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on 9 January 2001
Aleister Crowley - The name conjours up many images. Charlatan, mystic, con-man, evil, genius. Throughout his life and even now, he is either reviled or hailed by those who have heard of him.
This is his definitive text, containing firstly of a dicusion on religions, where they agree or are similair, and where they differ.
There is then a dicussion on meditation, followed by (the bulk of the book), Crowley's system of Magick. This is not conjuring, but magick to contact other beings, for the purpose of enlightenment and knowledge. (he himself contacted his guardian angel, a being who dictated the Book of the Law to him, which included the famous phrase "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law").
Whether the reader intends to follow in the footsteps of Aleister Crowley, or is mearly interested in reading a work by the man as opposed to a book about him, this is an essential purchase . On the one hand, it is his seminal work. On the other is a very interesting insite into the beliefs of on of the most enigmatic men of the 20th century
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on 26 March 2010
This is a remarkable book. Crowley was such a controversial and reviled character. This book in his own words explores his understanding of Religion and Spirituality. What is clear is that this was a man standing very much at odds with the accepted culture of the time, a radical thinker and a free spirit. This book makes it clear that this was a man seeking spiritual enlightenment, in an age when mechanised warfare had dehumanised humanity through massive slaughter. He himself died in 1947. This is argued to be his best book, and draws on Gnosticism, Hinduism and Ancient Egyptian cosmology to formulate his own theory of Magic or 'Magick'. Numerous rituals are appended, and there are detailed explanations of incantations and devils encountered in these black rituals. It would be too simple to dismiss the whole book as black magic and occultism- it is such a very complex book drawing on philosophy, planetary relations, cosmogeny, mythology and genuine spiritual intelligence that it deserves an unprejudiced hearing. He was in the spiritual Avant Garde, whose affects are felt today. A flawed man- but with an astounding breadth of knowledge and experience of the 'occult' that it is hard to imagine is emulated today. There is integrity and soundness in a great deal of what he talks about as an ouspoken critic of ossified unexperiential religion as he clearly saw it at the time.
Listen to the theory, and ignore the practice . Or simply ' do what thou will '.
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on 8 October 2011
This is essential reading for anyone who wants to know what Aleister Crowley was really about. It certainly gives the lie to those who believe that Crowley was a black magician - an invention of the gutter press during the 1920's.

In this work Crowley clearly explains his position on black magic as well as the basics of his own magickal system of Thelema. The clue to the absurd accusations of black magic lies in one of Crowley's other essays (An initiated interpretation of ceremonial magic) in which he states "Magic is a mirror, wherein one who sees muck, is muck."

Aleister Crowley devoted his life to the pursuit of Life, Love and Liberty, which is why he is loathed by the powers that be and the gutter press, who want to keep you in your place so that you can serve their iniquitous purposes.

Readers of any of Crowley's works also need to remember that he had an all-pervading sense of humour and often dealt with delicate or esoteric matters symbolically rather than literally.
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on 14 March 2013
To quote from Crowley himself - "This book is for ALL: for every man, woman and child."
In this - his most accessible work - he attempts (and succeeds) in stripping away the mysticism and the charlatanism that generally surrounds the subject of Magick (the suffixed K serving to separate this system from the run of the mill nonsense) and delivers a complete system by which anyone who is prepared to put in the necessary work can improve and enrich his or her life by the simple virtue of enabling them to discover their true life's purpose.

Crowley defines Magick as "the Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will" with the postulate that "ANY required change may be effected by the application of the proper kind and degree of Force in the proper manner through the proper medium to the proper object" along with the following theorems
1 - Every intentional act is a Magical act (see "Definition" above)
2 - Every successful act has conformed to the postulate
3 - Every failure proves that one or more requirements of the postulate have not been fulfilled.

There are many more theorems that follow on as naturally from these initial statements as night surely follows day and the purpose of the book is to provide the dedicated student with the necessary training to allow himself to fulfill his will - or his purpose - in this life (the two amount to much the same thing in my mind) regardless of any religion he may have been brought up in. It is not a mystical path, although mysticism is discussed, any more than it is a religious path - although yet again religion is also discussed. It is nothing more or less than a method of finding your true path and learning how to develop it once found.
Nothing is assumed or taken for granted - all is questioned and open to question.

This is Crowley's masterpiece
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on 9 January 2016
Another blatant, copyright-infringing copy of an original book, self-published via the "anything goes" Createspace platform so that yet another unidentified wretch can cash in on the works of others. In this instance, the illegal breach of copyright has been reported to Weiser Books and the O.T.O.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 November 2015
There are two views of Crowley, two serious ones at any rate, and whichever one takes has one seeing him has either a quite extraordinary man with powers that we do not yet begin to understand; the other being that in fact he was not a supernaturally gifted individual but clearly at the very least what used to be called a 'character', a compelling presence who influenced many: he tells us more about his times than about metaphysics. The Magick herein is the result of much esoteric learning and a pronounced wish to explore that least well understood of bournes, the Mind. We still understand so very little about how 3 lbs of rarefied meat in our head can be a personality that it's worth looking at the blend of Gnosticsm, true Diabolism and esoterica as sources of wisdom,; forces we are barely aware of yet might dimly see as Fate, Charisma, Synchronicity etc., the sort of thing that Jung found intriguing. The other, sociological approach would be to locate the forces that allowed this individual development - Marx said we are free to make ourselves, but not in the circumstances of our own choosing - making Crowley something of a harbinger for Burning Man, anti-Materialism and against the reductionist science that can seem to be about to explain us away even as we prepare to be shrugged off the planet we allowed ourselves to become suddenly Anthropocene enough to dethrone we Homo Sapiens Sapiens. The sort of thinker to make up ones OWN followers about; whether you think him the real deal or some cut-price Nietzschean ubermensch sans the aphorisms and the burning brilliance will be yours to find out. He is no prose stylist, but he's learned in the lore and an unusual specimen. [I still take Nietzsche though; the most fascinating mind since Kant].
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on 14 March 2016
I should have read the detailed description which starts "Based on instruction from Liber ABA, Book 4..." i.e. this isn't the real thing - it's a précis of the original and not a very good one either in my opinion.
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on 19 October 2014
this would have the full 5* but there is parts missing from the paperback very disappointing, had find the missing part on internet but hopefully there is no more missing parts or it will have lost more but the information content is amazing
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on 6 August 2016
This product is a fake. This is not the real thing and is poor rendition of a great book. I would suggest just buying the original Book 4, where this book first appears to avoid dissapointing texts like this. I will be reporting to the copyright holders.
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on 18 February 2015
classic reference, good service
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