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on 21 April 2012
This edition of the game gives you an up-to-date copy of the game so far, 2000 Turbine points to spend on the in-game store, access to four Quest packs (Trollshaws, Lothlorien, Eregion, and Moria) and a free Steed of the Horse Lords Mount for all characters!

At the minute 1p= 1 Turbine point roughly. Those quest packs in-game are priced roughly 595TB -695TB so you can see straight away they are worth at least £20. So look at all the extra free benefits you would be getting anyway!

For those like me, who already play the game and have switched from being a VIP to a premium member who uses turbine points to buy quest packs etc from the game, the discs don't actually need to be installed if your game is up-to-date. They are just handy to have as a back up because it is far faster to reinstall from the discs that to have to download everything.

The 2000 turbine points are what really sweetened the deal for me as the price of the pack alone without the points is cheaper than buying the quest packs, and a fancy mount in game anyway!

For new players, I would think this is a great pack to have, as understanding how quest packs work can be quite confusing (At least it was for me returning from before the game went free to play) and having them all sorted out for you is great. Combined with the free content already received in game this will take your characters all the way to 60!

Also this edition comes with a handy starter guide, which is updated from the older box sets (The game has changed radically since then and so they could be confusing for new players who buy pre-owned or outdated versions)

The mount is pretty spiffy, and is available once your character has the riding skill (About £1 to purchase)which means you could be extremely low level and dazzle all your friends with a fancy mount. It also means you don't have to buy a standard mount, which for some reason is still ridiculously priced even if it is in-game silver!

*IMPORTANT* When upgrading your account to Mithril edition, you get a code to use. After entering it it asks whether you want it linked to your current account (so it affects those characters) or whether you want a new account. It is up to you what you choose, however I will add that on the next page it asks you how you want to pay. Do not be alarmed! You won't have to subscribe, it is just a glitch from the old system before the game went free to play.

Simply choose "Add Pre-paid gamecard/gametime" then choose the option that you do not have one and that you would enter it later. Voila!

As an added BONUS, this changes your account (well it does currently) to VIP for a few hours, again because of a glitch! I suggest making all the characters you think you'll want and logging in to them. As this gets rid of the gold cap, and bag reduction. When your account reverts pack to premium those characters will have no gold cap, and maximum bag slots without having to pay for these services through the in-game store!

Overall, I think this purchase was great value! The game is fantastic, the community is great (I was used to playing WoW, their community has soured greatly, and I was so shocked and surprised to meet genuinely friendly and sincere people to play with on Lotro) the content is fun, and the scenary is beautiful. The instanced solo quests that take you on the journey of the ring are one of the best game-play features I've seen in a game to date. Also farming taters - there is nothing more relaxing than farming taters in the shire whilst smoking Old Toby's leaf.
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on 11 November 2012
This edition of the game is great if your just starting or getting into it, the 2000 Turbine points are really useful to get over those those basic limitations like the currency cap (which is limited to 5 gold)and improving your inventory space, but leaving you with enough leftover to buy a few fun things like cosmetic outfits or more character slots. The Horse included in the Mithril Edition is surprising useful too because it allows you to speed across the low level areas and level rather fast, aswell as keeping the game fun when you've got to make a long journey by making it much quicker, essential as normal steeds require level 20 to ride whereas this one only requires level 5. Another little bonus is buying this edition gives you an extra character slot,giving you 3 rather than just 2.

The game itself is really good, its got some good features like a Instance finder and player houses and a main storyline that runs alongside the events of the book, allowing you to take part in some of the key events and meet all the characters. The world is big but restricted unless your a VIP as free players need to buy zones that aren't involved in the main storyline with turbine points, which arnt too expensive compared to a subscription in the long run. Overall I'de rate the game around a 7/10 for its game play and around a 9/10 for its story, which is brilliant if your a fan of the books.
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on 18 February 2018
Excellent quality, price & communication! A* seller I highly recommend!
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on 28 August 2012
I plauy lotro for over 5 years now and really love it. Sometimes it would have been nice if you had a second account. So you craft on one side and quest on the other since...well ...crafting is mostly boring as is some deeds :). The trouble if you take a f2p account to join is ofcourse that you hardly have a way to level that account. With this Mithril package you have a good base to reach the high levels. Besides that, you are able to join the fellowship on the way and you get 500turbine points aswell. With the points earned during play (and not spending ofcourse :) ) you will be able to buy a basic package again when you are high level.

So the game is briljan as ever. This package is a great deal if you want an extra f2p account, or if you want to try this great game without have to stop after a week.
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on 8 February 2014
taking in account that buying 2000 turbine points is roughly 18.75€ (including bonus points but one can't say for sure, because there is no 2000 points contingent) even though by adding p&p its pretty the same amount for ordering the dvd (at the moment 17.90€) the DVD still pays off for beginners, as you additionally get: 1 Mount, 1 additional char-slot, gold limit of 5, (instead of 2 f2p) and 5 q-packs, which should help you out up to lv35+. So at this price very recommendable, even outside the UK
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on 28 October 2015
WARNING do not under any circumstances buy a used copy of this game for £149. First if it is used, then someone has already redeemed the code and therefore the package is totally worthless. Second, the content is very good but nowhere near £149 worth. Even if you added up all the contents and claimed full cash value it would be only about £50 worth.
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on 8 April 2014
I like it just because i am fan of LOTR and The Hobbit.
The game is just like World of Warcraft but a bit better and pleasant.
You can for instance smoke the famous Toby Tobacco and mount horses and you can buy cool equipment online.
If you are into MMORPG and LOTR&The Hobbit then this is a must buy for everyone.
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on 1 May 2014
If you want to really enjoy this game, at this price you can't say no. It's the best value package of any MMO I know. This game will also run well on older machines and has a native Mac client that is excellent.
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on 27 March 2012
The best MMORPG out there. If you want to play without paying to much, this is the one for you!! The world of Tolkien is great.

This start pack is very good. It gave me 2000 turbine points more 4 areas of quests incl. Moria, and a horse for all your characters.

And u'll have a premium account! ;)
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on 16 June 2014
This was a really nice pack for the game. It has turbine points, an exclusive steed, quite a few areas, all for a fraction of what the cost would have been for each individual region.
The delivery was really quick.
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