmth and growth and something so completely organic and natural you are barely able to accept that this was recorded in a studio.
Words fail me - and they'll fail you. The only thing that is more difficult than trying to render this fragile solemn beauty into words is trying to forget how this makes you feel when you first hear it.
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on 8 June 2008
Labradford are responsible for some of the most beautiful and moving music of the post rock genre. Combining strings and piano with the glacial guitar structures present on their early work, Mi Media Naranja is easily their masterpiece.
When this came out in 1997 to these ears it sounded like nothing else. Combining classical with modern rock was news to me, and I've just ordered the cd version (a total bargain at a fiver!) as my vinyl copy is starting to sound a little worn, and I have wanted to be able to play this record in the car and bedroom for years.
One other thing - most albums start off with the stongest tracks to grab the listeners attention and then things slowly go downhill. Not the case here - the final three tracks are superb, and this record gets better as it progresses, so stick with it if you aren't immediately pulled in.
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on 3 October 2008
I have a feeling this could have been a lovely album, but the high pitched noise (some sort of high pitched chime or something) that plays through a lot of the tracks renders it almost unlistenable to me. From other reviews I looked into it seems some people have no problem with it, while many do. So maybe you will be lucky. Just beware. The album was ruined for me by this.
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on 5 November 2002
Drone and post rock has become quite a growth area recently! This is a very pleasant example from one of the leading exponents. The album will delight the attentive listener with a sound-scape that presents different facets on music in the 21st century. Definitely one for solo listening, headphones and subdued lighting are optional. Definitely not new age, absorbing and skillfully crafted.
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on 11 March 2006
When this arrived in the post, I opened it straight away. The first thing which struck me was the front cover. It looked dark, dreary and above all, macabre. Wow, I thought. It's true- the artwork on the front of Mi Media Naranja is stunning. Almost as good as Radiohead, but that's in a league of its own. To the music!! I listened to the first few tracks and I got bored. And it didn't get any better. By the end I felt like this was the worst most unimaginative CD I had ever bought. That was then....I have found out what this CD must be for. I won't listen to it in the morning, afternoon or evening. The only time to listen to it is at night. It is the most wonderful, mesmerising, muscle relaxing, mind clearing music I own. I know of nothing better to get me sleepy. It's simply great at it. So if for no other reason , buy this CD to make you sleep well for the rest of your life. 4/5
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on 7 October 2004
Total bliss!
The album is probably the most complete and beautiful work I have ever heard. It has to be heard in its complete form to be totally appreciated at its best - individual tracks do not create the total blissed and mesmorised state that it does when played as a whole.
I am not saying it is my favourite ever album but I've never heard one that competes in shear beauty...
Best played at night or in my case when teaching! It creates a perfect working atmosphere. Maths lessons will never be the same again...
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