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on 9 October 2010
Like so many people I was brought up on and used PC's and windows software from the start. However in recent years I had become thoroughly disillusioned with windows as an operating system, which was glitchy at best and the hardware itself always had that cheap, creaky feeling plastic. I then made the jump to a Mac and I have never regretted it for a second. Firstly it works straight out of the box so your up and running in minutes, the machine itself is a beautiful piece of design ,machined from a single block of aircraft grade aluminium, it therefore feels very solid but very light. Typing on it is the best typing experience you can have and the spacing of the letters is perfect and reduces typing errors immediately its so good many other PC manufacturers have started to copy it. The battery life is good and as always its power depends upon what tasks you are running as to how long it will last. The 17" model has 3 usb ports which I found to be more than adequate for my needs, there is also an express card slot and ethernet ports, sadly it doesn't have an SD card slot. The operating system OS X is rock solid and I have yet to find fault with it, the latest release of OS X "Lion" has built on the popularity of its predecessors yet retained all that was great about them. Firstly the applications that come pre-installed on all Macs, the "iLife family" are brilliantly simple and can perform extremely complex tasks such as HD video editing and (this may sound odd to windows users) they all work! Within iLife you get iWeb for webpage design and publishing, iDVD for creating and burning DVDs, Garageband for recording and editing music, iMovie for video editing and iPhoto for storing, editing and sharing photos. Unlike windows systems that come bundled with dozens of programs you don't need or can't use the Mac has only a few but that you want. There is also a myth that Mac users will have hideous compatibility issues when sharing files, this has not been the case for sometime, Apple has worked closely with microsoft to ensure this doesn't happen. I share word/excel/photo and a whole host of other file types with friends and colleagues who use various operating systems and programs. The only drawback to a Mac is the limited range of software available in your local computer shop, however Apple has now launched the Mac App Store, just like the App Store on the iPhone or iPad, you can download software instantly to your Mac, software like photoshop and major game titles have also become available through the App Store and are often cheaper than there PC counterparts. The Mac is a brilliant choice and they aren't the usual bargin basement, virus ridden PC's we are all expected to use, so go on make the best move ever and buy a Mac.
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VINE VOICEon 2 September 2010
Okay - pre review confession - I love Apple and I have been using their computers since the ninties and to be honest much of my current set up includes various mac products (although I am typing this on a Netbook - so I still have some non apple product).

With that said, even with a slight biased opinion, this product really is top drawer. The screen is fantastic, the speed of the OS (I use Mac OS so can't talk about XP/7/Vista etc if it is installed) is extremely quick and it just oozes quality. It is the sort of product that you will keep for 4-5 years rather than 1-2 years so you will get your moneys worth. The aluminium finish is classically gorgeous and despite being heavy with the 17" screen it never feels overpowering or that you cannot transport it. However if you are looking for something to constantly use on trains, bookshops/cafes, planes etc you may want something smaller (or just buy an additional cheap netbook or use your iPhone/iPad).

Is also very much a desktop replacement for photos/graphics etc in the speed department that can be moved from place to place, and, at the end of the day when you get to your hotel room, bedroom whatever just pick a film and sit back and enjoy the 17" screen with great sound. Yes, it is certainly expensive but you get what you pay for and, in the long run, you will enjoy it more and keep it longer.
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VINE VOICEon 21 August 2010
The new MacBook Pro laptop from Apple delivers as expected. Definitely not disappointed with this purchase. (Although I upgraded the screen spec to anti-glare for use outside in the summer sun on the patio at the Apple store).

I looked at all the options - mini, desktop, laptop (13", 15", & 17"), i5 or i7? Which should you choose depends on what you want to use it for.

I reviewed what I do - music, surfing, photos, emails, and a few spreadsheets & letters. I already have wifi in the house.

Based on this I went for the basic Macbook Pro 15" 2.4 GHz i5 core - it is bang up to date in its operating system, graphics and hardware specs so it will last me more than the next 5 years without the need to update. Did I need the extra juice from the 2.53 or 2.66 - not for what I am doing. Did I need the 17" - just felt a bit too big. The 15" just felt a better size for carrying around from room to room and outside. I heard the i7 might give off too much heat, so I went for the i5.

The MacBook Pro out of the box is a delight. Smooth Aluminium. Quick set up with all your software there for emails, surfing, photos, movies, music... Easily found my wifi - enter password and off you go. Although I did leave it for a few hours to get all the software updates.

I love the multi-touch glass trackpad that is new to these models, it makes the mouse unnecessary. When you go into System Preferences - Trackpad, you can edit your 1, 2, 3, 4 finger functions and see a live video demo for each. Plus the trackpad is larger than what traditional you see on a laptop from other manufacturers. The keyboard is fully lit enabling work in the pitch black if necessary.

The Mail fetched my email no problem there. Safari surfs the internet no hassle there. The firewall can be easily configured through system preferences.

iTunes is loaded on and you just need to create an account to link to the store, easy. If you need to load your CDs from scratch then select auto CD eject through iTunes - Preferences - When you insert a CD? Import CD & Eject (this saves a lot of time). The music plays surprisingly well with the speakers either side of the keyboard. The initial volume is quite low so I advice you to adjust this in System Preferences - Sound.

Battery life is really long, estimated to be 30% better than the competition when running under full harsh conditions of a battery test by the Govt Computer news in the US, at 5.25 hours the best performance out there. Impressive. You could watch 2 movies without a recharge.

Great: battery life, performance, easy-to-use interface, ergonomics, & trackpad. I love it. Buy one now if you have the money and for peace of mind Apple products hold their value.

Other options? The cheaper polycarbonate Apple at half the price MacBook Pro 13inch 2.4GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo, 4Gb RAM, 250Gb HDD, NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics, SD card slot, up to 10 hour battery life). The Asus UL30A for lightweight long battery life but not that powerful. For Blue Ray HD you need to look at the Sony Vaio VPCF or Dell range of laptops.
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on 23 July 2010
What can I say the screen resolution is amazing, to it's sleek looks, that it keeps going for 8-9 hrs is wow. It is light powerful and stays whisper quiet and multi tasks so easily. It is expensive, but you pay for what you get. This is simply the best in it's class.
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on 14 August 2010
I'm slowly converting from pc to mac! The 17" imac is brilliant, 4gb ram as standard, and HD LED screen. Ok you'll get a PC of the same spec cheaper, but it wont look or act as well as a mac, those guys in california just know about design and usability.

Chose Amazon because it was 10% cheaper, was shipped from the same supplier as apple, result.

Would definately recommend buying from amazon vs apple store !
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on 20 August 2010
The MacBook itself is an amazing machine. I haven't worked it very hard yet but it's definitely very fast. The screen is gorgeous and the resolution makes it a genuine desktop replacement.

I'm mainly writing a review because we ordered from a marketplace seller called ifozi. I was a bit nervous placing the order because frankly the price seemed too good. However, the MacBook arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Very impressed!
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on 27 August 2010
I spent alot of time researching the type of laptop I was after. As I was a PC user moving to a MAC was a total change in itself, but well worth the change. After having visited the Apple shop to see the various macbooks on offer, I opted for the 17inch laptop, and the deal with Ifozi was too good to resist and worth it.

Yes the macbooks are expensive, but definitely worth the purchase.. :)
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on 9 June 2011
Having recently bought a DSLR camera I was in need of a new computer that could process my images faster than my 4 year old Windows laptop. I was unsure whether or not to go for a Mac, as the increased cost was fairly significant and I am also pretty good (a bit of a geek) with Windows. If you are in doubt my advise is to get the Mac - there are amazing. Yes, it can be a little frustrating when you are trying to achieve something you know how to do on a Windows-based system, but it is well worth the effort of learning the Mac system as everything is so much simpler and user friendly. The amount of processes that can be carried out at once is phenomenal and the computer doesn't seem to even notice the high work load. I wish I had made the transition years ago. BUY A MAC - YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!
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on 1 March 2015
Totally over the moon with this purchase and the communication with the seller. Not a new machine but clean and only slight obvious marks from normal use that one would expect from a second hand machine. After a strip down to inspect fans for dust etc and then replacing the HD with an SSD the machine flies.
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on 24 July 2010
First ever venture into the Apple Mac family and after many troublesome years with other laptops, decided to flash out and buy a top of the range apple mac with all the trimmings.

Although being the top spec, I have only used it for the internet,itunes and Microsoft office after purchasing 2008 as well.

Three weeks on and the start up screen started to take an age to load up. Low and behold the hard drive has kicked the bucket!!!

I am typing this review following a new hard drive installed. Hopefully this will last slightly longer than the original. If not then I will seriously consider asking for a refund and venturing away from Apple.

Amazon delivery and Apple Service Support including the authorised repairer gets five stars however.
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