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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£18.96+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 24 May 2017
I like to play games over and over, it's a really good game one of the best iv played. BUT, you can only play this game once. after you've completed the game it crashes and enemies arnt their to fight so your waiting for nothing at all the game don't know what to do. iv never known that to happen ever, good game if you only like to play just the once. overall I wouldn't recommend this game at all. if your like me and like to complete over and over then DO NOT BUY
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on 21 June 2012
As usual very good play station game with lots of action, lots of levels and plenty to keep the gamer entertained for a good while, fast delivery, well packed and very good service
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on 1 April 2017
Spillet i god stand, kom til tiden.
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on 15 October 2015
Only arrived yesterday, so I have to set up my PS3 to play the lord of the Rings so l haven't played it yet.
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on 4 May 2012
This game started off great (especially with playing co-op) but then I encountered several game breaking glitches which be caused by many different factors such as quitting in a middle of a level, not exploring very conservation option, dying/failing a task. This caused the game not to respawn the bosses (walk around in a empty area), the next map location will not appear etc and since you can't create your own separate save files you would have to hope that the save did not corrupt itself. There are ways round this though and that's by playing from a earlier level in multiplayer and hoping that the host can get past the bugs themselves.

These bugs have been around since this games release back in November and the current patches did not fix anything, some people are lucky and won't get any of these glitches but for the majority this game has been ruined by the constant bugs. I would not recommend this game as it is right now unless the game company manage to fix which is highly unlikely.
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VINE VOICEon 15 April 2013
A lot of people have been commenting on how buggy this game is. Sadly, I was not spared the glitches. I was just about the play the final chapter of the game when I got stuck between two checkpoints in Norinbad, and unable to advance any further. Very angry about this.

The game itself tells a story not detailed by either Tolkien or CGI-obsessed nutcase Peter Jackson, but does take place in the latter's expansive LOTR universe. It looks, plays, and feels a lot like a Dungeon Siege game, and for anyone disappointed with the lame Dungeon Siege 3 then War in the North would have been a perfect remedy had it not sabotaged my ability to actually finish it. Besides this particular bug I found the characters, movement and collision detection to be very clunky. You will often move so slowly that you won't be able to help getting massacred by orcs and trolls. Even if you want to run away from said battle and give yourself more room - forget it! The creatures and characters on-screen somehow take up more space than they should and there is an invisible bubble around them which you cannot pass through. Very frustrating indeed.

The game is liberal with trophies, and I was going for the Platinum before my progression was put to a premature end. I unlocked 59% in total. Only one of them is for online play, and it's a bit of a tricky one too. It should not have been there.

I'd like to recommend this game, but since it will likely prevent you from enjoying it due to the bugs (in a different way from me, no doubt) I can't.

Graphics B
Sound A-
Gameplay C+
Lasting Appeal D-
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on 26 January 2017
Brill little multi-player stat based combat game with a lord of the rings skin. The combat works with 3 main attacks. Light, heavy (slower but harder) and ranged. If you hit an enemy several times in a row an arrow appears above their head and then you've got a limited time to perform a heavy attack that will bring them down. That same heavy attack will also start a combo counter. The higher it gets, the more damage you do and the more exp you get for leveling up. You can also roll out of the way of attacks and as long as you get another hit in within a few seconds then the combo will continue. Each time you level up you can add a few points into your chosen stats, and choose one perk. The perks are great and should be chosen wisely, for instance the elven girl gets a sphere that protects you from arrows. If you choose to you can keep adding to this so it also heals you when inside it and enhances your own arrows passing through it etc. Then there are other perks that give you new attacks or buffs. And best attack of all regardless of which of the 3 races you choose... Belleram the eagle can be called in to a particular target or fortification (honestly he's the star of the game) .

There are 8 chapters, some shorter than others, all of which can be replayed (though until you complete the game and start from scratch the bosses will not be in the levels the second time around). In between fights you can visit towns / friendly areas to trade, repair items, talk or do side quests (these usually aren't that great). You fast travel between points, you don't have a fully explorable world, just the dedicated fight and town areas. The story revolves around your 3 characters trying to take down agandaur, saurons loyal servant, who is trying to take these north of middle earth at the same time as the movies and books quest takes place with frodo and co.

I played this single player with one of the characters and quite enjoyed it, but there are several flaws.

1. You cannot control the inventory for your allies. Only your own. You can give them some of your items but you cannot force them to use equipment that you think would be best. Or also means by giving them Itens you may be wasting the chance to maker money by selling them.
2. At set points in a level you can find trade points in a glowing white circle. Unfortunately you can't repair your stuff on this menu, so you are them forced to load up the last town, repair, then load up the battle again
3. Sometimes your allies get in your way. You're trying to evade an attack, or get to an enemy in a vulnerable position quickly and you get stuck.
4. People have mentioned glitches that ruin the game. I've not had that so it may be more limited to multiplayer, or I've been lucky
5. The towns and side quests don't hold enough appeal to me (though I do like that you can choose how many questions to ask within a conversation so you can read into Tolkien and war in the north lore a bit more)
6. The only thing listed here that nearly ruined this game for me. Chapter 7 featured a section in which you had to stop 2 trolls from destroying a door. It's a nightmare and if it weren't for a glitch in which one troll would wait for the other before attacking the door then I would have been seriously stuck (certain character abilities may help here depending on who you're playing as)
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on 30 November 2011
This game is like a cross between demon souls and god of war, and in my opinion it does a good job of balancing itself between these two styles of gaming. I really cant understand why some professional reviewers have been so harsh on it. The combat system is cleverly designed, the special skills, and levelling up system is also very well put together so that depending on the character you gradually create during the game your combat style, and use of weapons is affected accoringly. I have played demons souls for lots of hours, I have completed all the gow games, red dead redemption, all the unchartered games, batman, etc, and in my opinion this game is right up there with those games. not without some very minor flaws, but overall definately worth 5 stars.
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on 1 January 2013
after playing all of the lord of the rings games on PS2 such as the two towers and the third age I was waiting for something new.

first of all that new game lord of the rings aragorn's quest (or whatever it was called) came out and that flopped.

When this game Lord of the Rings: War in the North (PS3) came out I was at first hesitant to purchase it. I waited until it came down in price and wow I was surprised.

The game itself uses a similar game engine to other adventure RPS'g, utilizing acquired skills though leveling points and the ability to customize armor load out during the game. the story itself runs alongside the main LOTR story, it is not designed to replace it. The three main classes mage, dwarf and ranger are all excellent and the character design is adequate. as the story progresses you find that the game is quite linear, smashing enemies and then smash some more enemies until you enter the next area. some people find this boring but I love games that let you grind for EXP and kill lots of enemies.

so if youre not a hard core RPG fan or a big fan of LOTR don't winge if you don't like this game just trade it in. on amazon you can trade it for nearly as much as the purchase price.
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on 20 January 2012
This game would be awesome and would have got a 5 star rating were it not fundamentally broken! You might be very lucky and get to play the game through once without hitting any major bugs that stop you from being able to progress any further through it. If you are not lucky or want to play it again then you could find that in order to progress through the game at all you are having to check the war in the north's official forum every day to find out what other people are doing to overcome these game stopping bugs or not be able to continue with the game at all. This has happened to us and apparently lots of other people, the only option left to us now is to restart the game from the beginning (again) and hope that this time it doesn't break. :(
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