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on 16 June 2017
It's advertised as a portrait flash but it really isn't great for portraiture! For everything else though, it's pretty cool. A little overly priced I think but it does give a nice even light for still life, close up or macro images. It's a little heavy and should be supported with your hand to avoid damaging your hotshoe
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on 6 February 2012
I've tried the O-Flash with a Canon 5D Mk2 and 580EX II and disagree with some of the previous comments.

It looks bulky at first sight but it isnt that heavy (approx 420gms) and doesnt put any significant strain on the 580 head.

The O-Flash is a very good fit over the 580, the moulded housing grips well being made of a softish rubber and once in place with the velcro strip tightened it stays in place as its meant to.

Some of the flash intensity seems to get lost along the way and I was adding +2 to +3 exposure with the flash in ETTL mode to raise the brightness but having said that I was using an aperture of f16 on a Sigma 50mm f2.8 macro lens and the focus point was approximately 250mm in front of the lens so make of that what you will. I've uploaded the photo I took using these settings (a remote control, telephone base and white instruction manual) to the product images on the description page. I havent tried anything other than close up shots so cannot comment on suitability for portrait work but I think it would work quite well for fill flash.

All in all for the current price of £24.99 (or less than half a tank of petrol) it does a very good job for close up shots and far better than the LED flash ring I have. Shadows are pretty even and nicely diffused and whereas I had initial doubts, I'm pleasantly surprised by the end result. Considering that the Canon Macro Flash ring costs somewhere between £350 and £500 depending where you look I think the O-Flash is good value for money and with a little practice, a very reasonable alternative for macro shots.
review image
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on 27 July 2011
It is quite brilliant product! You can not expect a miracles for this price but it deserves to be considered by any starting or even advanced photographer. I highly recommend this product. I took a few pictures with it and I am very happy with the results. Delivery was very fast- second day (I selected Standard delivery). The other guy here gave very unfair feedback to this product! I give 4 of 5.
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on 22 February 2013
This ring flash works with a Canon 580EXII, as it straps on the front it uses the light from the flash, it works well as a fill flash not sure it has the power to be the only light source. But it does work and the cost was low worth a try.
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on 10 September 2015
Used on a 'Sigma EF-530 DG Super' & 'Yongnuo 568EXII' flashed - on both EOS 350D & 400D bodies.
On both flashes I had identical results - the fit is good but, albeit a bit fiddly; it was heavy enough to tip the flash head down a bit so I packed a small piece of foam under the head of the flash.
Great results for macro and close portrait work - possibly up to 1m away, any further away and you don't get much benefit from it other than minimal fill-in light.
For the price, it is a no brainer - great value, especially if you're experimenting and don't want to commit to a real ring flash.
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on 21 September 2015
I have never used a "Proper Ring flash" before and probably never will. Bought this being a hobby photographer trying out macro for the first time. Yes it is a bit cumbersome but my first two photos one with and one without the O flash ring the differences are plain to see. I suppose there may be people who will point out that the exposure was a little too light, wrong ISO or other faults with the picture, but considering the O Flash was strapped on and no programme altering either on the flash or on the camera were made to accommodate it I think the results speak for themselves. Maybe a dedicated Ring Flash would have made a better picture but for a 'Tenner' I am exceptionally happy. It is a shame that I cannot upload the images to accompany this review for you to see but again for a Tenner this is an absolute bargain.
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on 13 April 2015
It does work as you'd expect it, creating much softer shadows and more even lighting. However it drops roughly 60% of the power normally provided by the flash so it's only good for very close distances, I'd say up to 2 metres.
Also the lack of any mount for the front element means you'll need to constantly hold it with your hand which gets in the way of operating the lens itself. Otherwise you're either break your flash or aim at the floor.
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on 30 September 2016
It'll never match a true ring light, but as a cheap & cheerful alternative this simply can't be beaten.

As a downside, the 'o' isn't quite a true circle, so you don't get the classic circular catch light in the eyes. But it's close enough, and at a tiny fraction of the price.

Build quality is excellent, if not leaning a little towards the heavy side.
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on 9 July 2015
This unit works well, but you need to know a little about flash. Used on auto mode, it tends to under-expose the image and makes it feel like a lot of flash is lost in the attachment. If however you use it on manual mode, and set the flash accordingly, it works a treat - plenty of light and often at 1/4 power on my 580 EXII and 5D MkII its enough to get the right exposure. Moving further back or in a darker situation I have not had to increase the power much and have not yet run out of light when using it manually.

I have not found it too heavy or difficult on the flash, mounts easily and comes off easily when you want it to - its secure in use. A good product, but not great with your flash on auto.
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on 25 December 2014
Not that great . . very heavy so maybe you may need to use two hands. no replacement for a flash ring but for the price i guess you could live with it. I think i used it twice then back in the box
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