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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 28 November 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I remember when my little sister appeared on the scene many years ago. My mother would have to warm the bottles up in a pan of boiling water, then after an eternity, take the bottle out to find the milk too hot and then have to put the bottle in cold water to cool it down. If it was a bad day the bottle would get too cold and the vicious cycle would begin.

If my poor mother had one of these life, temper and stress would have been a lot easier to manage. It is just a matter of putting in a set amount of water, switching on and waiting for the alarm. If you miss it or are too busy, well no great shakes, it will maintain the temperature for around 20 mins. You can't overcook it.

Assembly is easy enough, there is a base unit, a little cage to lower and raise the bottle into/out of the water, a cover to sit over the top and a little plastic tab to fit on the top to act as a vent. Pretty easy to put together.

I was a little put off at first with the instructions regarding bottle sizes v times v water volumes, but following the instructions I was soon up and running.

A robust little device, that is both safe and time saving. At just under 55 GBP I think it is a little heavy on the purse considering this is just an intelligent kettle and therefore I have dropped it 1 star for VFM.

If the price drops to 35-40 GBP then consider it 5/5 from me.
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VINE VOICEon 25 November 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a superb little device for assisting in baby feeding, though a microwave will be much faster for frozen milk and food (this may be very obvious, but I thought was worth adding).
When looking at this product you may well be asking a few questions (like I was before buying this) such as, does this run on batteries or from electrical power source? And, does it heat milk from frozen?
Well, this runs on mains power, and here are a few more pieces of information that might help you out:

How Does It Heat the milk?
You put water in the bottle warmer first of all, turn it on, then place your bottle in and the B-Well does the rest.

How Long Does It Take To Warm Milk?
30ml Fridge Temp - 5 mins
30ml Frozen - 18 mins
80ml Fridge Temp - 6 mins
80ml Frozen - 21 mins
150ml Fridge Temp - 8 mins
150ml Frozen - 24 mins
(Above 150ml not advisable to defrost milk)
200ml Fridge Temp - 10 mins

For everyday use warming milk up from fridge temperature this is a delight, removing the hassle of boiling water, microwaves, and testing the heat of the milk on your hand. This tells you exactly when the milk is ready, and even maintains the heat for 20 minutes. Though this is not an essential part of feeding a baby, it will certainly make life a little easier.

Be sure to change the water in the heater between feeds, as you can get all kinds of nasties in stagnant water!
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on 19 January 2014
I went a bit overboard ahead of our first baby being born and got most of the Medela gadgets. Having now had him for 5 months it's given enough time to consider the value of some of these items.

The bottle warmer sounds good - just set the parameters and leave it to warm. Except it often doesn't heat up milk well, requiring two runs at least to get the temperature. I guess they have to err towards cooler rather than hot, but it's frustrating waiting 10 minutes only to have to do it again. The idea that it 'keeps the milk warm' is also nonsense as it does nothing after the initial temperature is reached, thus leaving you with cold milk if you leave it in the warmer.

We learnt to work around it, knowing that it would be a '4 drop', followed by a two drop, but at £50 you shouldn't have to do that.

So I can't recommend this warmer really. We find using boiling water form the kettle in a bowl works just as well, better in fact as it's quicker to heat.

If you're keen to still get it, then it might help to know it works with other bottles than just a Medela - we use it with Dr Browns and they fit fine.

Overall though, can't recommend it.
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VINE VOICEon 16 January 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is such a great idea, especially new mums who might be a bit stressed and concerned food or milk might be too hot and they're unsure of the right temperature and trying to cool it down again. This fantastic little gadget - a simple idea yet a very useful one takes away the worry, in around 5 minutes for a regular sized bottle it'll be heated to the correct temperature and it will maintain the temperature for a while ready for when you need to use it. No more worrying about pans boiling or nasty hot spots you get with microwave heating which i always worry about and sometimes microwave heating tends to be inconsistant it can be cold in places - This is great if you have the time and plan in advance to have it gently heated to the ideal temperature thoroughly and it's great for travel too if you're staying somewhere without microwave facilities - problem solved!

I highly recommend this, something i've wanted for a long time, peace of mind and takes away the hassle! Great gift for a new parent, they'll really appreciate it.
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on 9 January 2016
Extremely fiddly buttons make this a poor choice of bottle warmer. I'm constantly having to reset it and go through the tedious 3-step heat setting process. I foolishly believed it would be the same quality as the Swing breast pump.

I haven't tried another brand, as this was stupidly overpriced, but they can't be as poorly built as this. Avoid.

To be fair, it does actually heat bottles, but with the assumption that your tap water is 20 degrees Celsius, and the sticky buttons of Doom, it's like eating Revels with a nut allergy. Never know what's going to happen.
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This is a really good bottle warmer. Most of the time. It's well constructed and nicely styled. If you've also got the Medela B-Well Steamer, it can also be stored inside the steamer to save space, although this shouldn't be seen as a huge selling point as both are devices that you will likely be using on a very regular basis.

There are only 3 buttons to worry about and a series of LED lights indicate the settings you've chosen. Simply turn it on and select milk or baby food, then select the temperature you are warming from (room, fridge or freezer), then select the amount you are warming. Each setting is indicated by a lit icon, although the amount being warmed is an increasing scale of "droplets" that will need some repeated checking of the supplied quick-guide before you memorise how much each setting represents.

Depending on the temperature you're warming from and the amount you're warming, your food will be at the right temperature in somewhere between 3 and 30 minutes - when it's at temperature the unit beeps discretely 5 times and will then maintain that temperature for 20 minutes before beeping again and switching off.

So far, it's been easy to use, top it up with 120ml of water, push the buttons to get the settings I need and wait a short amount of time. While baby is young and feeding on small amounts, the relatively short time to warm means demand feeding is still possible. As baby gets bigger and feeding habits better established, the longer warming times shouldn't be an issue because you can better plan feeds.

To my mind, and after a couple of weeks of use, there are a few down-sides that cause the loss of two stars.
- unless you pre-heat the water before you put it in the warmer (the instruction manual recommends using water that's around 20 Deg C), the bottle doesn't get as warm as it should and it needs a second heating. Given that tap-water in the UK is typically <10 Deg C (especially in winter), this seems like a bit of an undersight in the design. Deal with it by leaving a jug of water to sit at room temperature beside the warmer.
- I live in a hard water area and, over time I expect the unit may be prone to limescale. The design of the base unit makes it pretty difficult to clean the heating element, so I prefer to use Brita filtered water.
- depending on how big a portion you need to heat, you need to add different volumes of water to the warmer. There are no markings on the unit to indicate how much is enough so it gets to be a bit of a chore measuring out the right amount each time. It owuld be so much better if they just put two marks in the inside of the unit that you could fill to without needing to measure.
- the need to select each of the settings every time gets tedious and will get worse as feed sizes get bigger, it would be great if you could set a personal default.

All things considered, a good product that could be great with a few tweaks.
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on 19 June 2013
Bought 2 of these. Both broke within 6 months. Terrible product. One can be faulty, the second means its just not well built. Also, seeing as these are double the price of the Advent ones, makes me upset.
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on 18 December 2013
This is a very disappointing product given the quality generally associated with Medela.

We've used it several times since it arrived - not once has it heated a bottle correctly, with bottles we have from the hospital neo natal unit it gets close, with Medela's own bottles it gets nowhere near. The manual says it assumes the fridge temperature is 7C - this is so far off the mark for storing breastmilk which should be 3-4C, which is even states on the Medela website!

I wouldn't recommend it.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I definitely recommend this bottle warmer, but before I wax lyrical - three quick moans:-
1) The mains lead is annoyingly short, in some kitchens with a plug way above or below a work surface, it may not even reach!
2) The initial instructions make it not quite as intuitive to use as it could be, but having said that it only took me 4 minutes to get the button sequence and the quantity settings correct...just have a quick pracice with ordinary water before you try breast milk.
3) The "ready" bleeps could not be heard in an adjoining room even when the door was open.

Overall I love the product because it takes away any guesswork on temperature or duration or safety. It is easy to clean, it is really simple to keep everything sterile, there is even a long-handled cradle to transfer the bottle from, for instance, fridge or freezer into the bottle warmer. It sits securely on a level surface and takes up a small amount of space, the lid does not screw on but fits snugly on and off very easily, and it holds the bottle of milk at the safe and optimum temperature until you are ready to use it. Manually all you have to do is to load it with the correct amount of water (tipped straight in at the top) measured out by you for the selected task (it all depends on the size of feeding bottle and the quantity of milk it contains - the bottom of your feeding bottle will sit inside in the warmed water) and then stick the bottle inside, replace the warmer's top, switch on then select the correct settings. It's all automatic after that. Can't go wrong. No scalded baby or mum or dad.
A lot of thought has gone into this device, it is not cheap but safety and ease of use are paramount and it is money well-spent. Steve Riches, Northampton, UK.
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VINE VOICEon 28 November 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Stands about 8 inch (20cm)high with a sturdy plastic cover and lid. A removable basket holds the bottle or jar of food which makes it easy to get at when you need it. A comprehensive instruction booklet is included in nine languages and a quick guide card in English.

The bottle warmer is filled with 120ml to 240ml of water which can be straight from the tap but using distilled or filtered water may reduce limescale build up.

You plug in the warmer and put the bottle or food into the unit and then put the lid on.
Clear icons on the front of the machine help you to select from breast milk or baby food and the temperature of these items between frozen, room temperature or from the fridge, you also select the amount of food from 1oz (30ml) to 8oz (250ml) for milk and 150g for food and the amount of water that you have put into the warmer.

Once you have made your selection the icons turn green and after 2 seconds the start button turns orange and the heating process begins.

The warmer reaches a temperature of approximately 34'C and will remain at this constant temperature for about 20 minutes before beeping five times and then turning off automatically but you can set the timer according to the amount of food you are wanting to reheat/warm. Breast milk retains its nutrients and vitamins because it is warmed slowly.

The unit is stylish and easy to clean and once you are familiar with how to set the timings and quantities, it is easy to use. A boon for those night time feeds.

There is a one year guarantee with this product.
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