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on 28 December 2013
Everyone who knows me knows that BDSM books aren't really my thing unless they are attached to a strong storyline so I'm not sure how I ended up reading Kallypso Master's Rescue Me series without a recommendation but I am now on book 3 and still going strong!!!!

I started reading the series with trepidation but I must admit that I am kinda enjoying it. The characters are interesting and after having their backgrounds laid out for you in "Masters at Arms" you are hooked and need to know more about where each story is heading.

The three main characters Adam, Marc and Damian all come together in the Marines and after a harrowing experience they all decide to work together in order to put their demons to rest.

The second book "Nobody's Angel" focuses on Marc's story and apart from the expected BDSM scenes, which I read with a hand over my eyes (yes, I know I'm a hopeless prude)I really enjoyed his story with Angie. I have to admit though, I'm particularly looking forward to Adam's story with Karla which comes up next.

Who'd have known that I would become intrigued with such a series. It goes to show that you should give every book/series a chance before making up your mind!!!!
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on 4 January 2015
This was recommended to me by a friend, I thought "why not"! Thank you dear friend, this has been a truly outstanding read. Well written, the believable story line kept me turning the pages. Yes....I've downloaded the next two books in the series already! 100% recommended!

Lots of characters but easy to get your head around this bunch of people who become a family with Master Sargent Adam Montague the patriarchal figurehead The band that forms around them and their stories in the Masters at Arms & Nobody's Angel will have you reaching for the next book!
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on 21 January 2014
Master at Arms reads almost like a collection of short stories. I found some stories more interesting than others, but they all had the common theme of a rugged, hard-assed soldier and the story of why they decide to join the military plus we get to see them serving and learn how their lives merge. The military scenes were particularly powerful.
Nobody's Angel - I enjoyed this but just not as much as the first book. The bdsm scenes were interminable in this, pages and pages of the same scene, it became repetitive and I found myself wanting to skip. I was more interested in the story of Adam and Kayla, the May to December lovers. They were the first couple we met in Masters at Arms, he's the big badass guy and the people I was really interested in. Adam and Kayla's story continues in this but the main story was Marc and Angelina and they were not as interesting to me.
You really need to read this series in order to follow it properly.
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on 4 March 2017
Such a great book with great characters. The book was long enough to get to know the characters and live the story unlike books that rush the story and loose what Kallypso has achieved so skilfully. Will definitely be reading the next book.
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on 11 June 2015
I love this book... well actually the whole series. Kallypso Masters is an amazing author, who pulls you in from the first word to the last. I couldn't help falling in love with characters in her books. If I could award more than 5 stars, I would.
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on 11 May 2015
Love this series, it just gets better and better.Not to be missed.
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on 30 May 2016
Absolutely love this series. One of the best I have read for a long time.
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on 6 February 2014
I absolutely love this book and the rest of the Master's series definitely a good read. Story characters are just fantastic
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on 20 November 2013
I have downloaded 100s of free books to my kindle and those I like I add other books by the author to my Amazon wishlist to revisit at a future date but after reading Masters at Arms I downloaded the next 3 books in the series immediately and read them back to back in three days. This set includes the intro book Masters at Arms and book 2 Nobody's Angel in one volume. Marc is the lead male in Nobody's Angel and although his character isn't my favourite of the Doms in this series (that's right they get EVEN better!) but I still REALLY enjoyed the story and how the characters developed though the book. I love the Masters and I got really invested in the characters and HAD to find out what happened next! I have already recommended this series to a girlfriend of mine and she is now as obsessed by the story and characters as I am, read them all now you will not be disappointed!
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on 7 April 2014
0.5 of the book brings to life the world of Masters at Arms telling the Story of Adam, Marc and Damien.
talking of love lost and loneliness.
Adam - 25 years in the Marines has just lost his wife and is awaiting in a bus station new to thanksgiving to travel back to base ready to deploy, however while waiting her finds a bright pink haired young girl Lost in the station and being hit on by a pimp, only for him to come to her rescue and get her home. Sixteen year old Karla Falls in love with 41 year old Adam and she tells him only he lets her down gentle but they keep in touch.
Marc- Marc Starts his story with the loss of his brother Gino, but has be betrayed by him before his death in the Marines. Marc makes the change of a lifetime by joining the Navy only to become a corpsman for the Marines under Adams command - only later dose Marc fi d out that Adam can help him by knowing that Gino died under Adam's Command.
Damien- A lost 19 year old who has a hard time with life working as a bashboy at a hotel. while working he comes a cross a arrogant man who is with a beautiful women and his body reacts like most teenagers. however later that day he then comes across the girl tied and being tortured by 2 business men and the Arrogant man is nowhere to be seen - he saves her and holds her for a while - he then wants to take her home only for her to say no not yet! so he takes her to a place he has never taken anyone before and they have a day of Passion and love making in a beach cave. Only Damien don't know that this girl holds the cave dear and is planning to end her life from her horrible life so she wants to enjoy the day to and tells Damien she is on the pill. after that day Damien Joins the Marines under Adams command and makes friends with Marc.

All 3 are deployed but one day on top of a rooftop Damien and Marc's life is changed forever. Damien is having PTSD nightmares regarding a sergent killed by the same attack that has clamied his foot. after Marc got Damien out off the rooftop Adam is then looking for Marc to return when he don't Adam finds him Hit on the rooftop.
After Damien and Marc have then been sent to Germany to recover they are then wondering what to do with themselves however Damien wants to end his life.

Adam tells Marc how he is retiring from the marines and is going to open A Kink or sorts club and would like Marc to join him, They then find out that Damien is not coping and gets him to join them aswell

Nobodys Angel: Angelina and Marc's Story. Marc is late for his DM shift and has an encounter with Angelina, after a month from that night they are then in each others lives again - but this time its hard for both of them to let go. and things happen between Marc Angelina and Marc's friend Luke
Angelina remembers some things from that night in the Master of Arms club only she don't know now if it is just a dream or not - but Marc knows the Truth.
Luke is a lost soul after losing his wife on the mountains he joins SAR where he meets Marc, he has a dream about his wife who tells him she is sending him an angel At First he Believes this is Angelina only to discover that it is her father who died with his wife.
After being with each other for awhile Marc and Angelina face some hard times however when she tells him she needs to do something she is kidnapped by her former boyfriend who Marc saved her from that night in the club, however once things are safe and they start to back their way back a cougar attack becomes upon them and is ready to attack Karla, Adam however takes the cougars focus of Karla and is Attacked himself.
In the Hospital things comes to light, how Angelina's father Died and why and that Luke is forgiven by himself and her Family only for it to become clear that the scared women drawing in the room Karla's friend is in fact his Angel once he see what she has drew.

I have tried to write this review with cryp notes as Its to good a book and series to give anything away
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