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on 11 April 2017
I've tried several maglites over the years, as well as some other aluminium-barreled flashlights, and I really do think with the 'Solitaire LED' they have perfected the keychain flashlight.
Here's lots of reasons why:
* reasonable price, not overkill like the flashlights with flashing pattern modes etc
* very good battery life - I've had mine for many months now and not needed to replace the single AAA battery. I do use it almost every other day for a few minutes while fumbling in the dark, lighting up a path, walking from the garage, etc
* very usable brightness - make sure you purchase the 'Solitaire LED' and not the older 'Solitaire'
* a good neutral white colour output, not like some flashlights which have a blue tinge on the edges
* very slim yet allows for low-cost batteries - unlike some flashlights which use expensive 12V cells, this one can take a AAA battery. However, I don't trust Duracells because they tend to leak. I ditched the Duracell and replaced it with an AAA Energizer Lithium battery (here is a pack of 8: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00BQY36SM/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) which will last twice as long as the Duracell anyway. I feel Duracell is more about marketing than innovation these days.
* Nice all-round design. You can hold and twist it on/off with one hand, and focus it by twisting too. Also it comes with a reasonable length (about 8cm) of woven lanyard type thing for attaching to a key ring or jeans.
I like this flashlight so much that I've purchased several as gifts for friends who are always fumbling around in the dark. It is lightweight enough to always carry it on keys or in a handbag. And perfect for life UK when it gets dark early.
Over time the raw colour of the aluminium can become visible in places since it is in close proximity to metal keys in a pocket, but this is to be expected. It doesn't really detract from the product.
Regarding colours, the grey one is a really nice colour, but it costs more sometimes. The black is just classic, and I use that one. I have purchased the red and blue ones too as gifts, and the red is actually a very deep reddish/pink colour, and the blue is a very nice shade, not quite electric blue but close. However my favourites are grey and black.
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on 13 June 2017
As someone who used to swear by Maglite as a robust and reliable piece of kit. I am somewhat disappointed with this product. My old bog standard filament solitaire "flashlight" lasted several years prior to me loosing it, it was wall made with the usual fault of the back end coming unscrewed by it's self (easily rectified by wrapping a small bit of insulation tape around the end). This new one was poor to say the least. The torch was intermittent, I had to keep adjusting the beam for it to work. after a whole 3 weeks of use the front fell off never to be seen again. I would not recommend this light.l
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on 15 January 2016
Bright small torch and great on a keyring. Very bright at 37 lumens and well built.

I bought the led lenser P3 and the thrunite Ti3 along with this and from personal prefrence i would rate the P3 best, it has a better field of view and can be adjusted the quickest. Dullest of the three at 16 lumens.
The Thrunite Ti3 is the brightest of all three with diffent levels of light given in the various modes up to 85 lumens. Samllest of the three.
All 3 are well designed its just down to preference of what you need and like.
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on 31 August 2017
A great little torch, near on indestructible, waterproof. Very bright. I've bought several of these things as I keep giving them to friends as gifts. As night shift workers they find these torches a great bit of extra security on a lanyard or keychain etc. Good job, maglite!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 18 October 2017
As you'd expect from Maglite, a high quality product. The new LED versions are far better than the old incandescent bulb versions. They last longer and battery life is better. Maglite design is classic - nice finishing, high quality materials. tight tolerances and as such, represents very good value for money. Compact.
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on 1 June 2014
With the LED, this torch is now many times brighter that the original Solitaire and is more than adequate for everyday uses. It takes a single AAA battery, which are cheap and easy to obtain, and it is very small (8cm long), so can be attached to a keyring. Due to it's size, if not attached to a keyring, I would recommend a wrist strap (not provided but can be purchased or made from a length of thin cord), to avoid dropping it. Reasonable price at the £10 I paid, but too expensive at the full price of £20.
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on 4 January 2018
I bought this as I have owned two Maglite solitaire torches before and they were reasonably good. They were light and reasonably bright, given their handy size. But the contacts on both eventually degraded so that it became difficult to turn on. At first they worked as advertised, switching on just with a twist of the top. But after a while you had to twist both the bottom and the top. Then this had to be done several times seemingly to de-oxidize the contacts, and after a while they would only work when the ends were at a certain position as well. Ultimately they became so fiddly and temperamental they needed replacing. I bought this one in July and by the end of August it was already well down that path. Now, six months later, it is at the end of that path of degradation and close to useless. I am not going to buy another Maglite.
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on 26 June 2017
Great torch. The light stays bright all the way to the death of the battery. I thought mine had broken because the light hadn't dimmed before it stopped working, but it's an LED so won't dim like a bulb. Keep a spare battery with it if you might want use it in an emergency and it'll serve you well.
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VINE VOICEon 30 April 2014
There are a number of these AAA small key chain sized lights on the market now and maglite were perhaps late to the party with updating their classic solitaire model to LED. The old incandescent version was only two lumens. This new LED version is 37 lumens, a massive upgrade in brightness levels in comparison. So that's 37 lumens and a run time of 1hr45mins on a single tripple A battery, which is a good compromise. It's a good bright medium level setting. You can focus the beam a bit, from being a thrower with a round hotspot to more of a flood without one. This light is definitely bright enough to see your way ahead on a muddy path and get you home in the dark. Tripple A batteries are cheap and this little torch fits nicely on a keyring with your house and car keys. Always there when you need it.
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on 18 November 2016
Easily bright enough to see my way through an unlit lane to get to the unlit carpark that I use for work. Small enough to be very "pocketable" and the "keyring attachment" has IMHO been mislabeled: you put one ring through the hole at the base of the torch and then attach the second ring through the first, whereupon it becomes a finger loop that prevents you from dropping the torch!
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