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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 August 2014
A harrowing insight in the futile of love, as the author gutsily shares with us her most inner secrets about the various types of love she encountered with the four different men from around the world. From men who were ideally perfect in every way, to those who lavished her with gifts when wooing her of which she later discovered was really a façade for the control freak within them, not to forget the threatening scenarios and terrifying taunts, smooth talking swindlers, dual personalities and good looks that can be deadly.

Overall if there is a cosmopolitan guide for women of what type of men to avoid, what to look out for, then this would be it, because the author's decades of experiences will definitely resonate with women who have faced similar bad situations, and those that of whom are currently unhappy, or have started noticing certain distasteful traits appear in their newly courting partner, to seriously contemplate on whether it's worthwhile to stay in a relationship that could potential rear its ugly head any moment soon and have it's full wrath on them.

This is a book that will help women many not to fall head over heels, and let their heart rule their heads upon experiencing the onset of love at first sight, especially men who seem too good to be true, and I truly hope that many will embrace and learn from the valuable lessons that the author has shared within this fantastic and emotionally touching book.
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on 14 September 2014
This book was 'right up my street'. I love real life stories, especially about women and their romantic relationships. I identified immediately with the author, as we are both around the same age, and both have made very poor choices when it comes to the men in our lives. I was instantly hooked from the first few pages. Although the book isn't a literary masterpiece, it is a brilliant story, very well told. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction!

I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys biographies and true life tales. I'm sure that most women, with a few failed relationships behind them, will empathise with the author. For those ladies lucky enough not to have encountered a toxic man, then this book also serves as a cautionary tale.

A must read account of love in its many guises. Self-publishing at its best.
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on 25 July 2014
Fascinated, gripped, riveted by this book as it appals and infuriates in turn. The author is brave to relive the horror through writing this book but also brave revealing how, with hindsight, it seems she was so gullible. I think the truth is she is a generous free spirit who was a perfect victim for the predators that have spent a lifetime perfecting their manipulating and twisted personality to get what they want. I think I would add that, as a rule of thumb in a relationship, at the first aggressive word or deed, walk away. The end.
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on 15 September 2014

Do men; more so, do people like those presented to us in K C Barnard’s story ‘Love and Deception’ truly exist in real life?

I genuinely believe that every woman should read this harrowing true story of abuse like none-other. What a truly amazing story! As the author states in the beginning of the book, “this book could inspire victims to gain strength, recognize patterns, or urge them to feel brave enough to leave” (p. 2). The last few chapters are an absolute must read as they can help women spot the warning signs of abusive relationships (hopefully) before it’s too late as well as provide women in those situations places to go to when seeking help. I will do my best to describe what a jaw-dropping and gut-wrenching story of brutality and inner strength this book is without just reading it word-by-word to you.

Let me begin with saying that I love K C Barnard’s style of writing; it’s so delicate and precise yet filled with so many emotions that come straight at you through her writing. She weaves together a story of adventure, pain, abuse, and strength that is unbelievable and utterly awe-inspiring.

Devil man…what a ridiculous and crazy story. It’s difficult to grasp that it’s real, let alone being told by the same woman who experienced it. What an amazing and strong woman the author is for sharing her terrifying story and the truth behind her emotions, which include denial and fear; and then to imagine going back on several occasions. As she states, “unless you have been in an abusive relationship where you are controlled and stripped of your confidence, then it will be hard to understand” (p. 63). The first few chapters about the ‘Devil Man’ are truly heart wrenching and terrifying. I just want to reach into the story and save her from getting hurt, save her from the pure evil, and take her away to somewhere safe. To think that he had all intentions of killing her on their last meeting is a shocker, but by God’s grace she was saved. I love this statement by the tarot card reader which sums up the situation all to well: “’Perhaps you have come face to face with the Devil himself. He comes in many disguises, and I think you may have had a lucky escape recently’. She said I had a guardian angel and I was to listen to my inner voice – stop ignoring it, as it always receives strong messages and you don’t do anything about them. ‘Good will always overcome evil,’ she said” (p. 94). At this point of the book, (the end of chapter 9) I was terrified to continue to read on because of the truly horrific things she has already experienced. I didn’t want to read about any more of her pain and suffering as I truly believe she doesn’t deserve anymore beyond the extreme amounts that she’s already suffered at the hand and mind of one man, the ‘Devil Man’. However, the preceding chapter was followed with shock, awareness, inspiration, and hope.

The next story of her love life with another man was sad in the sense that he was such a weasel of a man (hence the name ‘cockroach’) but was also happy because it didn’t end as badly as it had before and come to find out, it could have ended a lot worse. Though he was a deceitful man she was able to walk away without losing out on as much as other women before her had and without being hurt, like he did and continued to do with his ex, Emma (her pink dildo missing with the intention to be used by someone with an STD was a poor and pathetic setup for his divorce lies). It’s shocking that men like that exist but I have witnessed such men and women and know that they truly exist…unfortunately. The next two stories’ are just as riveting as before but with a lot more deceit (Tomcat) and Jekyll and Hyde characteristics (Floppy…named appropriately).

I would love to meet the author and simply hug her just knowing the things she’s experienced, the torment that she’s had to live through, and the bravery that she has for not only having the strength to fight back and leave but also for sharing something so intimate with others.
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on 19 September 2015
A refreshingly written, honest angle from inside failing relationships. I liked the sound of the author from the first few pages. A hard working, loveable woman for whom finding 'the right guy' to share her life with has taken her on a twisty turny journey, kissing lots of frogs along the way. At times a serious story but told in an almost lighthearted way. I'm sure a lot of female readers will be able to identify and recognise similar Mr ...... in their own past! Would recommend 📖👍
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on 31 January 2015
Love by Deception is one of those books that you will want to give to all your closest friends and debate afterwards which character was the most unpleasant.

If you have been involved with controlling men or currently struggling in a relationship, this book will definitely be for you! A very dear friend of mine went through domestic violence with her partner and many hours were spent supporting her, which is why I felt drawn to this book and compelled to write this review. K.C. is candid about her shortcomings and has taken a brazenly personal risk regarding her experiences with dysfunctional men. Through her mistakes she is trying to warn us (think some people are missing the point here, and feel they have the right to judge and chastise her...duh). K.C. is in no way self-pitying, in fact the way she overcomes her obstacles is quite inspirational. She comes across as a humorous, unpretentious warm soul, and through her chatty narrative I really connect with her.

Abusive men are usually very charming, and can also come across as passive, so it doesn't seem to me that K.C. repeatedly fell into abusive relationships because she was looking for cheap thrills......each time she was cheated by their covert actions - what else should she do? Join a nunnery? I really don't get why the bitter women on here are blaming her?

Please, please ignore any negative reviews - this book is amazing and should be approached with an open mind. You really won't regret it!
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on 13 March 2016
This book has been an eye-opener and made me realise just how lucky I am to be married to a kind man. The author had so much bad luck in love, to have 4 toxic relationships by your early 40s is very unfortunate indeed. It's shocking to realise how people can be one thing publicly and something completely different behind closed doors and it's worrying to think how these men must have been raised by their parents to end up such cruel people? Please remember, your other half should make you feel happy and confident and loved. If he makes you cry or puts you down or hurts you then LEAVE HIM you deserve better, you really do.
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on 29 January 2015
Oh dear! This lady needs to take some courses in writing as her book was poorly written and must have cost her a great deal to self publish. It was difficult to believe she had so many abusive relationships- once bitten.....
I have to admit I continued to read the book despite my reservations so it must have a strange attraction although it didn't make easy reading. I did feel that the author really wanted children and the way her relationships worked out would be a big regret as she grew older.
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on 25 January 2015
Very gripping and well Written true story. Very courageous to share her story. This lady, through her intelligence, is lucky to be alive! She has been very unfortunate to have met 3 of the most violent and horrendous men. Reading This book has made me come to realise that I should be grateful for what I have and that the grass is not always greener on the other side!
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on 8 April 2015
I got this book as it was free and I,m glad I did it is such a page turner it is very well written. Sometimes you want to get in the book and shake the woman and say what are you doing run away now but I suppose that is the idea of it. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone this lady is such a survivor
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