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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 18 May 2006
This documentary follows Madonna on her hugely sucsessful Reinvention Tour 2004. There are some excellent onstage performances such as Vogue and American Life plus many others. We are also given an insight what its like to be Madonna the mum, the wife and the pop superstar on the road. There is great footage of Madonnas first ever trip to Ireland where she played at the famous Slane. The Live Cd is a collection of just some of the hits that were sang on tour. This is a must have for any Madonna fan. Its fab BUY IT!!!
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on 31 January 2007
The audio CD included is a refreshing change as it is the first time Madonna has released a live CD, and of course the tracks featured are all great. However i would have very much liked to see more of her oldies included on it that she performed in the show. These woukd include hits such as 'Papa don't preach', 'Express yourself', 'Crazy for you', 'Material girl' and 'Hanky Panky'. Up until the Reinvention tour i was always got this feeling that Madonna would rather forget her old material and to me that is a real shame considering fans like myself have been following her from day one.

The documentary included is the perfect sequel to 1990's Truth or Dare(In bed with Madonna) and shows how far she has come and grown as a person both artistcally and personally since then, and is not so self centered as the origianl!

However to be honest, if it were a choice between this release or the Full Reinvention Concert on DVD, I would, without hesitation, chose the latter! The Reinvention was by far one of my Favourite Madonna Tours and i still live in hope that one day it may be released along with her Blond Ambition tour (1990) and her FULL UNCUT Virgin tour (1985) on DVD.
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on 28 May 2006
This documentary does not only feature clips from Madonna's concert in Paris, but also shows the backstage (her interaction with her dancers and other team members) and her spending time with her family.

The concert clips are amazing (especially Vogue, although it has been shortened) and then end of the documentary will blow you away.
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on 24 June 2006
We must have seen this coming. The sell-out concert had made sooooooo much money worldwide on ticket sales back in 2005 (and the other years, quoted "well worth it" by the attendees), so why not push it a little bit further by releasing this disc?

Well, its not for the cash it seems....this is a real bargain (for a change) from our wee Madge.

Depends on what mood I'm in that makes me appreciate it more. CD (for eg. while cooking dinner) or DVD (while eating the dinner) or DVD (on background TV when Friends on couch chatting) or CD (background music when B/F or G/F on couch while ....well, ye know). Etc. Either way, it works. Ok, I promise there is other things I do without relying on nearby HiFi's or TVs!

Broken down, the purchase is a little something like this;


As far as "Live" CDs go, this is a little "Best of Madonna...with a twist". Only knocking in approx 14 tracks, most of which from her album - notwidelypopularbutIquiteenjoyedit - "American Life", it lays a new feel to a few well known tunes.

It opens like a football match - with chants and clappy hands - but its when "Like A Prayer" starts, you feel the vibe of the stadium, as this one has been given more of a 'religious' feel never to be brought from this song before that makes you feel a bit warm, and actually pay attention to every word. Gone are those Karaoke try-outs with it.

Ok, the version of "Imagine" can only be appreciated from being there within the stadium surely.


The outfits, the choice of song, the dancing, the lighting....yup all is perfect. If I was there, then I wouldnt be asking for a refund but an autograph.


Watching the documentary sections made me think I was watching scenes from a Big Brother / X Factor - Backstage Pass.

Madonna can act when it comes to film, but when she changes from being bitchy to emotional in a few minutes with her entourage, its just cringeworthy.

Saying that, if it makes everyone involved perform and produce this high quality purchase, then its a winning formula for all to enjoy.
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on 11 August 2014
Its not as good as In Bed With... but that being said i actually found her so much more like able in this if not preachy.

The backstage footage includes chats with the dancers/crew/band and family and contains live footage of select songs. The live cd is brilliant as well!!
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on 16 January 2013
I have always loved Madonna, her constant changing and exploring of not just musical, but social and political ideas gets more fascinating all the time. This live CD is so enjoyable, remixes of old favourites like Music, Like A Prayer and Into The Groove are all great, but the surprise was "Imagine" I never thought I would like anyone but John Lennon singing that song, but well done Madonna. The DVD is the best part for me, tight dance routines and the behind the scenes footage that show that Madonna was not the dominant force in the Ritchie household and was very much in love with Guy, no matter what anyone says. I wish I hadn't waited so long to buy this! Don't make the same mistake
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on 30 September 2011
this dvd cd combination is in 2 parts
1- dvd documentary going behind madonnas rienvention world tour
2- cd of tracks from the tour

This record is informative of what happens on a world tour and will be an intresting insight for fans. The clips of the tours performances are also great and the cd is of good sound quality.


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on 23 June 2006
I was undecided between a 3-star or a 4-star review; I don't have the option of a 3.5 grade, so 4 it is; unfortunately, this is not worthy of a top rating, even though it is quite good in its own terms;

The thing is, even as a major Madonna fan (owning every single and album, and limited edition, since 1990, been to many of her shows, etc.), I can't but feel let down by this package; it consists of 2 discs: a DVD with the "I'm going to tell you a secret" documentary shot during her "Re-Invention" tour in 2004, from LA to Lisbon and Israel; and a CD posing as the soundtrack for the documentary.

As far as quality goes, the packaging, the sound, the image, everything is top notch; the film's 5.1 sound editing could have made better use of all available channels, and the subwoofer is almost criminally underused, but all and all sound is pristine; Madonna herself sounds great (with the possible exception of "Music", but so would anyone singing if dancing like she does), and a live CD turns out to be a must on any fan's discography of Madge; the songs are revisited with some new editing and remixing for the show, and some even sound better still, like "Vogue" and "Into The Groove" then their original counterparts; but here's where it fails: it excludes some of the most memorable moments of the Re-Invention tour in favour of more questionable ones.

The choice for the CD's song line-up is, of course, the DVD's documentary chapter list, hence the "soundtrack" tag it carries. So we don't get "Frozen", "Express Yourself" or even the song she dedicated to her fans live, "Crazy For You", just 3 of her biggest hits ever; what we get instead is "American Life", "Die Another Day", "Mother and Father" and "Lament".

Oh good.

If you remember Madonna's last full length documentary, "In Bed With.." / "Truth Or Dare", you'll be pleased to know that, although inferior, this certainly lives up to that legacy; after all, 15 years later, that seminal work is still age-free and future-proof; but where fans still wait for a decent DVD output of the Blood Ambition tour, which was probably left out cause of the show's proeminence on that film, we, fans, will probably never see Re-Invention in its full glory, be it on DVD, HD-DVD, BR, or whatever; this output downright denies us that; so as it stands, this is a 7 out 10; a great achievement to any other artist, but unfortunately, considering her fenomenal body of work, considering the quality of the live Madonna DVD's available, "only" a good effort.

And bless her, she loves her children; Rocco is crazy and Lourdes speaks impeccable french; and they love her back; Guy is a great husband; that's her success, that's her big secret; and she's grown; but she still can't write poetry.
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on 11 August 2012
this cd and dvd set,is very good value. d.v.d, offers, a good insight into copying with a young family, when being on TOUR. THE D.VD, EVEN HAS A QUIZ, IN THE EXTRAS SECTION. THE CD, ONE OF THE HIGH LIGHTS, FOR ME, WAS MADONA, SINGING, IMAGINE. THE ONLY THING, I DID NOT LIKE, WAS THE STAGE SET OF JESUS,AND THE BLESSED MARY,IN ONE OF HER SONGS.Madonna - I'm Going To Tell You A Secret [Live] [DVD + CD] [2005]
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on 26 June 2006
Played this cd for the first time today in the car and was absolutely blown away! I went to see the Reinvention Tour in Earls Court, London, and it was AWESOME! Highlights are the likes of the amazing version of American Life, Music and Vogue (Oh and Into the Groove of COURSE!!). The addition of a demo of 'I Love New York' is a real bonus, interesting to hear. Haven't had time to watch the dvd yet but it's next on my 'to do' list! This cd is a MUST for anybody who saw the last tour and of course any die hard Madonna fans! Great production and quality, you WILL enjoy this!
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