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on 6 September 2016
I used this on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and was pleasantly surprised with how well this controller coped with 90% of compatible games. The controller comes very well packaged, looks and feels very premium in the hand and was just generally impressed with the overall build quality from the controller itself to the fake leather bag that comes with it. I was also surprised with how comfy the controller was to hold and how responsive the thumbsticks are. But there are a few things about this controller that ever so slightly let it down, some are fixed with other more expensive MOGA controllers, others aren't and wont ever be. Now keep in mind for the price this is a great controller and the reasons I believe this controller isnt as good as is could be really dont matter all that much for this price, but its something buyers should know before hand.

To use this controller you need to use the MOGA pivet app, on the app it shows you all the games that are Moga compatible and unfortunately there arent that many... theres alot dont get me wrong but theres also alot of games that work on all bluetooth controllers that dont work with pivet, there is a work around with another non official app but thats a pain to use and doesnt work half the time. So if youre gonna be buying any MOGA controllers check first if your favourite games work with it.
So thats the reason all MOGA controllers are slightly flawed.

And this is why this one might not be the best option MOGA wise... So take a game like GTA SanAndreas. Game works flawlessly with this controller, but.... This controller doesnt have enough buttons to be able to do everything using the controller so you end up having to awkwardly press the screen whilst driving to do drivebys and a few other things. This is fixed with more expensive models that fully replicate a console controller though.

All in all this is a great controller for £7 but it has its flaws, some that this model only has others that branch out across all MOGA's controllers. but if you want something small, portable and you know the games you want to play work with it then this honestly isnt a half bad buy. Just dont expect to play emulators with it cus theres no support whatsoever.
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on 4 October 2017
This products android app is really outdated, no games now load in the moga app anymore but you need the app for it's driver, but anyway I couldn't care about that, I really bought this product to make it easier for me to play on emulators such as snes, megadrive etc. and I must say this works as a charm, now combined with my tablet I pretty much have a console on the go during my hour and 10 minute train rides to uni and back, this is very lightweight and small so doesn't take up a whole lot of space and comes with a pretty nifty case to keep it safe in your bag, for this price you cannot go wrong.
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on 30 November 2017
Although this connects via Bluetooth, the connection is handled via the MOGA app itself.

The upshot of this is that:
1. Not all devices (Amazon Fire HD for example) can install and run the app from the Play Store and connect to the gamepad itself.
2. Even on a compatible device not all games will recognise a gamepad as being connected unless the MOGA app is compatible with the game itself. (This can be worked around using the 3rd party MOGA Virtual Keyboard app, but still isn't 100%)
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on 29 January 2015
WOULD BE Quality IF IT WASNT DEFECTIVE-DUD SWITCHES, but... the on/off button is slightly out of line- the end of the switch is a few milimeters out, so it pings off while playing but... its fixable with sticky tape over it holds it in place so no need to send it back.But why only lefthanded steerer?EDIT;
After 2 weeks Im editing my review to state that Either I was sent the DEFECTIVE ONE that others have reported OR Hertz Trading are sending out a batch of Duds-The switches obviously failed the quality checks and thats why they are cheap.I would appreciate a Non faulty one or my money back really but its such a load of hassle sending back everything you buy from Amazon as all the sellers send out Duds first to see if you take it or send them back.
Disconnecting every other Game even after persevering with the sticky tape,Ive not been offered a replacement after this review so Not recommended.
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on 26 July 2016
Great little controller - little being the operative word :)

I have big hands but I can still use this quite comfortably. With a little patience it takes no time to get this set up.

Have tried this with GTA 3 and other games, and it works quite well!

Battery life is good, as long as you remember to turn it off.

It also works with emulators, and comes with a neat carry bag as well.
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on 9 August 2017
It only supports Moga mode so can't be used as a generic input. This will make it hard to work with some games. You need the Moga universal driver 3rd party App to customize or even just make it work with some Apps and can be fiddly depending on your phone's OS version
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on 11 April 2014
Great product, very well built piece of hardware and very well designed bit of software. Phone (Experia Z1) and Moga Pocket are a bit slow to connect to each other, in excess of 1 min but once its done it works very well with games downloaded via the Moga App..
There are only three complaints I have.
1st one is there are not many HQ games available, I'm hoping there are a lot more to come.
2nd one is the battery covers basically fall off with the slightest touch which is a pain every time you pull the Moga from its very nice leather case.
3rd one is the customer service for the device & software is rubbish, they don't respond to you so be aware you and the community are on our own. My case was a free game offer, the code didn't work, emailed them and not even a response.
To be honest it would be a 5 star review but customer service lets everything down.
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on 6 August 2015
I was initially impressed with this controller until I realised its limitations. It will only work with Games that have been specifically configured with Moga functionality, unlike most Mode A/B controllers that will work with just about everything. Also, you need the pivot app running in the background in order for it to connect. Sadly, I have decided to give up on it and have bought an Ipega 9025 which has far better functionality and is only a few ££s more. Could have been a 5 star controller if only it had the Mode A/B switching option.

Note for Unity developers: There is an asset available for adding Moga functionality into Unity developed games but it does not work properly with the built in Input Manager so if you want to add Moga capability, be prepared for lot of flaffing around !! Hence, I am not going to bother considering its only really necessary for players using the Moga Pocket anyway.
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on 20 March 2017
Doesn't pair with phone, doesn't have the options the pivot app asks for and redeeming a game isn't possiable as it loads up an ad you cannot get out of due to an incomplete file. Disappointed and I was considering getting the newer one.
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on 21 January 2015
I feel bad about the 1 star rating - this controller is pretty neat, come's nicely packaged, case included. When working is very easy to set-up. At first looks well built.

Unfortunately both controllers (the first being defective and not able to pair) i tested emitted a high pitch noise. The left battery cover was also very loose...so whilst feeling initially well built clearly is not.

When i received the replacement controller and paired i tried the bundled pacman download. Maybe a poor choice of game as really showed up the moga pocket to give you a disadvantage when it came to navigating through that maze. I didn't notice any significant lag but actually trying to move pacman at critical moments wasn't always successful; i.e. no use for anything remotely difficult.

Saying all this i would have rated this 2/3 stars if the 2nd controller i was sent hadn't emitted the same high-pitch noise as the first.
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