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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 November 2011
Most people will know this band because of Blink 182/Tom DeLonge.
You may be aware that Love, now called 'Part One', was released for free via the AVA website (Modlife).
So really, this is a review of part 2.

You may know that a film is being released at some point (also called Love, I believe) though we cannot expect it to show through UK cinemas. These two albums are based around that film, and are made to fit in with the theme of Love. It's hard to believe that Tom released this album, when he did songs like Ben Wah Balls (a Blink song). Though he is still the same loveable and immature guy we know and love, he has matured (probably due to having kids) and his style has too.
The lyrics is all the Angels and Airwaves songs are great.

Part 2 has an uplifting feel. Songs like Saturday Love give that Arena feel - You can imagine them being played in the 02 Arena and everyone jumping to the sounds. I strongly believe Angels and Airwaves would be much bigger if Tom could sing live... Unfortunately the studio is responsible for a lot of his voicework. However, you must give credit where it is due, and Tom has created a fantastic band here.

When I saw the video for Anxiety, I wanted the album straight away. That song in itself is enough reason to buy this CD, but these albums are never about one track. I love (no pun intended) every single song on this double-CD. Maybe I'm biased because I have a dude-crush on Tom, but I can't see how anyone would not enjoy this band. You can lay on a bed, in a dark room, and listen to this music and you'll feel like you're drifting off to space. The band can be likened to U2, though I think they're better (maybe not live, just because of the singing). If you like the previous AVA albums you will undoubtedly like this album too. Because this is the fourth studio album from this band, and the new Blink record has come out, you can't help but to feel a bit of Deja Vu. Dry your eyes is an amazing track, but the Chorus reminds me of 'Everything's Magic' (from I-Empire). Nonetheless, this album met my expectations.. It might have even exceeded them.

Support this band - Buy the CD!

Have a great day,

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on 20 May 2016
I could play these on repeat! Especially "Shove".

I really enjoyed the movie as well!
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on 17 January 2015
I got the Love part 1 & 2 albums after seeing the art-house sci-fi film Love and really liking the soundtrack (which is derived from the music on these CD's) and after about 4-5 listens was blown away. While the music has a lot of atmospheric synths, soundscapes and echo'y / processed guitar notes (which makes it an ideal soundtrack for the film) it also has plenty of full-on modern rock elements - and it's all fused together magnificently. Fair play to musical mastermind Tom DeLonge - he has pulled this right out of the bag. I won't talk about individual songs (most tracks are amazing) but I will say that in my humble opinion both CD's are equally strong. And even though there are 2 parts, to me it all sounds like one big album; huge on atmosphere, melody, sound (big, clean production) and sheer catchiness - inspirational stuff. Think modern space-rock done exceptionally well. Suffice it to say Love 1 & 2 are now firm favourites in the Zero-G collection (along with Milliontown by Frost*). Seriously recommended.
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on 29 November 2011
if you're someone who's not been a huge fan on chart music or someone who's not 100% on rock music, then AVA is the band for you... they're a band that's in between. they have elements of pop as well as rock, but also have spacey sounds thrown in there too. AVA are and will forever be my favourite band, they're music is just perfect and i really don't understand when people don't like their music. i'm going to review part one as well as part two, for those of you who do not know that part one was available as a free download on valentines day 2010.

part one really has some killer tracks. the album stars and ends on a high note. the "flight of apollo" is a very emotional song with an awesome electronic noise at the beginning. my opinion is that "flight of the apollo" is the best song on part one. it's not the most catchy but it's a long song that never seems to get boring. when you think the songs coming to an end the guitar and vocals kick back in with another verse to end the song with a bang.

another key tracks on the part one are "shove", "hallucinations", "epic holiday", "young london" and "moon atomic". out of those 5 shove is definitely my favourite. it's an electronic ballad which for me stands out amongst the other tracks. overall part one is a solid album that needs to be listened to in it's entirety to get the spacey feel of the album. just as love part one the album starts and ends with great tracks. "saturday love", the opening track for part two starts off with this weird deep sound which then leads to poppy hooks. "we are all that we are" is this angelic song with an emotional piano sang over by tom's voice. the song ends with the most challenging guitar i've heard form AVA so far.

part two is much of the same story, there's less spacey noises which is not necessarily a bad thing as the band still have progressed a lot on this album. it's hard to pinpoint on this album which tracks are my favourite as they all have a certain something. but for someone who has not listened to AVA before, i'd suggest listening to surrender, a song that builds just from a drum beat, electronics, a palm muted pre chorus and then to a thunderous chorus. surrender truly is an anthem for AVA. "my heroine" is another key song on part two. the song has two chorus'. the first is a slow ballad like chorus and before you know it you're greeted with a fast paced chorus. it's much like "breathe", a track off i-empire. you think the song is going to go in the same direction but you're pleasantly surprised by the end. other songs i'd suggest listening to on part two would be "one last thing", "anxiety" as well as "the revelator".

for AVA fans, this album will absolutely meet you're expectations. if you're yet to hear love part one and two then you're in for a treat, the album doesn't have one song that is lacking and it's a perfect mix of pop, rock and experimental. don't waste time reading review after review, JUST BUY IT !!

for AVA fans this will kee
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on 16 March 2013
This review is after me buying the double cd & dvd after hearing such rave reviews for the film: LOVE.

(A Spoiler for the film at the end of this review, if you don't want to know Do not read. It's clearly marked SPOILER.)

First impressions: The film is ok, it tries hard to ape the sense of mysticism that 2001-A Space Odyssey has. Wether this film stands up to repeated viewing I am not sure yet.

As for the double cd: LOVE - well, it's cool, it's punk, it's nowhere near as spacey-feeling as I thought it would be. In essence it's an album by ex-Blink182/Offspring/30 seconds to mars members & as such it sounds like that too. It's kinda' grown up punk, not too dis-similar to what My Chemical Romance sound like except AVA are a bit more progressive.

Lyrics wise I kinda' wise bands wouldn't be so unwilling to just explain what the hell they're trying to convey, but I guess that gives most songs therefore a multi-meaning edge.

So yeah, I like both enough for 3 stars. I have no doubt the fanboys/girls will shoot me down in the forums but hey that's my opinion. I'm not a fan but intrigued by the hype as no doubt others will be & that's who this review is for.


Spoiler for the film: The film is basically this: An astronaut is stranded in space after everyone on earth is mysteriously wiped out but an unknown cause. (War? Disease? we are never told.) And THAT'S IT.
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on 16 November 2011
This is an excellent 2cd set from AVA. The first part of Love was released completely free of charge via the AVA website a while ago. Not only was it a great album it generated great appreciation towards the band for spending the time on something to just give it away for free to fans. Not something you see very often these days.

So now Love part two has arrived which I would have been happy to pay for anyway but their choice to include the first volume made this a must buy for me as a cd copy is far better than an mp3 download.

Part one is excellent and most will know this material so I will focus more on Part Two.

In all honestly its a case of more of the same. Nothing will surprise you as this really is just a continuation of part one but thats no bad thing. Theres some excellent tracks such as Surrender and Anxiety. Some tracks sound like other songs giving a 'havent I heard this one before' feeling. For example 'Dry Your Eyes' just sounds exactly the same as 'Shove', just speeded up a bit.

In fairness to the album though I really wasnt expecting anything more than what I got from it so overall it deserves full marks for one, delivering on my expectations and two, the band deserve praise for their attitude towards its loyal fanbase.
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on 5 September 2012
This album(s) is pretty awesome, both discs have a very different sound and all the songs are good. If you have 'we don't need to whisper' or 'I empire' or even if you're a Blink-182 fan that hasn't heard of AVA, I suggest adding this cd to your collection... Bear in mind this is nothing like Blink-182 so if you're not qa blink fan, you should still get this album... Basically, buy it!
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on 6 January 2013
The only thing better than an Angels & Airwaves album is two of them. Great music, a must have for fans.
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on 13 January 2013
Still a good album but you still can't beat the success of the first as I love every song on that album where as this is missing something...
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on 19 November 2011
This is such a great bargain at £7.99 - 2 albums for the price of one. Angels and Airwaves seem to get better and better with every album.

When Angels and Airwaves released the first Love album via a free download (which in itself shows you how dedicated the band is to it's fans) I was instantly impressed with the time and effort these guys seemed to have put in to it.

It has great anthems such as "Flight of the Apollo," "Young London" and "Hallucinations" and even when the album starts to slow down with the back to back songs "The Moon Atomic" and "Clever Love" the album picks up straight away with "Soul Survivor 2012" and "Letters to God Part II."

I have listened to Love Part 2 about 10 times and it is defintely on a par with the first part of Love if not slightly better. I am just astounded by the space type sounds that these guys create within their rock tunes. It makes me feel so relaxed and without a care in the world.

The highlights on Love Part 2 are "Surrender," "Anxiety," My Heroine (It's Not Over)" and "One Last Thing." The majority of this album flows smoothly with no silence between the songs. AvA choose to fill this time to create their "trademark" space type sounds and it works brilliantly with the songs flowing effortlessly in to one another.

All in all this is a must buy for all fans especially at £7.99. If you're unsure about Angels and Airwaves then this would be the album to try in my opinion. Plenty of songs with great melodies and the fantastic space sounds are the icing on the cake!
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