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on 18 November 2017
An excellent product, a lot of light for such a small instrument. The box comes with wrist strap and batteries and the strap can also be clipped to a set of keys or the zipper of a handbag. A great little gift. I have now purchased a total of six.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 March 2009
I was surprised how small this torch is: only about 10cm long and about 2cm diameter. I bought it to carry in my rucksack in case I get delayed on a walk and need to find my way. It doesn't provide enough illumination for that purpose, but is ideal for carrying in a handbag, pocket or in the car glove-compartment to have a more focused light look at, say, a telephone number in diary. I'm going to take it to the theatre to help me read the programme as the lighting is often pretty dim in th auditorium.
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on 20 January 2008
I bought one of these along with its bigger brother the 2D Torch. It comes nowhere the larger version in performance but it's not meant to. If you need a torch to attach to your keys or bag then this torch is for you. Ideal for close work and is very durable, it even comes with a battery and keyring attachment!
I would prefer a switch on the body rather than the twist action on the lens. Otherwise it is hard to fault. You may find you'll be so impressed with the quality you will want the bigger torch for the house!
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on 28 October 2004
It's strange, all the things we consider unimportant. After all, isn't a torch a torch?
This one is so simple yet so robust and functional. Very tough and turned on/off and focused by rotating the lens end of the unit. The batteries last well due to the small yet bright-for- the-size bulb (spare included in end cap). In addition to focusing, the torch features a 'candle mode': unscrew the lens end completely, turn it glass downwards and insert the base of the torch into it -- and the exposed bulb gives a small but reasonable general lighting effect. Probably also quite good for candle-lit suppers in a mobile home/caravan, not that I've ever tried it.
Bearing in mind that this is a rather small torch working on two small batteries (i.e. not a floodlight), it is a reliable friend whose simple yet impressive functionality is elegance itself. If you're looking for something small to keep on your person, or stow in a car or caravan, or indeed use as a small inspection torch thanks to the adjustable focus, you'll be delighted. It's a pleasure to use, and it's surprising that there's so much good to find in a mere little torch.
Also makes a great business gift!
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on 1 September 2012
The body of this torch is very smooth and well built. However, the light is extremely dim. In the days of LED lights, this is simply not up to the job. If you need this torch as a small portable light to use to see anywhere in the dark, forget about this and get a LED torch instead. I wanted to get some LED upgrade, but for this AAA Solitaire the LED bulb that I could find didn't seem very good (not fitting properly into the case) and they were more expensive than a new LED torch.
I later got a Fenix E05, and although its build feels much more rough and less finished, there is no comparison with the amount of light.

I could see that this torch might make sense if you need an intentionally small amount of light (e.g. if you need to use the torch right in front of your eyes for near objects) - but even in that case, the short life of incandescence bulbs might not make this a very good option anyway.

So, it's a bit of a pity that this nice torch body is left with an obsolete dim bulb - Maglite, just put a LED in this and it will be a great product.
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on 3 January 2012
I got a lot of use out of this little torch, because finding the right key/keyhole any light is good! However, I expected a lot better from Maglite.

Love the Style. Really nice design, simple operation. Its not much bigger than the AAA battery it contains.

The build quality is the best "feature" of the light. Mine was excellent. It did feel like it would last forever. Can't fault it.

Maglite opted for level 2 annodisation (rather than level 3) so the surface scratches when in a pocket with keys. I recommend getting the silver colour as the silver doesn't show this up as badly.

This is what lets it down, and the reason I gave it such a low score (it is the reason you buy it!). The light is terrible. Maglite still haven't moved away from incandescent bulbs! In the world of LEDs, this is pretty pathetic. I got a £5 set of aluminium lights from the petrol station, and although terrible build quality the AAA light in the set was about 100x brighter - as it has an LED bulb. Even the tiny watch battery lights that came with the set were at least 10x brighter! The only advantage is that its a natural (yellow) light rather than blue/purple/white of cheaper LEDs. The brightness is just awful. You can use it to pick the right key and get it the right way up in a lock 2 feet away from your face, but don't hope to find your footing in the dark or find something in a dark room - its just too dim. Check out some photos of the beam in a comparison of AAA lights [...]l - search for "maglite" to get to the right section). You can see how bad it is compared to the competition!

Battery life:
As it has an incandescent bulb the batteries don't last that long. Mine ran out in about 2 months of light use. Considering LEDs with much brighter lights can last a lot longer its very short.

Its such a let down. For a similar price you can get something like the Fenix E01 that has level 3 annodisation and a decent LED lght. For much less you can get a better, no-brand LED light from a petrol station or supermarket. Even the tiny watch-battery lights you can get for £1 will be brighter and probably last longer due to using an LED.
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on 26 December 2012
I got this for camping as it is small and fairly bright. You have to twist the top to turn it on and focus the beam which became a bit dodgy after i got a bit of sand in it and it became hard to twist and the light took a while to come on. I left it in a drawer over the winter and the battery leaked and messed up the torch even more. I guess for £5 i shouldn't have expected the best torch in the world. I've now upgraded to a head torch by Petzl which is much better. Should have just forked out the extra bit of cash in the first place.
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on 24 December 2011
Ok, I know that this a pocket flashlight, but I would expect more from maglite.
Better if it had a led.
With new alkaline battery you get a 1.5m long fade out yellow beam.
Even for use inside the house is not good for me.If you want to look into
your bag it is ok.
However I am really font of
-its extra small size
-its spot to flow ability (not expected in such a compact design)
-its "candle" feature (take out the lens and you just got the bulb)
-the spare bulb on the screw end.
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on 14 December 2010
The torch is very small - but that can be both a good and bad thing. I think it's great as it can fit on a key-chain no problem, is small and very light. I would have gone with the AA size one, but it is a gift and I had a maximum budget of £5 so this was the only maglite I could get. It is very bright, and looks good. It comes in a neat little box and works great. I bought it for my brother-in-law as he is off travelling soon, so I hope he likes it!
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on 30 November 2010
As per the title of this review I feel this torch is good at what it does, but you need to know what that is. It definitely isn't strong enough for finding your way in the dark for example as the light isn't near strong enough. However for indoors, searching for something in a dark room if the electricity went it does the job.

It is small compact and cheap, what more can you ask of it.
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