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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 13 August 2014
The layout of the 13A plugs is nice, it keeps the extension quite compact. It makes a lot of sense to screw the extension down if you can to stop it moving around because you’re pushing plugs in from the side, rather than down into the sockets.
The USB charging is disappointing, the output for both sockets is only 1amp, so it will charge one iPhone fine, but plug in anything else that needs a high current to charge it, like another phone, and both devices report that they are not charging. It takes a very long time to charge a tablet.
When an iPhone is plugged in, I experience problems with the touch screen detecting where my fingers are on the screen, this is one of the symptoms that the quality of the charger is quite low and that the output voltage is not properly smoothed.
You probably buy this device for the USB and pay a premium over conventional extension leads for it so to have it not work well just makes this a bit of a gimmick
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on 28 September 2013
The power block came well packaged as expected from amazon with no damage, as well as delivered 2 days before estimated time so very impressed.
The power block itself is a decent product with a good looking design that actually looks good placed on the desk rather then hidden like the usual extension blocks. It has 4 sockets in total which is useful, however you can get the white 6 socket version for £3 more. I guess i still bought this as i had no use for 6 sockets. The product is well built and gives the impression it is made to last.
I have read some previous reviews where it states the light is very bright at night and people need to tape this, personally if you sleep in an entire dark room then fair enough but i do not feel its as bright as people make out to be. In fact I have a router in my room and other gadgets that are far brighter. So purchase without hesitation as it DOES NOT light up your whole room as people claim. I'm not sure how the light stops people from sleeping as normal people do not see much once their eyes are closed.....lol unless you have transparent eye lids that is ;-P
The only negative aspect of this product is that the sockets are designed for the plugs to be placed downwards. This is fine if the cable points upwards, However if you use a Samsung charger for example or similar type of plugs then the usb cable gets in the way and the product cannot be placed flat. This is the main design flaw in the product but most plugs should be fine and the fact the cable points upwards means that it will remain flat on a surface rather than look as if its going to fall to one side. It also has two slots at the bottom which means it has the option of being hung on a wall. Another aspect is that a phone can be charged via the USB but anything that requires more power will not be charged. An example would be an Ipad which would probably need more power to charge.
overall it is a very good product and for the design and nothing similar in the market it seems like a product which people would happily buy. I think its a great looking product that fulfills the purpose its being used for, however this also means that certain plugs may cause the block to tilt side ways. I would buy this product again if need arises as the on the whole its a well designed and modern looking surge protector.
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on 10 May 2012
Looks like people either like or hate the white and blue LED. I like them, but they are strong.

Note that the on/off logo you see in the picture is NOT an actual on/off switch but just a symbol. I was unsure when ordering but didn't really care either way.

The Amazon descriptions containing both "6-Gang" and "USB & Telecom Ports" are both clearly wrong. The product is as pictured with four sockets and two USB ports.

Confirmed as charging an iPad1 and iPhone3. However it fails to provide my eCigarette with enough power to be usable. Thus it is not as powerful as the USB2 ports on a modern laptop or desktop.
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on 19 August 2016
This is a great idea but unforunatley not quite perfect.

Starting with the positives the overall design is quite solid and it seems to be built well. I have this on my desktop for plugging in my laptop and phone and it is great. The unit has a good weight that stops it moving around the desk when plugged in.

As for the negatives, my main issue is with the USB ports. They really aren't worth having as they have very little power and will charge your devices extremely slowly. If these were higher power ports then this would perfect. My second issue although minor is with the power light. Whilst i appreciate that alot of these types of things have them, i find them highly irritating overnight and as a result am not able to use it in my bedroom for my phone chargers etc.

For anyone looking for a 4 way splitter then this is a great well prices product, however if you are looking for a USB charger, then i suggest looking elsewhere .
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on 30 March 2012
I bought the Masterplug as I have a combination of bedside products (laptop/phone etc..,) that are plugged in at any given time. I liked the idea of having optional usb ports, saving me those sockets I would have used for my phone.

Saying that though, it doesn't charge my Blackberry via usb, which is annoying, but it does charge my Sansa Clip Zip, and other small usb items like my camera.

The four sockets are spaced well, but are upside down, which is again just a tad annoying for the Blackberry Charger!

All in all though, it's a good product - aside from the one annoyance that REALLY does bug me. The stupid white and blue lights. Even when there's nothing plugged into the unit, those lights are still on. And they are BRIGHT. In a darkened room, it's very very annoying, so I've taken to putting something over them, which takes the light down a bit. I would put down black tape, but it's still under (a very good) warranty.

To sum up, bit annoying on the Blackberry charging, very annoying on the lights, but overall a good product.
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on 1 October 2012
**Note: the USB socket is not suitable for charging the Blackberry Bold or 8900 phones

- Perfectly decent and compact 4-way adapter (though I still prefer Belkin's bigger offerings)
- USB sockets (2) charge iPhone and iPad
- Nice and compact. Robust enough.

- Bright LED (had to put gaffer tape over it)
- Doesn't charge blackberry phones (tried using blackberry-supplied cable - had to waste a socket for the BB charger)
- It rocks around a bit when plugging things in. Not always useful having wires pointing up!

Overall, a decent and compact 4-way adapter that also charges Apple products perfectly well. Just a shame about the bright LED and lack of Blackberry support.
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on 24 June 2012
The extension block has 4 sockets, two on either side of the block itself, plus two USB sockets for charging anything which can use USB power. Both USB sockets provide the standard 500mA, so are fairly slow at charging high power equipment such as phones, but convenient enough if you are using the other 4 sockets for other equipment, and can save packing space since you don't need a separate mains to USB converter brick.
I bought this specifically for the surge protection since I was travelling to India, and can confirm all my equipment survived the many power cuts experienced on the trip without any trouble!
The two lights are indeed bright, but strategic application of some black electrical tape would probably mask all traces of the light!
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on 19 November 2013
This item does not charge an iPad at normal speed so if your looking for something to charge an iPad - dont bother with this. It would take at least a day and a bit to charge up fully. I had my iPad 4 on charge for 5 hours and it was only on 8% after this time.
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on 3 November 2016
I needed a couple more sockets in the bedroom, so bought this as it looked compact and would give me some USB sockets for charging devices too. On arrival it is quite small so easy to hide out of sight, It feels like a solidly build item and the base means you can stand it upright so you don't get your electrical wires twisted at a funny angle.

Would get 5 stars if it weren't for the lights, even putting this under the bed I can still see the lights as they are so bright, I think these would even be distracting in a living room in daylight if they were in your eye line, but in a bedroom at night they are very distracting for anyone who likes to sleep in total darkness.
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on 3 December 2015
The biggest down side is you have to unplug at the socket you want to turn it off
There is no switch on the unit
Also the Blue light is extremely bright
I have one in the bedroom and I have had to tape over the light as it was keeping me awake
The upside is it is robust and small
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