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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 4 January 2010
First, let me confirm the technical specifications:

Running Time: 3 hrs 39 mins approx (Concert and documentary)
Disc Format: 1 x BD50 Dual Layer

Picture Format: 1080p/24 (Concert and documentary)
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
Audio: Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Surround, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

Region: 0 (Worldwide) - I assume this means region free
Subtitles: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin
Menu Screens: English

01 Lost Highway
02 Born To Be My Baby
03 Blaze Of Glory
04 It's My Life
05 Keep The Faith
06 Raise Your Hands
07 Living In Sin/Chapel Of Love
08 Always
09 Whole Lot Of Lovin'
10 In These Arms
11 We Got It Going On
12 I'll Be There For You
13 (You Want To) Make A Memory
14 Blood On Blood
15 Dry County
16 Have A Nice Day
17 Who Says You Can't Go Home
18 Hallelujah
19 Wanted Dead Or Alive
20 Livin' On A Prayer
21 Bad Medicine
22 You Give Love A Bad Name
23 Runaway
24 Bed Of Roses

Now for the review itself. I must start off by saying that this is probably one of Bon Jovi's best concerts to date, the playing is spot on (as is the singing) and the audience and the band seem to be really enjoying themselves!

One little problem I have though is that for some reason the concert seems to have been edited strangely - there are 24 songs on the disc yet not all of them are viewable as part of the concert. Firstly, Bad Medicine is played at the end of the concert (presumably as an encore) but there is only audio available as the screen is blacked out for the credits. It seems strange to watch the credits whilst listening to the crowd go wild over this song.
Likewise the last 3 songs (You Give Love A Bad Name, Runaway and Bed Of Roses) are only available as bonus songs - they can only be played separately and individually from the main menu - for some reason they've been edited out of the concert and tacked on as extras. I'd have much preferred them to be reinserted into the concert itself, or better yet not edited out in the first place! don't understand why they were presented this way as they are all in 1080p with the same audio options as the rest of the concert!

On the plus side the visual presentation is generally superb. There a few soft shots and it seems that the stationary cameras had different specifications to the others used as the picture quality changes when switching to them - it isn't bad (there's still lots of detail) it's just obvious to see that different cameras are being used, the colours change ever so slightly and the contrast seems a bit brighter. Also, as was pointed out by a friend, these stationary cameras shake a bit as they've been placed a bit too close to the drums and are picking up quite a few vibrations. Overall the detail is superb and colours leap off the screen.

As for the audio I was disappointed to read that only TrueHD and stereo were being provided (I've become used to DTS HD Master and PCM Stereo), but they perform admirably enough. Strangely the TrueHD track sounded a bit muddier and subdued than the stereo track (so much so that I had to play the concert on a higher volume on the TrueHD track than on the stereo to hear everything properly).

As far as extras are concerned we are provided with the documentary "When We Were Beautiful" in all its 1080p glory and it is fantastic! It is well worth watching for any fan of Bon Jovi, new or old as it provides such an insight into the working of the band!

Overall the only real problems on the disc are the little issues with the audio provision, but that aside I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone out there.
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on 16 May 2010
This is a very good looking blu ray concert and Bon Jovi play excellent as always.. however for the people that put together this disc what were you thinking?

Ok definition of what the 'bonus' section of a dvd is for.. deleted scenes, interviews, outakes, songs from other concerts.. etc.. what it is NOT for: songs from the same concert as on the dvd!! and that is what we have here.. three of Bon Jovi's best songs taken out of the main concert and put into the bonus section. why?? when you put this disc on you want to see the concert complete and in full.. you dont want to have to go into the menu at the end and select the last three songs one by one! very very annoying!

And to add to the annoyance the last track 'Bad Medicine' although it is to from the main concert it has no picture to it and instead is played as just audio as the end credits roll.. very frustrating!

So that all for me spoils what is a great concert from Bon Jovi and in HD quality so good you feel you are there!

Bon Jovi 10.. editors 0
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on 3 December 2009
Well what can I say. I tried to purchase this title in Blu ray on the high street but I had no luck, so I turned to amazon instead.
To see Bon Jovi perform in HD is a must for ALL Bon Jovi fans. The picture and sound is amazing! The whole concert is shot in 1080p HD quality.
All together there are 25 songs which the band perform from the very last night (15/07/2008) of the massive Lost Highway 2008 World Tour.
And not only is the concert in HD, but on this Blu Ray version, the band's documentary (When We Were Beautiful) is included too, and yes its in amazing HD 1080p quality!

*You have to check out Jon Bon Jovi perfoming 'You Want To Make A Memory', 'Bed of Roses' and Blood On Blood', in the middle of the crowd - him on one side of the arena and the rest of the band on the other side! - its a fantastic performance!*

Also, I have noticed that on my Blu Ray, when the band is performing 'In These Arms', towards the end of the song, the Blu Ray disc freezes and eventually starts again just before the song finishes. Now I don't know if this problem is with all Blu Ray discs, or just mine?
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on 23 January 2010
Lets start of by saying this is a great concert,the band are on fire Sambora especialy have never sounded better,but please tell me who is responsble for the editing.Why take 3 great songs from the same concert,2 of there biggest songs, and the one where it all started and pretend they are bonus material.WHY WHY WHY dont they put them in the gig where they should be,its not like a cd where you are limited to 80 min and have to make omisions, if you are going to put bonus material on put songs
from another concert,another tour,backstage stuff, if i dont want to listen to a song i press skip on the remote control,but please give me the chance.

The version of bed of roses that has been downgraded to bonus is superb,Jon out on his own,surely one of the highlights of the show, and they omit it for absolutely NO reason

As for bad medicine, WHY WHY WHY TELL ME WHY Do i have to listen to a US No 1 single,a song that has been played at virtualy every concert for the last 22 years to a black background why the credits roll............VERY VERY 10/10 for the gig, 1 out of 10 for the editing.
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on 20 April 2016

Bon Jovi: Live At Madison Square Garden was filmed in July 2008, at the end of the highly successful Lost Highway World Tour. There were 21 songs in the concert: all the hits were there.


It was filmed in 1080p on a BD-50 disc. The images were very sharp. One can clearly see the pattern of Jon Bon Jovi's tattoos on both shoulders. The skin tone was accurate. The colour of Jon Bon Jovi's red and blue shirts was very vibrant. (4/5)


The Dolby TrueHD 5.1 Surround Sound really rocked the house. One can hear the singing very distinctly, separate from the guitar sound and very tight drum beat with great bass. (4.5/5)


As to the concert itself, it was totally enjoyable from beginning to end. Jon Bon Jovi has the charisma to control the audience. To see thousands of hands going up in unison when prompted during Raise Your Hands was a sight to behold. His rock n roll songs were full of energy, with a fantastic guitar support from Richie Sambora, who did magic with his guitar. Tico Torres was simply amazing with the drums. Jon Bon Jovi could sing pretty ballads too, like Always, when his voice simply soared into the air. My favourite versions of Hallelujah were by Alexandra Burke and k.d. lang. But Jon Bon Jovi's live version of this song was full of feelings and very moving. (5/5)

On the song listing, there are four additional songs: Bad Medicine was played when the credits rolled along with no video, while the other three songs You Give Love A Bad Name, Runaway and Bed Of Roses were concert versions found in the bonus.


I normally prefer the studio versions of hits, but in this case, Bon Jovi brought life and energy to his concert, making one truly appreciates his talent. It is a fantastic band. They simply give Rock A Good Name!

Bon Jovi came to Toronto on February 14, 2011...what a valentine gift! This disc is highly recommended.
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on 30 December 2009
I was bought the Blu-ray for Christmas, and having watched it, it leaves all previous Bon Jovi DVDs in the dust!

The picture quality is absolutely stunning; rich, vibrant colours with crisp, sharp video. The sound is amazing also, Jon's vocals soar. The video has a mix of all their classic hits, Living on a Prayer, Always, It's my life, along with some rare gems like Dry County, Blood on Blood and Living in Sin. Along with their hits, there is also Jon's stunning version of the song Hallelujah.

The documentary is worth the price of this Blu-ray alone. It is truly a very rare insight into the inner workings of one of the biggest and most successful Rock Bands of all time. Jon's frank, honest assessments of the sometimes lonely life on the road, to the pressures and demands of fronting the brand 'Bon Jovi'.

It truly is a must for all Bon Jovi fans, and those who are curious just what it's like to be in the crowd at one of their rocking concerts!
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on 22 January 2016
5 stars for the inclusion of Sambora's excellent rendition of I'll be there for you. However.......About 50% of the songs are done justice, but you can't get past the fact that JBJ's voice has had it. Listening to Always just had me cringing. What a shame. Appreciate that nobody's voice can withstand the years and that the high notes on Livin' on a prayer are never going to be reached again. But if you're going to keep going then you had better reach the peaks that you have set yourself, and as a singer JBJ can not

Oh and the 'bonus' documentary.......well it foretells everything you need to know about the reasons for Sambora's departure. Jon, what were you thinking!?
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on 31 December 2014
Ditto review posted by 'Niz' on 21.10.2012 and in particular, the really poor audio. I'm one of these who does not particularly care how a band looks, its how they SOUND that matters! Don't scream at me girls!
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on 18 December 2009
This is an excellent DVD. I love that some of the songs you don't get to hear a lot are on here, like Dry County. The energy is great, and when Jon is on the platform and makes his way back through the crowd, I love the interaction! Definitely worth the purchase.
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on 27 August 2011
live at madison square garden is a brilliant dvd. i am 62 i love rock music especially bon jovi. i am trying to collect everything they have recorded. this dvd was well worth the money. the boys at their best. cant wait to place more orders with amazon xx
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