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on 8 December 2014
I book this book for my father as a Christmas present, as an introduction to the way I view life. I scanned through a few pages having a quick read (I just couldn't resist) and it's such a breath of fresh air. Icke explains the general oppression of the world briefly and does so with such ease. The chapters have witty names and he engages himself with the reader so well, the book sheds a light on the whole perspective of this outdated and manipulative system. I will happily be handing this over at Christmas with a massive grin on my face, it's time for people to open their eyes and stop defending such a painful, ignorant way of life.
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on 3 September 2007
I first read this book over christmas 06. It left me horrified, depressed and excited (page 99) in equal measure.

I mentioned it to a few friends and family and without exception their reaction was one of pity for me!! I think they thought I had lost the plot. I have now done vast amounts of research on some of the subjects he touches upon in this work and found he is well informed to say the least.

I have just finished re reading I am Me I am Free and it makes more sense after having done my research.

The truth is well hidden, right in front of our eyes.

This book has totally transformed the way I see the world. It became a catalyst for positive change for me and I think the more people read it the better.

I have used the information to become financially free. I would like to share my experiences with as many like - minded people as possible.
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on 26 June 2014
Please note that I am reviewing the physical book - not its content which may not be to everyone's choice. This is an attractive book, paper backed, fairly large print. Bought as a gift and the recipient was delighted. This seller is to be congratulated for a reasonable price, prompt service and ease of ordering.
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on 18 February 2001
If your mind is open enough to consider the content of this book even remotely possible you will be simply astonished. The book covers many topics from the control placed on us by the system we live in, the incredible abuse of power gained by organisations such as the freemasons. If this guy is as mad as the media would have you believe then I'm a housebrick. If you've got as far as reading this review you're obviously toying with the idea of purchasing it. Just do it.
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on 4 November 2001
This is a wake up call to all of us sleepy heads David Ickes Impassioned plea for mankind to really look at itself with an open mind Challanges the way we percive ourselfs and the world we live in, Weaving aincent knowledge with new age views i feel he really drives his point home with this book. For a man who recieves so much bad press i was suprised at his depths of insight in to the phsycolagical woes of the general population it's like someone telling you things you thought but darn't voice a must read.
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on 14 March 2001
Do you feel that there is something wrong with this world? That there is more to it than what seems to enter through your eyes and ears? You have questions that need answering and this book will answer them and more... it will set your mind free!
So you think your mind is already free? Read this book and then ask yourself the same question. Unless you are already soaring above the 'flock', you will find that your mind is imprisoned. But there is nothing to fear. The fact that you realise this means that you are setting yourself free... you are waking up. This book has been placed on your path, so why not give it a try and decide whether the information feels right for you. After all, you are a free-spirit, only you can decide what feels right for you. But be sure that you listen to your feelings and not the echoes of your prison walls...
I also recommend 'The Biggest Secret' by David Icke, also an excellent book.
Set yourself free. It is your natural state.
Peace and love, my friends.
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on 25 March 2003
My first time between the pages with David Icke. I choose this book with great caution. After all, David Icke has got and continues to get a lot of negative publicity. All of it, of course, is untrue. He is not "anti-semetic" (hence being financed by a jewish man), "reptilians" is not a "code-word" (and this really makes me laugh) for "jews". The reptilian thesis is quite inteligently laid out from what I have read of it in interviews and on his website. He is a person who cares passionatly about human-rights abuses. He has a clear understanding of Global economics. He is not by any stretch of the imagination part of the "New Age" movement, and he infact criticizes it as escapist and misguided. He cannot in any way be termed as religious, is quite critical of what he terms the "psychological fascism" of organized religion, yet will defend peoples right to beleive in what they want. He never even said the most misquoted line in media history, "i am the son of god". What he said was words to the effect of us, all people and living entities, being part of the greater consiouness that some people call god; in other words, equality. All in all, a very inteligent, insightful, couragous and ubeleivably misrepresented (in the mainstream media, by people who wish to do him harm, and people who have never read a word he has witten) person.
In this book you will find a very clear analysis of the banking sytem, a gut-wrenching discussion of MK-Ultra and Project Monarch with particular enfisis on survivor Cathy O'Brien, an analysis of the secret-societies networks, a little history lesson, some words about psychological mass mind control (the stuff we experiance every day), a mention of the modern slave trade, child abuse networks, and so on. This is a short little book, much shorter than the rest, and I suppose a nice little introduction to this whole area of research. Those who are adverse to the "reptilian" thesis might want to start here, since it gets little mention. There's also a nice little section that exposes the negative-publicity campaign instigated against him by a surprisingly tiny number of people.
Not a perfectly structured book, but well written with Icke's natural gift of communication. The only thing that might get in your way is either your conditioning, your lack of education or your prejudice.
And now I'm going to place an order for "...And the truth shall set you free." (becuase it always does).
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on 9 July 2016
Compared to his early books this one has a lot of recycled material, the author keeps rambling for whole chapters about pure new age cliches, with new information to the table. It does touch on some highly strange subject, that is the slave young guys that was portrayed in a book called the "Trance formation of America", but most of it he keeps with his cliche, for instance, at some point he claims that we just need to change our thought pattern and everything will change, that we just need to be loving. I find this ludicrous and fallacious. He wrote this in 95, we are now in 2016, the millenials are more loving and nice, still they are deluded and as silly as ever.
Other silliness, just to give an example, that we should not look after ourselves, it is ok to be fat, that this is not important, or if we think we are not old we will not get old... Still the author has aged a lot. I don't think appearance is the most important thing, but it is an important element, we are not only the books that we read, so the author was espousing all this SJW ideology a bit before it actually happened. Then we have to cope with the fact that he keeps talking about how spiritual and learned spiritual things which is just really embarrassing. The author should refrain to play the good guy, what he is not, he is a moron, but he does give interesting information now and then, but not in this book.
"When we get angry with others, we are getting angry with ourselves." This book is filled with this new age garbage, it is really unnerving, I included this passage just to make my point clear, utter cliche and the saying of the guru. Rubbish.
And of course he made a fool of himself saying the Elite would lose quite soon. Well I am writing in 2016 and they look strong...
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on 5 February 2005
David icke has always been percieved especially in the british media as strange,mad and loopy.But the truth is if we took more notice of people like Icke rather than puppets like bush,blair and all the media 'icons'we would be better people and live happier.I personaly love his attack on all religions and taking us down a more spiritual road,a subject that for some reason doesn't get talked about in either the media or schools.
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on 30 August 2007
I like this book. That doesn't mean to say that I agree with everything that David Icke says (or indeed believe everything written in this book) but there is a lot of good stuff in it, and it is easy to read. Whatever you believe (or not) before you read this book... there is a good chance that you will have had to question some long-held beliefs by the time you finish. If you want to know any more, I would suggest that you follow it up with "... and the truth shall set you free". You may also like to read "Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit" by Dolores Cannon. Both highly recommended.
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