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on 18 August 2017
I've had this bag for nearly 18 months and am sad to say that the issue with the straps has stuck again! Really disappointed as I do love the bag however the straps are parting company from the main body and even though I've really looked after the bag it's not something I would expect to happen.

Amazon have been awesome with their returns policy and it's on it's way back for a refund...however I'm now in search of another bag!
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on 19 January 2015
Excellent bag
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 9 December 2013
Style: Transit 350 AW|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The 350 AW has some additional features over its slightly larger cousin the 350 QA (B000YIWR8G but depending upon your needs these neat additions may not push the balance in its favour.


From the top down you have a sturdy grab handle which is more than capable of taking the weight of an overloaded rucksack. Every side of the rucksack has a layer of padding, so it will take minor knocks from pretty much any angle. The straps are wide and well padded with a chest and waist strap (with a tuck away point for the waist strap). There is a strong removable tripod strap which has a sturdy buckle and a quick release strap adjustment clamp. Below the strap is a stowaway pouch that can be pulled out to take the feet of a tripod (no more lost rubber feet) and thus support the weight. At the front of the base sits a velcro closed pocket that contains the weather proof cover, simply pull out, up and over and the front top and sides are all protected against the elements. The shell of the bag is made from a sturdy tear resistant material that only the sharpest of points will damage. If I was to take a gamble I would say that barbed wire would scag the material, but not tear it. The weave is so tight that I would even think that the damage would be minor.


Top - An 'L' shaped zip gives you access to the laptop enclosure. This is a completely separate compartment to the camera side and doesn't interfere with the storage. The zip opening is not particularly big. It extends across the width of the top of the bag and just over a third of the length of the bag. This sounds a lot, but it does feel restrictive. There is padding front and back to protect the laptop, but this does mean that you may not be able to get a thick laptop in. I couldn't fit a Dell Inspiron N5030 in it. It was just too tight on the thickness of 1.5 inches. Anything thicker than an apple macbook and you may be struggling.

Front - A zip front pocket will give you access to an 'L' shaped compartment, which is useful for a passport, wallet or mobile phone. This could have been improved if the zip had followed the outer contour of the bag rather than a concave shape as reduces the size of what documents or maps you might want to pack.

Side - You have the quick access zip flap that gives you easy access to the camera. Just take your left arm out of the strap and you can spin the bag around to your front (being mindful that this isn't a sling bag and can slip off your shoulder). This is a double zip, so you can open it quickly when using left and right hands together. The camera and whatever attached lens is then free to be pulled out whilst the storage compartments remain secure from content loss.


Top - Unzipping the main zip will give you access to the top compartment. Against the rear you will find an elasticated mesh that has been divided into 2 pockets and on the front flap is a zip pocket with internal clip to hold, for example, a keyring. The compartment itself is quite spacious, but the way the zip follows the contours of the bag may mean that you have to partially close the zip in order to fill it up. There is scope for long lens storage which I will cover lower down.

Bottom - Unfortunately, the only way to access the lower lens compartment is to unzip the whole front of the bag, which may mean spilling the contents of the top compartment if it is full. The zip for the top compartment extends to the base of the bag and you then have to break a velcro seal to get to the bottom (frequent use could lead to premature wear of the velcro). You then have access to a customisable storage compartment with scope for 6 padded pockets on either side of the lens attached to the camera. Unfortunately, the length of the main partition holders are only long enough for 2 lenses side by side with a 3rd narrow pocket maybe for some filters. Depending on how long your attached lens is, depends upon how big a center pocket you can have. There is ample storage here, but the partitioning has room for improvement from Lowepro (the camera body end always seems to have more room than it really needs). Finally, there is soft material where the camera body and attached lens sits and this will help to prevent abrasions that can occur with frequent minor movements as the camera jiggles around.

Long Lens - Where this bag comes into its own is when you have a really long lens attached. The width of most camera bags won't allow for this. But with this bag you can adjust the whole inner bag to allow a top down storage of the camera. The base of the top compartment folds down and leaves you with a 'U' shaped cut out of a secondary base. A re-organisation of the lens compartments will allow a set of smaller lenses to be loaded to one side of the long lens. The top of the bag then acts as the quick access to the camera.

Bottom Line:
If you have a camera and lens that is going to exceed a total of 9.5 inches (25cm) in length then this may just be the bag you are looking for. If not and you have around 4-5 lenses plus other gear then I would suggest the Lowepro 350 Quick Access as mentioned above. It doesn't have a tripod holder or rain cover, but it has ample room and easier, separate access to storage compartments. When I bought my 350 QA it was under 40 GBP, but price fluctuations can put it as high as 80 GBP. This bag currently weighs in at a hefty 98 GBP which is a serious price tag and whilst I highly rate Lowepro bags over their competitors, this price does have a profound effect of VFM. You get what you pay for, but I would also say that there is a cut off point. If price is no object and it suits your needs then this is a bag worth having. Personally I prefer the 350 QA, whilst both bags hold all my equipment, the QA has the edge on easy access.
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on 27 November 2013
Style: Transit 350 AW|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Lowepro are masters of cost effective camera bag VFM. In this case, the quality of the materials isn't as great in terms of tactility and panache as some other more expensive bags, and the appearance is pretty dull, but this is an awesome bag. It has room for 2 large camera bodies, a handful of large lenses, and a tripod. It comes with a rain cover, the padding is great, the tripod strap and carrier is ingenious. the red accent is actually both discreet and stylish, and the whole bag is quite comfy to carry with well ventilated padding on the back, and decent straps with a chest-band and neatly retracting waist strap for when long days carrying are needed. Finally, it seems to have been designed to have been carefully to fit into overhead luggage, so ideal for any future safari planned.

Most clever, however, is the design. There's a side opening that is similar to the "slingshot" bags, and which means a camera and mid sized lens can be whipped out whilst the bag is carried over one shoulder, without needing to dismount the bag, or expose any of the other contents to the elements. Alternatively, the foam dividers can be shuffled to change to a top-opening for a camera plus *very* long lens to be accessed with the bag off the back. Finally, the whole back comes free with a long zip so that the inner dividers can be rearranged, and the rest of your gear sorted out. There's a superficial pocket for passport/etc, and a nice internal pocket for cards and small accessories. It is camera bag function perfection.

Ok, so the bag is really useful for people with a massive and expensive camera collection. Those types of people might well have enough money to buy something flasher by far; the wise amongst them won't bother.
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on 20 October 2014
I needed a larger bag to allow me to carry my camera gear (DSLR, 4 lenses, sppedlight, ring flash and odds and ends) plus my laptop in one bag for air travel. As a larger than average man I have often had difficulty getting backpacks to fit comfortably on my back, but this one does so with room enough to wear over heavy winter clothes. Despite not having a lower belt strap it sits comfortably and I have been able to carry it full around all day without any discomfort.

In terms of the storage, again this is good. It takes my camera with any of my lenses attached in the side easy access compartment, leaving room for my other three lenses, my large speedlight, my ring flash and charger in the main compartment. The upper section takes my filters and cleaning kit, spare battery and memory cards and still has room for my laptop charger and or my light weight rain jacket. There is a separate back compartment which is well padded which comfortably takes my 13.3 inch Samsung Ultrabook inside its neoprene sleeve. This computer is similar in size to the 13 inch Mac Book Air. I think you might have trouble with thicker or larger laptops. This compartment could also be used for tablets such as the iPad, MS Surface etc. It can also take a monopod attached to the outside. I tried this with my lightweight Giotto tripod, but the feet where too big to fit into the pouch on the bag. A rain cover is also supplied for use in wet weather.

In general it is all positive, with only my comment about the tripod holder being too small and the fact that the side opening is too large meaning the camera has too much movement room being the only negatives. 4.5 stars.
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VINE VOICEon 21 December 2013
Style: Transit 350 AW|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I used this case on a trip to Washington DC where I needed to carry a Canon 6D, 24-105mm lens, iPad and all the other bits flight need.

The case has 2 basic setups where the body and standard lens can either be reached via a side opening, or by rearranging the internal compartments, a large telephoto lens can be safely carried and accessed from the top.

I used the side opening but found the bag could of been another inch or so wider. I also tried to carry my 70-200mm f/2.8 but it's too long to go sideways and if accessed from the top, too much internal space os lost. As with most camera bags, the padded compartments can be rearranged using hook and eye fasteners to suit your needs. There are 2 small zipped poles to take batteries, memory cards. For laptops, tablets etc. there is another pocket on the back. An attachment for a tripod and a stowable weather-proof cover finishes it off.

I found the bag reasonably comfortable to carry for a day trip around town but the shoulder straps are lacking in padding for a long day or anything too off the beaten path.

A solid bag that could do with being a fraction bigger for larger lenses, but as with all bags it depends on what you need.
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VINE VOICEon 4 January 2014
Style: Transit 350 AW|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a very well constructed and solid feeling bag.

It easily copes with my DSLR + attached 75-200mm zoom plus 28-80mm zoom and assorted accessories.

Unless you have a large kit you probably won't need a bigger bag.

Very helpfully it also has an attachment for carrying a tripod.

There is a waterproof sheet hidden at the bottom of the bag and all areas are easily accessible.

It is a fairly rigid bag because of its padding, so looks big on your back no matter how little you have in it.
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on 27 July 2015
I wanted a backpack to carry a Fuji X-E1 plus various lenses, but also with enough room for snacks / drink and a waterproof. After checking out all the stock in my local dealer (Clifton Cameras) I selected this as the best compromise, I felt the tripod arrangement wasn't as good as on Manfrotto and some other bags (I uses a Hahnel Triad 30 when walking) but in the end this has turned out to be just about satisfactory. Everything else about this is outstanding: extremely comfortable, easy to put on, and best of all the side access pocket which lets you remove and replace the camera quickly without taking the bag off. Other nice features, room for a macbook pro if you are using it for travelling. The mirrorless is a bit lost in there, it is really designed for DSLRs and would take a full frame one. I carry three zooms and a prime, plus spare battery, wireless remote, close-up lens, and there is still room for other small bits while leaving the top compartment (28 x 14 cm and 5 to 15 cm deep) for waterproofs and/or refreshments. There are both inside and outside pockets for keys/cash, and an extra concealed waterproof cover for bad weather.

The other nice thing is the discrete styling, without a tripod it is not at all obvious that it is a camera or laptop bag. Perhaps not quite as robust as Manfrotto or ThinkTank kit, but significantly cheaper.
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on 9 January 2015
I bought this to use for a full frame with long lens attached. The top opening seemed ideal.
It is a quality bag, well made and well thought out. The preference in the desigh favours the side opening in that this will hold more gear that way. My use as a top loader works well, but would have liked some vertical adjustment of the top separator that supports the camera body. This is a little low for my combination but still works as the lens takes the weight .. I put an extra layer of padding at the base and treat it all with a bit of care.
Excellent bag, good price, would recommend.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 20 December 2013
Style: Transit 350 AW|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is an excellent backpack made by probably the best known manufacturer of photographic equipment cases and bags. It is big and can easily carry enough equipment for most photography enthusiasts.

The backpack is made from grey material which makes it look very smart and the fact that it does not have gaudy branding plastered all over it makes it less of a target for thieves when in busy public places. When empty this backpack is extremely light. However, because of the amount of gear you can carry in it, it can be quite heavy when fully loaded, this is where the design plays an important role. First of all the over-the-shoulder straps are broad and very well padded allowing them to sit comfortably on your shoulders, the back of the backpack is also well padded and covered in a breathable, mesh-like material which again makes the bag comfortable to wear over extended lengths of time. Another thing about the straps is that they can be secured across your front by the use of the quick-release chest and waist straps which stops you having to keep hitching the shoulder straps back up onto your shoulders every now and again - I have used other backpacks without this feature and it quickly becomes quite annoying when you're walking along and you have to keep pulling the straps back up onto your shoulders.

The insides of this backpack are cavernous and with the velcro fix dividing panels you can arrange this space to suit your equipment or remove all dividers and use the bag as a normal backpack. The tripod strap combined with the tuck away holder that stops the tripod slipping down is a clever idea, unfortunately my Manfrotto tripod is far too large to take advantage of this feature. It took me a while to discover the built in rain hood and none of the photo's of the product, or its descriptios, gave any clue as to where it was hidden, in the end I found the discreet velcro'ed pocket at the base on the front by reading one of the other reviews on here.

I've still to work out how this backpack can be used as a slingshot for fast access through the zippered side pocket, I find that if I try to use it as shown in the video on the Lowepro website, the bag just falls off of my shoulder also there is nowhere to stow the second strap if you are only using one - a feature that my Kata 3N1-10 DL Sling Backpack has, along with very good instructions.

If I had to pick fault with this product it would be that there is insufficient information (even on Lowepros' own website) on how to use its many handy features. Even so, I rate this as a 5 star product that I would highly recommend.
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