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on 29 April 2017
Great book. Love this game and love the adaption from Otacon's perspective!
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on 5 June 2013
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots by Project Itoh -- 5/5 stars

I was impressed, to say the least. I didn't have very high expectations for this novel, after my experience with the first two Metal Gear Solid novels. The first two novels weren't bad, by any means, but they read like very accurate representations of the first two games, and although I enjoyed those novels, they lacked a voice of their own, in my opinion.

This was different. From the outset the novel was a unique read. I enjoyed the explanations because I felt they did well to tie the first three Metal Gear Solid games in with this novel. The explanations acted as a bridge to understanding. However, a new reader to the Metal Gear series would probably be a bit flummoxed with the number of new characters introduced in this story, which could put them off.

As I continued to read the story slowly unfolded. The action speeded up and there was more to make this story stand out, on its own merits. It had a voice, and a unique message to readers, which felt characteristic of the Metal Gear video games, and which I liked greatly.

The feeling at the end was of satisfaction. I have never played the Metal Gear Solid 4 videogame, but I felt this book answered the questions posed in all three previous games. The same feeling of elation and absorbing interest that I had experienced with those three games was mirrored in this novel. If you want to read a great Metal Gear novel then this is the one. If new readers can get used to the unfamiliar names in the first half of the book then they will probably be interested in the conclusion in this story, which is very interesting and well ... epic.

Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriot
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on 17 July 2013
This was the last book written by Project Itoh before he passed away from terminal cancer. And he was a fellow friend of Hideo Kojima and a fan of this great video game franchise. As such, if you're a fan of this writer's work and a fan of Metal Gear then you should probably consider getting this book and reading it if you want a more quick to the point description of the game if you don't actually fancy playing through it again or don't want to.

That said the book itself is very basic and very easy to read that people of all ages can pick it up. One of the things that was most interesting about this book was the deletion of the Beauty and the Beast Unit. They do not appear and thus the book goes on a lot quicker. And there are certain story changes involving Ocelot and other characters. The most important thing to actually remember about this book before purchasing it is that its all told from the point of view of Otacon. In a clever and yet disappointing way we see the story and characters from his eyes or thoughts if you will.

Not bad by any means and alot of understanding gone into what he is feeling and what the other characters are possibly feeling but overall disappointing since you don't really see what makes the other characters tick. But again, if you enjoy reading, enjoy Metal Gear, are a fan of the late Project Itoh then I guess all I can say is this, its a Must Read for those fans. Buy and Enjoy.
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on 29 December 2014
A pleasantly enjoyable read. For those fans of MGS you will certainly enjoy this book, one for its relation to the game and two for its ability to present and de-tangle the plot of the franchise.

For those who have not played the game, this book is entertaining and well written. The characters are nicely set out and the narrative fairly unique. Sure, it will not be a book that will invoke a literature revolution, but its simplicity and thrills will, hopefully, not leave you disappointed.

(I rate it 5 stars for I am a huge MGS fan and can appreciate the references made to the games and for it explaining to me the whole MGS plot - If i was not a MGS fan I would still give it 4/5)
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on 16 June 2014
Having played the game several times I was expecting the book to just follow it but I was somewhat surprised at how much detail has gone into it. I found the extra info very useful as I didn't catch onto it whilst playing the games in the series and It was cool and nostalgic when it mentioned the past games. This is a book that can be read and enjoyed by anyone so you don't even have to play the games to understand it.
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on 29 March 2013
First of all, I am a Metal Gear Solid fan, but I have not played the actual game. So this allowed me to in a sense, 'play' it whilst still not paying the £300-odd for a PS3. As well as telling the (heartbreaking) story of MGS4, it also recaps on the entire series, with flashbacks to Otacon and Snake's past. Otacon narrates, but the aged, dying Snake is still the star of the show. Well worth a read-such a shame the author was taken from the world so soon. I doubt we'll see a Ground Zeroes novel.
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on 27 April 2015
Must read for any fan of the series! Written in a third person narrative by a long-running character, this book casts a whole new perspective on the storyline behind MGS4. A very different read to the novelisations of the first two Metal Gear Solid games (written by Raymond Benson), but the three books combine brilliantly, so I'd strongly recommend having them all to hand and reading them in order.
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on 29 May 2013
A great read for any Metal Gear fans written by possibly the greatest fan of all. Using Otacon for the narrative viewpoint at first sounds off-putting, but you can't help but warm to it.
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on 11 November 2015
Captures the feel of the games brilliantly
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on 18 January 2015
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