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Amazon Marketplace Sellers Charging Extortionate Prices!

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Initial post: 12 Nov 2009, 19:52:32 GMT
I am shocked that a 'reputable' company such as Amazon is advertising these hamsters at 5 TIMES the normal price. I bought one from Toys R Us recently for £9.99, yet Amazon is allowing its Marketplace sellers to charge £49.99 for exactly the same thing! There is nothing on this page to tell any unsuspecting purchaser that you could normally buy the product for just £9.99.

In reply to an earlier post on 13 Nov 2009, 09:49:16 GMT
Gail Mottram says:
I think its disgusting! How can these people sleep at night? Hopefully customers will have the sense not to go near them at this price, though judging by the bids I have seen on ebay too, there are some desperate people out there! Amazon should be ashamed of their selves for letting this go on!!!

Posted on 13 Nov 2009, 10:25:04 GMT
thatdudeuk says:
Amazon marketplace has long been the source of various scams. Just search for amazon marketplace scam on google. Amazon has failed to take much action at all on that issue, and amazon would argue people can ask what they want for an item (and at the end of the day amazon gets their percentage so won't be complaining.)

See http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=2012421 for details on where to buy these hamsters without being ripped off!

Posted on 13 Nov 2009, 16:09:40 GMT
Ms. S. Ragan says:
I completely agree with the posts - what a shame that Amazon is sullying its reputation by allowing its sellers to profiteer so unashamedly. Hopefully, buyers will avoid these stores not just for these overinflated items - but for all other goods. Make a note of the sellers details and boycott them!

Posted on 15 Nov 2009, 16:48:35 GMT
thatdudeuk says:
Sadly when people see things on this site it's often not clear to them it is being sold by someone else other than Amazon.

Posted on 16 Nov 2009, 16:35:25 GMT
Ms. V. Hague says:
I totally agree, this trend of asking over inflated prices used to just exploit concert goers in the past. It now seems people are prepared to con parents trying to give their kids what they want for Christmas. No matter how much my child wants these hamsters, i will not be lining some robber's pockets. Amazon should not let this happen, however i guess as long as they are getting their cut they won't care what they sell for. I just hope these sellers don't sell their stock

Posted on 16 Nov 2009, 22:47:59 GMT
I am disgusted to find Amazon allowing advertising for Go Go Hamsters at these shocking prices. The Hamsters retail at £10 and the funhouse is £20. I have always found Amazon a very good and fair website, think I might be avoiding it now! Not happy to see people being ripped off and at such a vulnerable time with Christmas and the country suffering a recession.

In reply to an earlier post on 20 Nov 2009, 13:29:57 GMT
Last edited by the author on 20 Nov 2009, 13:31:38 GMT
Jonah says:
I have to agree with all of these comments, it's disgusting, and unfortunately it appears people are paying these prices. I'm having my own mission trying to get the bits I want, my husband has managed to get the rodents, but if we can't get the rest normal price, the children will have to wait! It does appear to be a genuine shortage too. Play . com have exactly the same kind of rip off sellers advertising thru their site. I have a feeling a lot have been snapped up by greedy ebay sellers. But for goodness sake it's a toy. My little madam may have to be patient!

Posted on 21 Nov 2009, 20:57:24 GMT
It's a simple supply and demand situation. there are far more people demanding this product than supply available. Yes, they were selling for £9.99 earlier in the year but to be fair the sellers here have probably air freighted this stock from China and paid a fair bit for that. Add to the fact that a seller who sells something for £35 on here will pay £10.50 in VAT and Amazon fees, they are not really going to be moving into a stately home after Christmas as supply is finite. It was the same with TY beanies, Furby, Teletubbies, Buzz Lightyear etc. The Government and most of the Banks are much more corrupt and greedy than all the sellers on here put together and they get away with it scot-free. It's economics. Ask yourself, if you had 50 of these would you sell them all at £9.99 each right now if it was your livelyhood?

Posted on 26 Nov 2009, 10:26:33 GMT
Last edited by the author on 26 Nov 2009, 10:31:36 GMT
as i said in a discussion i set up before noticing this one people bow to the whims of their spoilt brats. Also the guy who wrote its about supply and demand is bang on. They saw it was going to be big bought up a load and people are there to extort and they accept it willingly. They sleep well because they are making a seriously large mark up. I think it sucks and if i had bought a load i would have undercut them by 35 pounds but i missed the boat. I have twins we have aquired 1 but i will not be taken for a mug they will have to wait until they are in again in the new year. I also know that some people got in early and bought up loads from toy shops, not all are impoting them in.
It is also unfair to blame amazon you cant tell sellers how much to charge, i will stop using amazon when they are the ones doing the fleecing.

Posted on 1 Dec 2009, 21:23:44 GMT
Shame really, I find Amazon one of the best places to shop, will keep on shopping there but yes I am disappointed too

In reply to an earlier post on 2 Dec 2009, 10:09:57 GMT
Prime says:
Currently one seller is selling these for 34.99 reduced from £49.99. This is very misleading as the retail price is £9.99.

Another seller is selling one at well over £100

Personally I think it makes Amazon look bad as not everyone will realise that these are market places sellers. I feel so sorry for parents paying these stupid prices but can total understand not wanting to upset there little ones.

In reply to an earlier post on 6 Dec 2009, 22:51:54 GMT
Juju says:
I felt really stupid when I realised I had paid 4 times the retail price for this toy. I didn't realise the price was due to scarcity - I just thought it looked like a nice christmas present for my niece. I glanced at other Amazon sellers prices and they were about the same. I only realised when I saw a description in a newspaper of this year's "must have" toy as a £10 toy. The main problem is that it now looks as if I have spent a tenner on her and 40 quid on her siblings....

I don't blame the retailers - I'm just kicking myself for not comparing the price outside of the Amazon marketplace. I buy a lot from Amazon and it's usually very competitive. Oh well - won't happen again!

Posted on 7 Dec 2009, 14:14:45 GMT
Pen Name says:
A snippet from the telegraph newspaper says it all about this rogue trader -

Go Go Pets are available online, with some private sellers hoping to cash-in on scarcity of stock by offering the £9.99 hamsters for over £30.

Mr Diver said that retailers were limiting the number of toys per customer so that they could not be bought in bulk and sold at inflated prices on the internet.

"There is nothing really that we can do about it," he said.

"Unfortunately the poor child who wants the item is being abused by these traders."

Posted on 7 Dec 2009, 16:08:09 GMT
B. Howard says:
I am also one of the ripped off buyers - and I haven't even received the item yet!!! At this rate my granddaughter will get her present in the New Year and I will feel even more ripped off!

Posted on 8 Dec 2009, 16:01:21 GMT
Jon M says:
Yes, it's supply

Posted on 8 Dec 2009, 16:05:44 GMT
Jon M says:
Yes it's supply&demand - but mark-ups of 300-500% on xmas 'must have' kids' toys are cynical and contemptible. Amazon shares the blame - that's why I've spent over 1500 pounds online today but not a penny of it on amazon. Hating rip-off merchants isn't just for xmas - that's why i'm buying nothing on amazon in 2010.

Posted on 11 Dec 2009, 13:58:55 GMT
smartyPants says:
I know this is really harsh, but if you dont like the price then dont buy from these private sellers! They are profiteering. If people didnt buy overpriced stuff then these sellers would all get their fingers severely burnt & end up having to sell the stuff after xmas for 50% of the retail price! It only takes once to get stung & they wouldnt do it again!

But I know its easier said than done when you really want to buy it for your son or daughter! However, (and I know this might not work with really young children) one year I couldnt get something for my son - so I talked to him about it and gave him the option. He could have what he wanted (and pay the extortionate price) or that he could wait then I would buy him something else for xmas and also the present he really wanted after xmas - that way getting 2 presents. He agreed.

Sure it meant having to spend more than originally hoped, but it was still cheaper to buy the 2 things than buying the one thing from the marketplace sellers - it also meant they didnt get my money...

Posted on 26 Jan 2010, 00:19:10 GMT
Shaun Lucas says:
I am a Lego collector and absolutely disgusted at the grossly inflated prices that these Markeplace merchants think they can get away with. The fact that the Lego Company has a policy of ceasing production on sets every two years means that as soon as a set is discontinued, Marketplace sellers think they can then sell the set at a hugely inflated price. And in some cases they dont even wait that long. I saw a set that was deleted only last year that carried an RRP of £70, that one seller had listed at £440. Yes, £440. I've seen one seller justify their huge markups on the fact that they are selling to "collectors" at "collector's prices" but this is absolute rubbish. They are preying on the ignorant, gullible or desperate customer that does not realise that even though a Lego set may be deleted, it can still be bought much cheaper elsewhere online from dedicated Lego sites like BrickLink. Don't get me wrong, there are unscrupulous sellers everywhere, but if someone asks me where they can buy something online - Lego or otherwise - I tell them to avoid Amazon Marketplace like the plague, and will continue to do so.
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