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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 1 August 2005
Yet again the Furries write an album which wipes the floor with everyone else.
The previous 6 studio albums & 2 compilations are classic albums, and this one is no exception.
Most of the other band members take lead vocals on at least on track but this only adds to the Furry experience.
The album is much more mellow and Orchestral than either Phantom Power or Rings Around the World but it still has the Furry Cosmic Funk element.
Forget what the media is telling you to listen to, The Furries are the best band on the planet.
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on 9 June 2012
If you want a surround and you are having a SACD player.
This is the ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE SACD. Never heard such a perfect surround performance, very well balanced, lost of little sounds and great music.
Even better then Pink Floyd's dark side of the moon in SACD.
Buy this one !
By the way this is also their best CD, far more better then their other CD's.
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on 28 August 2005
Yes! 'Love Kraft' has been the source of much anticipation on my behalf, pretty much since the release of 'Phantom Power' two summers ago. It doesn't disappoint.
Talk of this release being the 'definitive' Furries' LP is not far wide of the mark - elements of their back catalogue are evident throughout, although by no means are the boys re-treading old ground here. From the magisterial opener 'Zoom!' - the lyrics of which are simultaneously melodic and insanity-tinged - to the the delicate closing ivory-tinkles on 'Cabin Fever', this album is, furry.
Significantly, the tracks on which Gruff steps down from lead vocals, particularly the divine 'Atomik Lust', are no weaker for it - the key, surely, to their longevity, and an indication that the talent within the SFA gene-pool far surpasses that of their peers. Though the media naturally focuses on SFA's lunacy (techno tanks, etc) - they have become the most consistent purveyors of inventive indie rock in an increasingly bland field.
Recent single 'Lazer Beam' naturally stands out as the most commercial pop effort, though this is no bad thing - its a masterfully eccentric release in the vein of 'Juxtaposed...'. The beautifully-crafted 'Ohio Heat' and the hummingly-sweet 'Cloudberries' are further highlights, though 'Back On A Roll' is the least convincing of the bunch.
Simply, lyrical genius (as per SFA standard), beautifully understated production (courtesy of Mario Caldato Jr) and the dominant influence of Master of Strings Sean O'Hagan all add up to the most consistently melodic Furries' album since 'Radiator'.
I advise you to assist your ears in their pursuit of joy and delight forevermore by investing in this album forthwith.
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on 25 August 2005
Having waited impatiently since word first arrived of a new super furries album many moons ago I can safely say that it was worth it. From start to finish it has SFA classic written all over it. It would sound good to say that the real stand out track was probably laser beam, but, like all their work, the album as a whole is as great as its parts.
Lyrically there is the combination of catchy slogans, keen observation and nonsense, for example: "Sold you a dalmation, but the spots fell off." from the opening track Zoom!. This is layered above superb electric soundscapes which captivate and envelope the listener.
It is hard to pick out any track for special praise because they are all excellent. The only slight criticism (and I'm only saying it in order to remain balanced) is the fact that each band member sings which to me seems to be a bit contrived at times.
I have read in places that this could be the album to make the wider world stand up and listen, but somehow I doubt it. Not when none of their other fantastic albums manage to do this. However for those sensible enough to love the super furries this album is as good as anything before it.
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on 25 August 2015
For those interested in purchasing this for its SACD layer, neither the SACD logo nor any indication that it is a hybrid disc, appear anywhere. It will only show up when you put it in your player.
The music on the album is a great, especially in multi channel mode. I'd not heard the band before but was recommended this. If you have a SACD player and want something different, this is a good start.
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on 20 November 2005
I don't really write many reviews, and i'm only writing this one due to how stunned I am that nobody else has reviewed this album first. It's been out for going on 3 months at the time of writing. I think the reason for this is possible because the album really is a slow burner, but it's definitely worth the wait.
For SFA fans this is both a departure and more of the same from our Welsh friends. It's different in the fact that it's mostly a laid back affair, although there are a couple of upbeat tracks such as ...
Lazer Beam -a fairly standard but solid SFA track
Oi Frango - a mainly instrumental, experimental track which is surprisingly catchy, sounds like someone playing an electric guitar with a food blender in central mexico. Trust me.
Back on a Roll which could have been lifted straight out of the sixties.
I really like this album, and think it's one of their best, if not THE best, Cloudberries is a partricular highlilght for me. However, if you're new to SFA then I don't suggest listening to this album first. Go back to the early stuff like Fuzzy Logic (I know there is other stuff older than that, but it's a good place to start as it was their 1st real commercial success). With this album, the Furries have still managed to experiment and come up with the goods at the same time. This is definately a musos album, you can't just put it on in the background, it deserves your undivided attention.
More than just SFA OK! If you've heard other SFA stuff and liked it then get this, you won't be disappointed.
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on 22 June 2007
I'm very pleased with this record. I reckon it's the best Super Furries record so far. It's so beautifully orchestrated, so subtly produced and so crammed full of ideas that I can't fault it. "Atomik Lust" and "Lazer Beam" are my favourites, but there are no bad tracks on the whole thing.

I actually saw the Super Furries tour this album before I actually bought it (or was bought it, should I say), and that night it was the old classics that were best received. I'm not so convinced these mellow songs go over so well live, but on record they make for compelling listening.
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on 10 October 2015
Excellent start with 'Zoom!' and I also enjoy 'Psychlone.' It seems to stand out from their earlier albums, though there are some annoying songs on there. Saying that, however, it feels more complete as an experience rather than a list of potential singles. :)
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on 10 February 2013
...was more interested in the surround sound edition as a lover of thing "quadraphonic". Sounds very good in 5 channel sound I must say. Nice to see modern bands adopting this format.
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on 26 February 2013
Never previously heard anything by Super Furry Animals, and bought this SACD quite by chance. When it arrived - shock!horror! - no SACD logo on the disc or sleeve - had I been sent a standard disc by mistake? It was cheap as chips after all. Popped it on the Hi-Fi and.... I had water rushing over me! The whole disc rocked me back on my heels with it's solid rock tracks, big production and totally immersive surround sound. Sort of American West Coast sound I thought, but these guys are Welsh apparently!
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