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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 March 2017
Brilliant! Have already watched it four times. Never tire of it.
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on 13 June 2017
Good condition, all disks play with well, very pleased
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on 27 December 2012
So good I splashed out on the Bluetooth version. We all saw this on TV so it's a pleasure for future viewing. I have them all. I don't buy a lot of DVDs but this is a bit special.
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on 26 August 2012
I love all of the Series of Merlin, the stories and the right cast makes this the best on tv
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on 10 April 2013
Bought this as soon as released, loved the merlin series and being able to watch each episode one after the other. If you love merlin you have to have this
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on 26 April 2017
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Onwards and upwards, the best season yet - tone ever darker, threats ever more real. Time and time again Camelot faces danger as Morgana, now openly evil, conjures up ancient forces to help her secure its throne. Here are thirteen episodes crammed with excitement, witchcraft and seriously scary moments - not least those screeching, swirling Spirits of the Dead. (BBBC1 screened the series later in the evening than before, a hint to parents of more adult content.)

Thankfully there is still humour, much of it in the banter between Merlin and Arthur - a great double act. Many sequences are also very moving - as when Arthur and knights mourn those dead or believed to be.

As the young Merlin, Colin Morgan is superb - totally likeable and self-effacing, conveying so much with just a look. Arthur increasingly appreciates his loyal (if clumsy) servant's worth. (Not before time, many would say.) Bradley James impresses as Arthur strives to be the king Camelot deserves, he winning over those who previously held him in contempt. (Lindsay Duncan and Ben Daniels are excellent as two of those converted.) How splendid Gaius (Richard Wilson) is still around, his scenes with Merlin a particular pleasure. One to hiss is Arthur's seemingly devoted uncle (Nathaniel Parker) - he in fact plotting much villainy. (The actor features prominently in out-takes.)

Bonuses include commentaries, deleted scenes and an interesting feature on the making of this season.

The series' continued success owes everything to the converging of talents - crackling scripts, so ingeniously plotted; a fine cast doing them full justice; breathtaking special effects; music that even further enhances. Full marks also to whoever had that brainwave of making Merlin and Arthur the same age! The device works a treat, at once allowing the old legends to be shown in a refreshing new light.

In short, the series is a triumph. No wonder fans the world over are under its spell!
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on 5 January 2012
Series 4 of Merlin is darker than the past series and I love it for that. Morgana's powers become greater and her allies increase in numbers. Arthur and Gwen experiece some hardship in their relationship. Merlin more regularly takes on his old alias Dragoon. The series as a whole is very good and the episodes are gripping.
Only three things I wasn't impressed with this series (WARNING-SPOILERS):

1) The finale. Morgana attempts to take over Camelot with her army. This is mostly very similar to the series three finale, with one big difference: the witch doesn't really get to fight. Unlike in the series three finale when Morgause takes on Arthur, Morgana simply has her powers bound by Merlin and runs. I couldn't help but be very dissapointed at that... it just seemed a bit too easy.

2) Merlin has a magical move where he throws the enemy off their feet and knocks them out. This is starting to get old and makes for a few very anticlimactic endings.

3) A lot in Merlin isn't accurate to the legend and usually I don't mind that... but I didn't like that Merlin had to magically cast the sword out of the stone for Arthur. In the legend, the one true king is the only one able to lift the sword from the stone, while in Merlin he simply uses this story as a way to build up Arthur's confidence by fooling Arthur. As I said, I'm usually not bothered by how close to the legend Merlin is, but I strongly felt they should have kept that VERY significant scene the way the legend told it.

However, overall this series deleivers another great load of enchanting episodes and magical adventures.
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on 27 February 2012
Very entertaining fantasy series aimed at young adults. But, in a similar way to Harry Potter, it's also appealing to more mature viewers (or perhaps I'm just a big kid!). In fact, I didn't choose to watch it to begin with as the 'window dressing' didn't appeal to me - heck it just wasn't in the usual, perceived "tradition"! It was only the fact that it came on after "Strictly" that I began watching - until I was hooked. I've now bought all the DVDs and have thoroughly enjoyed several long catch-up sessions - I've even passed on the 'bug' to my son who's in his 20s!

The great thing about myths is that there isn't really a 'correct' version - they're tales with distant, obscure origins that have been told and re-shaped many times before some author finally recorded for posterity the contemporary version (this may be perceived by some as "the original"?). However, over millennia, in Chinese Whispers fashion, they evolved, taking on more appealing contemporary versions of a theme - otherwise, surely, the intended audience would've 'voted with their feet'! Approached in this way, this version of the Merlin tales is entirely appropriate for the medium of TV (excellent special effects), as well as its 21st century audience: it's young, fresh, witty, and speaks 'their language'. It is totally divorced from any old, stuffy, antiquated interpretations and, once again, is bang up to date and fun.

The stories are timeless, and to reflect this the series rightly possess a sense of long ago, rather than replicate a particular period of history, so there is no 'historical accuracy' to worry about. Also, like all the best stories, these appeal to a wide range of emotions, and humour (my favourite) is definitely one of them. Now, although I'm not usually impressed by so-called toilet humour, I have to say there is a "farting scene" in an episode in Series 3 that had me in hysterics!

Metaphorically speaking, 'Merlin' has been taken down from the shelf of obscurity, dusted off and brought back to life and the Beeb have done it so well. The actors - who look like they had such fun making these programmes - and the quality of acting are absolutely first class, as is the soundtrack. Highly recommended.
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on 22 July 2012
Absolutely love the whole Merlin thing and now have all the series on DVD. Never get tired of watching episodes, it's so addictive!
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