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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Long Way Down - Special Edition (3 Discs, 10 Episodes) [DVD] [2008]
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on 19 March 2017
Great item & quick delivery.
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on 20 February 2009
I came on amazon to buy long way down and i was excited about seeing it, i dont know why i read reviews on it before purchasing it but i decided to and i have to say, all the negative comments put me off a bit! I still bought it though and boy am i glad i did!

They have done the perfect thing with this sequal, they shortened the preparation and have made it only one episode so as to avoid series repetition and i really like how much they focused on the cultures they were visiting. Some of the stories they are told are incredible!

A bad point for me was the whole group dynamic at the beginning...it was a bit worrying how they didnt seem to be having as much lads fun as normal and it didnt surprise me that it erupted a few episodes later! After they handled that very well i must say it started to be exactly how i wanted it to!

As far as Ewans wife goes...it was quite interesting seeing her there as a different dimension and shes only there for 1 episode! not a big deal at all!

If you want a hardcore bikes on there own adventure story about people really mucking in dont get this DVD...if you want to see two guys having a laugh riding through some amazing places and showing great cultures and telling great stories...this is the series for you! no its not riding in its purest form...but at the end of the day WHO CARES!
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on 16 February 2014
Great to watch this program again through the DVD from Amazon Love watching this one it was on the TV now I can watch it as often as I like both me and my family enjoy watching this would recommend this to any part of body who loves these types of programs
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on 11 March 2010
Hi Guys,

I am a big LWR, LWD, Race to Dakar fan, including having read the books and watched all of the shows. I purchased the original LWD DVD when it came out after seeing the series on TV and was a little disappointed that the trip seemed very rushed and that the guys found it a lot less enjoyable than Long Way Round. There was also a lot of discomfort evident between Ewan and Charlie over the inclusion of Ewan's wife Eve on part of the trip. This was further reinforced in the way the original cut was edited which basically compressed the entire of Eve's presence and the whole of southern Africa into a single final episode. It seemed very rushed at the end as if there wasn't a lot of quality footage to use. In reality I think what happened is that they simply ran out of space to fit everything into the number of shows that had been agreed with the TV companies, so a lot had to be cut.

In this special edition, the final stretch from Malawi down to Cape Town is extended from one episode to 3, and there are so many wonderful moments in those last 3 episodes, including some good interaction between Charlie and Eve that shows that he is not as sore about her being there as is implied by the original cut. The first few episodes just have a few extra scenes here and there, but it is in this final stretch that the true value of the special edition comes out.

Definitely 100% recommended, even if you already have the original TV cut.

Thanks to Ewan, Charlie, Dave and Russ - I can't wait for their next adventure - Long Way Up (Chile to Alaska?)
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on 26 July 2008
I felt the need to write a review, for the first time, as this DVD in its original form got so badly panned by a lot of people. I have watched Long Way Round, the Dakar DVD and now this extended edition and this is the most gratifying one yet, in my opinion.

If LWR was like a show about chefs putting everything into preparing a big meal and then not being able to appreciate what they had created, then LWD was about throwing a big meal together quickly, leaving time to taste everything and finding some of it bad and a lot of it good.

In Long Way Round the whole experience was new for everyone and it was more a document about Charley, Ewan and the team vs. the World and the trip itself. The Dakar video got more interesting for me AFTER Charley's 'wee-off' and so with Long Way Down the interest for me was that they got the 'old-gang' back together (and we sort of know what Claudio, Russ and Dave are like by now) and started off with maybe some complacency but were soon and repeatedly brought up short by their own lack of planning, assumed but insufficient communication, and Africa itself. It became a good reality show because we know these guys now and were interested to see them up against the unexpected. So it came across to me as a more poignant journey because what unstuck the members of the team were just what might unstick any of us at any time - unrealistic planning, a mate bringing his wife to your bachelor party, discrimination (against the Americans), really ambiguous encounters(President of Rwanda ~ saviour or murderer?), bad weather and big animals.
I must also add my voice in support of Charley, as he does get slagged off a bit in some reviews. I salute the directors and the guys for having the bravery to let their warts show and in that sense Charley must be the bravest of the lot! I can't wait for 'By Any Means' this autumn.
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on 22 April 2016
Somewhat of a disappointment after "The Long Way Round", the scenery and local people are the stars of this trip. As an adventure, it doesn't work - it's a couple of boyish rich men in expensive gear (even specially-designed helmets) on top-of-the-range bikes with a huge crew in bulletproofed luxury SUV's with a doctor and every possible piece of equipment in tow, so the sense of adventure is obviously lacking. Ewan's wife even joins them at one point. It has its moments, but on the whole the trip is smothered by the enormous crew, and the challenges are manufactured ones. It's almost like a parody of "Long Way Round, too corporate, too "charidee", too many people insulating the lads from adventure.
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VINE VOICEon 3 December 2008
This documentary is great entertainment. I read the book before watching this and was pleased to note that they seem to have told some different stories in the book to the ones that have been shown in the final edit of the DVD. So it wasn't at all repetitive. I think in the DVD they seem to have cut out footage of their charity visits, but this could well be because they weren't allowed to film, and because the guys all found the visits quite emotional and wouldn't necessarily want this shown. But whatever their reasons, I feel that having read the book and watched this DVD, I have a fairly full knowledge of what happened.

The DVD seems to focus more on disputes between the people on the trip, and in particular the fact that Ewan's wife, Eve, wanted to join them on the trip for a short while. This seemed a real bone of contention between the guys, and you can absolutely see why. All the fun and camaraderie between the guys seemed to disappear when Eve was on the scene. Her personality just didn't lend to the light-heartedness of the atmosphere and I was glad they didn't show much footage of her visit, it just wasn't as jolly and adventurous. Though it did crack me up when she kept falling off the bike!

Overall, there's not much else you can say about this. If you're interested in this kind of thing, it's great. Long Way Down is beautifully produced, great fun and makes you jealous of their adventure. But it also raises awareness of poverty and other problems throughout the world so that's just another tick in the box.

This is a great gift for motorbike fans and adventurers... or both!
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on 28 May 2015
In the sequel to Long Way Round Ewan and Charlie decide this time to ride from John O'Groats in Scotland to Cape Town in South Africa. Told in the same way as the previous series 'the Long Way Round' this series explores the beauty of Africa but juxtaposes it against some of the horrors of everyday living in the third world. The sequences where they visit UNICEF, for whom Charlie Boorman is an ambassador are particularly well filmed and moving. I would recommend watching this just for this scenes when Charlie gets annoyed that Ewan's wife had decided to tag along. Brilliant
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on 3 February 2009
Long Way Down - Special Edition (3 Discs, 10 Episodes)

The trouble is to have expectations. After seeing the first trip of McGregor/Boorman (Long Way Round) I expected the same enthousiasmm, the same excitement of doing something unique. But, and perhaps inevitably so, I sensed somewhat of routine in this trip through Africa. Perhaps it was because of Boorman having crossed Africa before that I had this sense of 'been there done that' from time to time. Second thing I didn't like was the fact that McGregor's wife joined the two friends for a while. Even in the beginning I thought: 'oh no, why does she have to interfere?'
I mean, this was, just like the first time, a friends-thing, a men-between-each-other event, and so, to my taste, it should have stayed. Nevertheless, the trip was interesting enough to see and I didn't regret buying this 3 disc edition. So, motorfans and roadmovie-lovers like me, shouldn't hesitate to watch this Africa-trip: it's worthwile enough!
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on 11 November 2008
I only bought this DVD after watching the first few episodes on NatGeo. I didn't plan on watching it after reading the bad reviews here. But I loved Long Way Round and knew I just had to watch these two guys again.

The first big criticism abt this series must be Eve's (Ewan's wife) out-of-the-blue decision to join them. As a woman I was slightly embarrassed for her because she had never even ridden a motorcycle before! It didn't help that Ewan was gleeful of the prospect and I felt exactly what Charlie must have felt - oh gooooooood! It all seemed like too much of an indulgence on Ewan's side and Eve looked like a clueless and spoilt, bored housewife. However, what most reviewers did not say is that she only joined for a short section of the journey - thankfully on a realistically easy route from Malawi. Despite my earlier apprehension, I have to say that she did remarkably well and didn't whine and whinge despite falling off her bike riding on the sand. And everyone was very gracious about her being there. That said, I did think it was a bit much to have Charley riding on his own (on one section) while Ewan took Eve on an easier route. But Charley was a real sport and didn't bitch about it, which I though showed why he and Ewan are best mates. If the McGregor decide to go on another bike trip together, they should save it for a trip all on its own. Leave the two lads to go on with their own adventure!!

Second criticism about the show being too commercial is I think being a tad unfair considering how much it must cost to embark on such a journey. Despite the trip being on the poorest continent in the world, the places they stayed at (lodges and hotels) charge prime rate (unless they're all part of the freebies). No one claimed that they were going to do this on backpacker's budget! But neither was it Hollywood-budget!

The thing that stuck to me the most was that there was a bit when Charley and Ewan had a huge bust up which they decided not to show on film. I was in two minds about this. One one hand I think it was a relief they didn't go the "reality tv" route and air all their dirty laundry - this kept the dignity and integrity of the show I think. But on the other hand, it was a missed opportunity and the programme after that just seemed to skim the surface of their friendship. We see them laughing and joking a lot but it certainly would have been intriguing to see another side to their relationship. Still, all credit to them for kissing and making up!

The second and third leg of the journey were certainly more "involved" - the first leg (from Scotland to Sudan) was them just plowing through. But I liked that they realised this hence they took more time to see and experience Africa afterwards. I did think the arrival in Cape Town was a bit of an anti-climax. Not sure why but it just seemed that way. And why do we see Charley reunited with his wife and kids, but no Eve for Ewan? No one mentioned this at all. Just seemed another production hole!

I liked the extras but I wished they had done the same (as they did for Long Way Round) and did reactions about the trip months afterward (not just about the various charities they got involved with afterwards). I would have liked to hear more about Eve's involvement in the trip and hear if she thought it was a good idea and would she continue biking! Even going on a trip herself!

I love love love Ewan and Charlie because I think they are such decent and fun fun chaps!! Sooooo looking forward to Long Way Up!!! And they still have India and South East Asia to tackle!
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