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on 27 May 2008
I agree with the reviewer but felt the need to clarify some points made. I agree that the the software is old and frankly the useability could be much better (I use Google for aerial photography). However, with some playing around you can get it to do what you need. For example.

1) You can output route cards to Excel as well as HTML (or a Duke of Edinburgh specific HTML format). This isn't explained in the manual but can be selected from the "Templates" when exporting a route card.
2) You can get the route card to only show named waypoints so reducing the number of points on your route card so it fits on one page. However, you need to make sure when you name a waypoint you tick "Show" as otherwise this feature won't work - again something not docuemented.

Frankly I think the software is a generation or two out of date but there is no other way I know of to get such flexible mapping of the UK. I live on the border of several OS maps. With Memory Map I have a seemless map of my area and I can print out an A4 sheet of any area I am going mountain biking in, laminate it on my home laminator (which was very cheap and a better solution than expensive paper) and stick it in any pocket (not just a map specific pocket). In response to the previous viewer if you choose an A4 template for printing rather than just drawing a rectangle you always get the map you want.

This printing functionality for me alone makes the cost worthwhile as I trash most of my maps stuffing them into pockets and then getting them damp (or wet when trying to change the map within a map case). With this, I just have to print another.
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on 14 March 2008
I bought Memory-Map V5 and am less than impressed. I would not buy it again.

It has all the basic functions that you need for plotting routes and tracks and uploading and downloading to a GPS etc, There is a 3D fly through function but no aerial photography for some regions. I have found it easier to export the route to Google earth and fly over it there.

The windows layout is very non standard and hence confusing - and many functions are difficult to find - nothing so simple as a File menu for example.

The route card that it creates to provide information on your route is dissapointing, it does provide compass bearings, distances and times etc but it does not have cumulative mileage or cumulative time - essential when walking if you want to know if you are on time at a particular point. It is in web page format and has far too many pages- not very useful on a walk, there is no way to customise it and unfortunately it is formatted in such a way that importing it to a spreadsheet is painful.

Waypoint labels on a printed map are useful if you plan to walk a preplanned route using a GPS, Memory-Map doesn't seem to allow changes to font size for the labels so maps printed at small scale have labels that are difficult to read. At large scale, labels overlap, with the same effect.

If you accidentally delete anything there is no undo function.

There is a facility for adding notes to a map, it appears to be limited to 250 characters. After that it doesn't just stop allowing character entry, it all goes horribly wrong by adding new text at the beginning, ruining what has been already entered.

For printing maps out, there is a function for selecting the map rectangular area to be printed but no simple way that I have discovered for selecting a shape with sides proportional to A4 except by guesswork. Printed maps thus often have large areas of white space on them as a result.
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on 12 February 2009
Whilst largely agreeing with some of what the other reviewers have said, I must take issue with one or two points.

Firstly, the statement that the routecards are not configurable is simply not true. They are created according to templates which can be altered freely both with the regard to the values they contain (which are individually described in the included help index under 'routecards'!) and even the underlying html code (colour/font/tablecell sizes/included images etc). Cumulative time and distance can easily be added, for instance.

These changes can then be saved in user-defined templates. What the previous comment 'nothing so simple as a file system' means, I have no idea, as the name/path to each file the system creates is clearly chosen/shown in each dialogue box.

When exporting to excel, it is excel's import system that is the problem, not memorymap's format (html is, er, rather popular), but even this is alterable within the excel import wizard settings.

Yes, some of aerial photography is a little out of date, but since its possible to export a memory map route straight into Google Earth, so what? And if all you want is maps, then for the price of a dozen paper versions you get just about every version of every available OS map covering the whole of Britain. I mean you do actually want to visit these places right, not just fly through them on a screen?

With regard to the annotations, its unreasonable to want to enter more than 250 words in a note every 50m and then complain that they overlap on a 17 inch screen. If you really want to add that much information, just use the 'attach file' function to join a text file to the waypoint, and choose to add it as an appendix on the route card. Printing to A4 is very easy, you simply select A4 when you print :>)

Yes there are flaws here, but if you want to never buy a paper map again and you're prepared to spend some time learning how it works (rather than claiming things are impossible because you haven't found the way), Memory Maps is worth every penny. And the help files are actually very clear.
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on 31 December 2013
I have been a user of Memory Map products for some years now. Overall the various devices work well but beware if anything goes wrong or if you want to do something slightly out of the ordinary with them. Memory Map technical support is poor at best. You will be referred to pdfs, an on-line forum, etc etc but actually communicating with someone who wants to help and is able to do so is almost impossible. Customer service is clearly not a priority for Memory Map which is a great pity as there lac of interest in this area makes an otherwise good product score very poorly indeed. Buy if you must but do understand that if you experience problems you have probably lost your money as Memory Map are not going to rush to help.
I am sad to have to post this review but I wish I had known about the problems before I purchased so I could have saved my money for a better product.
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on 9 January 2012
Before you buy this version check out the memory map website as the latest (2012) full GB version is now retailing at £99 with free shipping, as at 9th Jan 2012.
There was an offer to upgrade from any V5 package to full 2012 GB version for £59.99 for a while at Christmas, not sure if this is still running but it was very good value so worth checking to see if it is still in place.
The UK marine chart portfolio is also worth a look and the two work well together (You can toggle between OS map and marine chart)
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on 25 August 2010
You have to be a junior rocket scientist to figure out this software. I am a software developer by trade and my humble opinion is that the user interface for the software is clunky and wholly unintuitive. Their support options are extremely limited - with a very slow response time. Their user forums suggest a very small user-base given the random and unhelpful list of threads. The freeware search facility is awful. Things I had issues with:

- installation onto my mobile
- scrolling the map whilst drawing a route
- joining up tracks
- continuing a route
- activating map areas with their map shop
- using the gazetteer - doesn't work at all on mobile. no placenames.
- transferring routes and areas to the mobile device
- the fact you start out with no maps - how do you find a place to download an area??
- the mobile software is very poor (no landscape mode, very limited functions, clunky interface)
- transferring the software to an alternative PC was messy (since they prevent you installing on say both a laptop and a pc at the same time)
- out of date documentation and no official user guide, just the odd PDF that you have to click around their site to find.

I've only bought this product as I've a windows mobile 6.5 phone. Looking forward to my next upgrade (Android phone) when I can upgrade to one of their competitors.
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VINE VOICEon 29 March 2009
Not a sophisticated piece of software but if you need frequent access to Ordinance Survey quality maps for a large part of the UK that can be annotated, printed out and enable routes to be downloaded to a GPS then this is a reasonable solution. Cautious recommendation

Good quality maps
Enables a level of annotation of the maps
Routes can be saved and downloaded to a GPS
Reliable software but can have occasional problems interfacing to a GPS
The printing of maps is very useful

The user interface is basic.
Limited features.
Only cost effective if it is used frequently.
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on 22 February 2016
I bought this as a download from the MM website, actually the 2016 HD version and I've got to say its brilliant!! OK so it was a real faff downloading to my windows PC and then MORE faff to transfer the whole country to 32G SD cards in my Android Tablet and Smartphone, it seemed like I'd never get there at times.. But all the info is in the help pages, just a little difficult to find at times. I spent hours split over several days ploughing through help pages, but now its done, and I'm more familiar with the way it works, it seems quite straightforward, if time consuming. It would probably be easier to load to a PC from a Hard version, (Stick or Disc) but more expensive. I have a caravan and usually buy an OS map of any new areas I visit, this will save me a fortune as well as being able to print off a map with any point as the centre..and with the GPS tracker on tablet or phone it shows exactly where you are on screen, no excuse for getting lost ever again!!!! I also Cycle and fly a Paramotor, and this will be brilliant for these too, you can plot a route and follow it on screen, A doddle!! no doubt it will do lots of other stuff too, but this is enough for me to be going on with...and at around £60 for the whole of GB, it seems decent value to me... If you love the great outdoors, buy this now and lock yourself in a quiet room for a few hours to get to grips with it.. It's well worth the effort and you won't regret it
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on 24 April 2016
Memory-Map sells you these products, as lifetime purchases. You should be aware this is not the case. I spent £100 or so on the product and maps a few years back with an "expires never" product and licence key" Having just tried to install it on a new computer, the software informs me I must buy a new license.
I contacted them and found their attitude very poor. As it was not the current product, they advised me that they did not offer support for it.
Nothing wrong with the software when it works, just be aware of what you are paying for.
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on 13 February 2016
I have spent hundreds on MM and if you need any help you will spend days looking through forums and help pages and always have to upgrade, AAaaaaaa I have now gone to Viewranger and my life is stress free, even when I change my phone it’s so easy to get all your maps back without downloading from a PC to and SD card and using all the different Licence number etc.
Do yourself a favour and dont buy, get the Viewranger, you will see what I mean in the long run, good luck.
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