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on 5 October 2015
Very informative!
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on 1 May 2017
Wonder full.
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on 12 August 2002
Melody describes a vast range of crystals and minerals in this book,she covers their structure, some geological data, history, healing properties and how to work with them. A superb reference book which is essential if your are working with crystals. The only downside (this is why I have given it 4 stars not 5) is the lack of pictorial information which may make it difficult for a beginner to identify some more obscure types of crystal. Other books by Melody do cover this but are generally more difficult to obtain
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on 4 August 2008
if you are like myself, fasinated by crystals this book will definately aid you in your learning and knowledge. the book, obviously by its size, has details on an array of many crystals, the majority i hope obtainable but some not so obtainable. by this i mean that they are either extremely rare or very expensive.

i wouldnt say that the book is as basic as such books as the crystal bible or books of that kind, but neither would i say it is as mature as the book of stones- (this book is far too advanced for myself at the moment in my quest to be knowledgable on the crystal kingdom!)

within the love is in the earth book there are no accompanying photographs of the crystals, which may put you off purchasing the book. it is simply full of references to crystals which is fine if you have other crystal books or plan to buy the collection of melody books, which apparently do have photos. i myself enjoy looking up a crystal i have purchased so the book so far works well.

the layout of crystal information within the book is usually as follows:

firsly, how the crystal forms and colour range.
followed by how the crystal will aid you.

the first 80 pages of the book explain types of crystals, practical applications of crystals, preparation of crystals and additional definitions, all of which are references you may need to refer back to throughout the crystal catagories.

the book in my view is definately worth buying and a great addition to any collection of books you may wish to acquire in your search for crystal knowledge. obviously, the book is one persons view on the crystal world, which is why i have several books in this field. whether a novice on crystals or a qualified crystal worker i am sure the book would be beneficial to all who use it.
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This marvellous reference work tells you everything about the metaphysical properties and use of crystals.
The chapter Configurations describes the shapes and structures of the mineral kingdom, from the Ankh to the Window Crystal. There are chapters on Numerical Vibrations, Master Numbers and Preparatory Methodology, which serve as guides for those who wish to speed up their progress on the spiritual path. The last mentioned chapter deals with acquiring, dedicating, cleansing, awakening, charging and programming your crystals.
The chapter Practical Applications provides information on crystal meditation, protection, elixirs and how to treat food, plants, your car and your aura with crystals. The chapter Additional Definitions serves as a glossary of terms, from Akashic Records to Yin-Yang.
The main body of the book consists of an alphabetical list of crystals and their properties, from Acanthite to Zunyite. Here the appearance of the stone and its metaphysical and healing qualities are discussed. Astrological correspondences and numbers are also provided.
The book has a beautiful cover painting, Crystals Of Life, by Charley Berryhill and concludes with a thorough index. It is a very useful and extensive guide to crystals. My only complaint is the lack of photographs or illustrations that would facilitate the identification of individual stones.
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on 15 February 2006
This book is both essential and infuriating. It is the most compehensive publication I have seen on the subject - though as more new crystals come on to the market, it no longer covers everything you'll find at gemstone fairs, and the lack of photographs is a major flaw - but it needs translating into English! The entries describing the different crystals, which take up most of the book, are long-winded to incoherent. You even feel, sometimes, that the most circumlocuitous form of words has been chosen deliberately, in order to make the book longer and the price higher. (Did no-one think about the trees?)
This text needed the services of a competent editor prior to publication, which would have shortened it by about two-thirds, without reducing the amount of information given. As it is, we have an expensive door-stop, which has to be interpreted by the reader.
This is certainly not a book for beginners, though anyone intending to go more deeply into crystal-healing/energy work will probably end up buying it eventually, because there isn't an alternative. All in all, an opportunity missed.
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on 12 July 2005
This is a great book, and along with the 2 suplements, i have yet to find a crystal not explained in them. However, I dont like the idea that it has no pictures and if you want them you have to buy a separate book which costs just as much.
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on 4 May 2000
This is the first book in a trillogy of books written by Melody. I recommend this to anyone with an interest in the metaphysical properties of Cystals. It is written in a clear and non fluffy down to earth manner that the most novice of crystal enthusiasts can understand. A must for the new age library.
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on 31 March 2010
This is a very comprehensive reference book outlining the metaphysical properties of a lot of crystals and there are 2 companion volumes and a follow on book. All superb and should be in your reference library for any crystal healer, holistic and complementary therapist. Highly recommended.
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on 1 January 2017
This is an excellent Reference Book and i would like to thank Melody for all her research and hard work. It does lack photographs but you cannot put everything into one volume-it would be more than a larger than life doorstop, think of the trees and let's not expect everything to be handed on a plate.
Just work in unison with other reference books such as revised Stone Book with fabulous pictures or the Lure of Gems. Remember to eat your 3 weetabix before using because they all weigh a tonne. Could not live without this Reference Book especially when creating Amulets, Prayer Beads and talismans:) Thanks melody:)
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