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on 13 January 2012
I have to say I love this bag! There are several reasons, but essentially I am a girl and on holiday or day trips I like to carry both camera equipment and more typical handbag contents - iPhone, wallet, tube of suncream, sunglasses, map and inevitably, being the one with the bag I end up with the passports, boat tickets and hotel keys thrown in - so this bag is great for all that. (I am not typically a backpack lover and I appreciate there are many of those out there that could meet my needs).

So I am not big on taking full camera kit on holiday with me (I find it heavy and spend my time worrying about it being stolen etc). However in this bag I can fit:
Canon 450d with 24-70mm 2.8L attached
10-22mm wide angle lens
Small filter wallet in side pocket with 6 filters & holder
YN560 flashgun
Spare batteries for flash & camera
3 memory cards in their cases in the little pocket on the side of the padded box
+ all the handbag stuff I mentioned above
+ a drinks bottle if needed

Incidentally I like the detatchable box inside which can be removed and I will be putting it (fully loaded) into my Longchamp shoulder bag (which has a bit more room in) for hand-luggage when flying, while less precious stuff like chargers, etc go in the case.

Inside the bag there are 2 pockets - 1 can hold my iPhone and the larger pocket could take my Blackberry in its leather cover if I wanted to think about work while on holiday - I don't, so instead I have spare batteries and a small remote in here.

The grey bag has light grey lining. Also I chose the grey as I thought it would look better with my summer holiday outfits than the black one, but also works with a city outfit! I also love the fact that it is not a boxy-looking typical camera bag and this is more like the kind of bag I would take on a day trip anyway. Fantastic that it has the extra space you can claim by undoing the zip on the side. Also - it is a truly unisex looking bag - am hoping this means my other half might not mind carrying it occasionally!

How could it be improved? (and this is why I only gave it 4 stars)
- More pockets on the inside - while this is doing great at not looking like a camera bag on the outside, it doesnt mean it can't look more like one inside.
- Zips on the middle outside pockets would be welcome
- I would like a little clip on the inside to clip on my Spudz cloth (I could clip it to a zipper pull on the outside, but I don't want to)
- Waterproofing is dubious, however I could fit an umbrella or waterproof in the bag, so I will cope
- A rubber base and/or padding at the base of the bag

By the way, some other reviews said about the lack of padding at the bottom - the box itself is padded as you would expect, but the back is essentially a 'normal' bag. If I wanted protection for gear that did not fit in the box, I would use some bubble wrap, or wrap things in say a t-shirt or scarf. Not needed this though.

(Also - I bought this from Jacobs digital for £30 + p&p.)
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on 20 September 2012

It holds everything I need it to ~ quite a little tardis! I've managed to fit in D5000 with 35mm attached, 18-55mm, nestled on top of my Zeicos wide-angle/macro attachment. Also my 55-200 zoom, but this is outside of the padded bit in it's own bag. In the outside pockets I've fitted my Lightscoop, a rubber lens hood, various bits of paper and card that I carry, my portable hard-drive wallet (which actually just holds gubbins, but it shows md I could put the HD in there if I wanted to). The inside pockets hold my spare battery, spirit level, & multiple SD cards. Resting across the top of everything is my small, flexible tripod (like a gorilla pod, but not). And all that is WITHOUT opening up the zip on the end of the bag, that gives the inside even more room! I might have to unzip that when I want to add in baby-change bits & bobs!

- The padded area is a little too snug and you wouldn't get a much bigger camera than mine in there ~ and if you did you wouldn't get a spare lens in too. Shame it wasn't made a bit bigger as there is room for it to be!
- I'd have like the outside pockets to have some kind of fastening (velcro, or popper) just to make them a little more secure. They are deep and I don't feel like things will fall out of them ~ just that hands could easily slip INTO them!

I'll try to add a picture that I've labelled up to show you...
review image
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on 20 April 2012
i wasn't planning on it, but as soon as i opened the package - i fell in love with the bag. it is everything that a girl on-the-go wants: everything in one place and very accessible.

the camera bag looks very stylish (if you like it on the photo, you will love it "in person"). the bag is of good quality. i also like the fact that it is symmetrical: pockets all around the bag - i find it very convenient.

the internal camera compartment is very well padded and it velcro attachable. within the compartment there is a small divider that is also attached by velcro. next to the compartment there is space for your personal things. it also has two additional pockets for keys, mobile and other small items.

the shoulder strap is easy to adjust and long enough for any height. i am 5'8 and the full extended strap keeps the bag at the level of my hips. there is even a small non-detachable strap across to tuck the extra shoulder strap away.

all in all, it is a very well thought through design. it allows you to keep everything in one bag: you camera and your personal items. i consider it a good investment.

thank you lowepro design team!
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on 12 January 2014
This is a non-looking camera bag with a great function. It is idea for those who are day tripping with their DLSR and perhaps another lens. Expandable - which is great for those extra few bits to fit in or not. The sling shape works with your body and is very comfortable to carry around. The double zip means you can position it for quick release for your camera. All you need for a days shoot around town without having to pack your full kit. Nice for ladies who want to look less like they're carrying equipment but still looking slightly handbag like.
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I notice from may of the negative reviews of the Lowepro Passport Sling that people perhaps did not know what they were buying. To clarify, this bag is for carrying a small essential amount of camera gear, for things such as a day out. It also has a space in the bag which is expandable, for carrying non-camera related items that do NOT require padded protection. Just like any other bag.

The padded section that can be removed is like that found in any other Lowepro bag. It is a two compartment padded section that can be converted into a one section compartment. There seems to be some confusion too about this compartment. This is padded on the bottom and all four sides. The top IS also padded it is just that the padded bit for the top is incorporated into the bag itself. So your camera gear IS covered on every side by padded foam.

So, what can it hold? Well it can hold a medium to large DSLR with a small to medium lens on it, plus one other item, such as a flash or spare lens.

What can it NOT hold? A DSLR WITH an extra grip. So my Canon 60D with the vertical grip does NOT fit in. Personally I use this bag with the following:

- Canon 60D camera with 24-70mm Tamron SP VC lens attached and hood reversed (fits in the padded compartment side on, with pretty easy insertion and removal)
- Mobile phone, keys, wallet, SD card, spare batteries, etc

There is plenty of room left in the general area of the bag too. This does not look like a camera bag and has open slots on the outside and space for a water bottle. Good quality and it is a handy day bag for going out and about with you basic camera setup.

Negatives? Well the outside pockets should have zips I think, and the padded part of the strap could be bigger and softer. It is not too bad as is depending on what weight you are carrying, and can be removed if you find a better one.

So this bag is very good at doing what it does. If you want to carry a lot of gear then this is not for you.

Decent price and I think for taking the essentials and going about a city on holiday this is a cracking little bag.
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on 11 February 2014
Great product and very fast and professional delivery. I bought a lot of camera bags before I this one is absolutely perfect! It's very durable- I am using it quite often and not only as a camera carrier. Handy when switching lenses and hiding your equipment. I showed it to my friends and family and all of them are buying it now. Great product for accessible value! Strongly recommend.
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on 8 December 2011
I'm really pleased with this bag. It's comfortable, roomy, has a good amount of pocket-space inside (one for SD-cards and two more which are good for batteries, remote releases, etc.), and has good padding for your kit. Best of all though - it doesn't really look like a camera bag! I do have a smaller black bag in the classic 'square' shape which I use when I'm not carrying a lot and don't mind looking like I'm a tourist with a camera. But I see myself using this bag a lot more - it's discreet (useful for street photography or if you're worried about making yourself an obvious target for theft), it's easy to access (more so than a rucksack which you have to take off to get into), it zips securely and seems weather-resistant enough (always a concern with messenger bags which just have a fabric flap which folds over), and it just looks stylish. Kudos to Lowepro for a great bag design!
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on 30 March 2011
If you accept there is no single camera bag for every occasion then I would recommend this bag for anyone looking for discrete grab and go bag. It is slimline durable and reasonably versatile. Its Lowepro so very well made although there are weaknesses you should consider before purchase. Firstly the good points are:

1. Doesn't look too much like a camera bag; more of a 'macho' man bag (well the black version anyway)!
2. Comfortable to lug around.
3. Expandable - I have it loaded with a Nikon D300 with grip and 18-200mm fitted+SB600+Nikon 80-200 AFD f2.8+small cleaning kit+iTouch+phone+wallet+keys which is more than adequate for a day out.
4. Easy access on the move.

Bad Points:

1. Minimal protection on base and sides of bag (I have lined the bottom with a couple of Lowepro inserts from another bag and some bubble wrap!
2. Provided insert is fixed and whilst good cannot be easily adjusted.
3. External pockets are open to the elements which means they will collect rain water and are not a secure place to leave your wallet. A storm flap across the pockets and the main zip would be useful.

Despite its limitations I really like this bag and would recommend it especially for travelling and day trips where you do not want to lug loads of kit around.
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on 18 June 2011
An excellent buy. Holds an SLR with lens attached and 2nd lens. Other pockets and more room to hold personal items. Very comfortable to wear and highly recommended. Lightweight too so ideal to take abroad.
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on 25 May 2011
This bag is what I've been looking for. It'll hold in the camera compartment my Pentax K-X with the 55-300mm lens attached plus room for at least one other lens. There is space for your purse too and a zip extends the personal space if you need it.

It's not perfect. I agree with another reviewer about the open flaps needing a cover and if you are carrying a lot of kit you'll need a bigger bag. but for holidays where I take just my camera and my 18-55 & 55-300mm lenses it's fine. If I had a wish I'd wish for a couple of extra pouches on the camera compartment for memory card reader/duster, batteries and an extra memory card pouch but other than that... so far so good.

I like the dualway zips just wish they had metal tabs as well as cords
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