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on 16 July 2008
One day, a student of Socrates asked his venerable teacher how to become wise. Socrates led the student to a nearby lake and the two entered the water. Then, he held the student's head under the surface as the frantic young man fought wildly. Finally, Socrates freed him. The young man gasped and gulped. Socrates watched calmly and said, "When you desire wisdom with the same intensity that you desire to breathe, then nothing will stop you from getting it." Brian Tracy uses this graphic anecdote to discuss the intensity of thought and feeling that should accompany the work of setting your goals, a potentially life-changing exercise. Every chapter of Tracy's well-written book contains counsel about achieving your dreams as well as practical advice on perfecting your life. Tracy uses plenty of illustrative examples, such as the Socrates story. He reviews many classic motivational tools and techniques. Some self-help authors lure people into wasting hard-earned time and money on books that don't motivate or inspire. However, getAbstract recommends Tracy as a genuine teacher with much to convey about using the power of your mind for personal growth. And if the message here echoes his other books, it is no less valuable for that.
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on 22 July 2001
I love personal development books - my shelves are full of them - now I can throw them all away - this is the definitive book on personal development. Brian Tracy writes clearly, passionately and absolutely convincingly about our ability to change the way we live our lives - he takes you by the hand and leads you step by step to a better way of thinking - I bought this book for myself - I wish I had it before I became a parent! I started highlighting valuable sections of the book but had to stop as the entire contents would have been highlighted. Brian Tracy is a genius! Do yourself a favour -read this book now!
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on 27 January 2007
I've now read about 12 of Brian Tracy's books, and this is one of the best and most substantial.

Most of the material here is repeated in his later books, and this earlier work covers his strange ideas about metaphysics a bit more than the others.

However the three hundred or so pages are bursting with good ideas, mainly about taking responsibility, setting goals and making plans.

I've read this two or three times now, and it's up there with two other Brian Tracy favourites of mine, Goals and Create Your Own Future.

British readers should not let Brian's cheesy appearance put them off! These are the best self-help books ever in my opinion, far more concise than Anthony Robbins, and much less wishy-washy than Susan Jeffers.
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on 17 November 2000
I have read many books on personal development and achievement etc. THIS IS THE ONE. You will learn how to control your life and acheive the goals that you always wanted, but felt were out of your grasp. This really is a book that you should read. I have never been so astounded by a book before. It hits you in the face with facts which are so blindingly obvious, yet you have never seen them!
Buy this book, and for less than £10, I guarantee you will improve your life overnight!
Then read everything else you can by the author, Brian Tracy - he really is that good.
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on 5 December 2011
Very inspiring read! If you're looking for a practical guide on how to achieve Maximum Achievement then this probably isn't the book you're looking for. Having said that, Brian does give plenty of advice throughout the book, it's just not in any systematic order and might seem somewhat vague. Still, this is such a motivational book, and I really would recommend it for anyone who'd like to gain a positive perspective on life.
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on 7 November 2006
This book is exceptional. Anyone who asks me to refer a good book to them, this book comes top of the list. I was reading reviews before I bought this book and found the reviews to be quite mixed, therefore I want this review to be clear and too the point. For me this book gave me results and the thought processes to push myself further then I had before. The most important sections in my opinion are those on goal setting, making decisions quickly & stretching yourself.
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on 5 October 2007
Once you discover a really good book that works well & easy for you, all you want to do is RAVE about it!! With this outstanding book from one of America's greats - Brian's Tracy, why not? It really "does exactly as it says on the label" (or front cover in this case.)

You only have to briefly scan all of the reviews below to see that this is a powerful book that works. His message in simple & obvious, but with this book Brian shows you why & how so many of us don't or can't succeed in our ambitions to be happy & successful, when it is the right of everyone to enjoy life to the full.

If you've read his other book "Goals! How to Get Everything You Want - Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible" first, then don't despair. This book has exactly the same message but goes much deeper into the workings of how health, wealth, happiness & peace of mind can all be achieved, providing you with a dearth of inspiration & motivation to try it out instantly & get going straight way.

This book is a little larger & a little harder going than "Goals!", only in that the chapters aren't broken down into convenient sections where you can pause & take a breath/ Nonetheless, it is written in such an enthusiastic way that keeps you interested all the way.

This ought to be the very last book you buy on the subject, but before you read (& more importantly re-read) it, please make sure you have a fresh note-book (preferably A4) & pen to hand. The book is jam packed with all the essential information to kick you off in the right direction the minute you start reading.

If you've got this far already then you need this book, look no further, your intuition was right in looking here. You won't be disappointed. It's quite a long book but with a little perseverance, you too will be glad you bought & read it. Check out the Amazon sales ranking to see how high this book is valued by thousands of likeminded customers.
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on 7 May 2011
This is one of the best and more importantly one of the most EFFECTIVE self-help books I have ever read. I bought it in February and have only just finished it now in May because it is the kind of book you can really absorb and put into action. For me, the best thing about this book is that the strategies for success are set out clearly and not in some ambiguous way that other books set out 'secrets of success'. As simple as it may sound, one of the first lessons in this book is that you must be absolutely clear about what you want if you want in order to unlock your power to succeed. For many years I have wanted to achieve something and never actually decided what I was trying to achieve. This book really helped me to focus my thoughts and energies into achieving a definite and specific career and financial goals (which I just happened to achieve whilst reading this book). This book is very specific about what you need to. If you follow the 'laws' set out in this book I would be surprised if you did not achieve success. Having read a book called 'The Secret' many years ago, I wouldn't be surprised if the inspiration came from this book. This book is like an encyclopedia of many other self-help books taking some of the most important lessons from books such as 'How To Win Friends and Influence People', 'Feal The Fear and Do It Anyway' and 'You Can if You Think You Can'. The book is very repetitive but for me I think that's what made it so effective. It is so easy to read a self-help book and then to sit back and expect miracles without any effort but this book makes you get off your backside and do something about it. Some super bonus chapters are included towards the end on mastering personal relationships, the art of parenting and the power of love. Don't let that put you off - this book is definitely about how to attain maximum achievement in your own personal goals whether that is to get a promototion, become wealthy or anything else.
It is inspirational to read about how the author spent many years not achieveing goals and then gradually over time, realising that there was a strategy to achieving great success. This book could only have been written by an experienced person who has tried and tested different ways to succeed and has then 'locked-down' the secret formula for success.
I loved reading this book but more importantly for me this book helped me to achieve specific goals. If you are hungry for success buy this book but only if you are going to make the time and effort to put into practise the lessons that are taught. Believe me the pay-off is worth it! I thank you Brian Tracy.
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on 12 February 2009
This book is worth gold! Literally!

The ideas presented in this book will change your life for ever. You will learn how to develop a whole new mindset.

You will learn that you are responsible for your life. You are responsible for whatever life you live today and you decide where you want to be in ten years. You will only truly begin living when you hammer that truth firmly into your little head and live by it every single day of your life. You are responsible!

You are the captain of your life and you can only take full control over your ship by gaining complete control over your thoughts. You have the power to be whatever you want to be. All you have to do is form a clear vision of your perfect "self" and then commit wholeheartedly to making that image your reality.

Buy this book right now and read it five times over. I promise that you will never regret reading it!
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on 19 November 2010
Some pretty good advice in this but it seems to work best in the short term. You always feel inspired when you read these books and then it fades and you find yourself buying a similar book and repeating the process.
There is nothing really wrong with this book but it is a bit simplistic. Also he is a believer in the law of attraction but offers no evidence. Some of the examples are a bit weak as well.
It is strange that the authors of these types of books never seem to do anything but sell self help products. If there techniques worked wouldn't they be doing something better with their lives?
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